Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekly News

For those anxious to see Shaun Alexander in action, you'll have to wait at least another week. Alexander probably won't be back next monday night as expected. Sadly, meaning Morris gets at least another startm and probably continue his terrible play. While Alexander has been injured the running game has been tortured so much, its dead. In the last four games, Morris is averaging only 45.8 yards per game, coming out to 2.9 a carry. He has 0 TDs and 1 fumble. He is definitely not a start.

David Carr will remain the starter in Houston. Carr will start against the New York Giants next week. I'd wait on playing him. As of late hes been a very inconsistent fantasy play. Last week he barely got a point in my league.

Reggie Bush said his "aggravated" left ankle won't keep him out vs Tampa Bay. I wouldn't recommend starting him. He still isnt worthy of a fantasy play. His only TD came on his punt return I believe. Kick or punt return, doesn't matter, he's not doing anything on offense.

It's time to drop Bryant Johnson, if you picked him up as a filler like I did. Fitzgerald is expected to be back after the Arizona bye week. That means Br Johnson would be dropped back to the 3rd slot. Pratt posted some players to watch, so that may help you decide who you want to pick-up instead.

You may notice some new things with the layout and ads. Trying to see what works. I've written to a few websites to see if we can expand some. I've gotten positive replys from a few sites including FantasyFanBase.com and FleaFlicker.com

I will probably write some indepth blogs about them in the near future. Both are great fantasy football sites, check them out.

Thanks for all your support. Comments always appreciated and welcome

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Free Agent Pick Ups

Looking for a great free agent to claim off waivers tomorrow? I have some great ideas of guys whose ownership is down, and their production is high (or at least pretty good). So if you are suffering through injuries, looking for bye week replacements, adding depth, or just looking to get some great trade bait...take a look at these guys:

  • Mike Bell, RB Denver Broncos. Tatum Bell is suffering with two big toe sprains and will likely see limited action against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike Bell lit it up against a poor Indianapolis Colts defense on Sunday, rushing for 136 yards and 2 TDs. Will he have similar stats against the Steelers? Probably not. But look who he gets in week 10...the Oakland Raiders!
  • Michael Jenkins, WR Atlanta Falcons. Jenkins started the season off really strong, and then virtually disappeared. Well now that Michael Vick has found his passing game, and the Falcons are using it, Jenkins has developed into a good number 2 receiver. In his last 2 games he has 5 catches for only 78 yards but 2 TDs. The Falcons play the stingy Detroit Lions Defense in week 9, and should put up a lot of points.
  • Doug Gabriel, WR New England Patriots. The Pats have been trying to figure out their WR core, and Gabriel has been the guy to step up. In his last 2 games he has 8 receptions for 128 yards and a TD. He isn't number 2 receiver status yet, but he could get there. He is definitely someone to keep your eye on.
  • Jerramy Stevens, TE Seattle Seahawks. Tight Ends are usually thin in fantasy football leagues. There are about 3 or 4 elite ones, and then a handful of descent ones. So if you are looking for a good bye week replacement, or you are disappointed in your TEs production, give Stevens a look. In Seneca Wallace's first game at QB he passed to stevens 3 times for 20 yards and a TD. Elite numbers? No. But he has the potential to put up similar numbers against the Raiders in week 9 and Rams in week 10.
  • Seneca Wallace, QB Seattle Seahwaks. Wallace is a shaky start, but he did throw 3 TDs against a pretty good KC defense. With Alexander out, and Morris's lack of production, he may be a descent option for you. He plays the Raiders defense who did shut down Big Ben (or did Ben shut down himself?), but regardless he has the talent at WR to put up descent numbers.
  • Justin Fargas, RB Oakland Raiders. OK, this one might be a stretch. Fargas did not start the game against the Steelers, but after a little while he became the featured back. Fargas rushed for 55 yards on 18 carries against a tough Steelers defense. If LaMont Jordan continues to hurt, he might not be a bad option.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 8 Player Review

Fantasy Spotlight


VICK. Vick threw for a season high 291 yards. He was unusually accurate completing 22 of 28 passes. He threw for 3 TDs, 1 of those to his favorite target Crumpler. He also picked up 55 yards on the ground on 9 carries, but the most impressive stat has to be his 140.6 passer rating for the game. Look to start Vick next week vs Detroit

P. MANNING. Another accurate QB Manning was 32 of 39 for 345yards. Manning threw for over 300 yards last week as well. Reggie Wayne caught all 3 of Mannings TD passes. Not even Denvers D could contain Manning at all, look out Patriots (week 9)

GROSSMAN. Grossman exploded in this game, needing only 3 quarters to pass for 252 yards and 3 TDs. Griese came in to finish the job after the Bears insane 41 point first half. The 49ers defense could do nothing against Grossman allowing him to complete 23 of his 29 attempts.


L JOHNSON. If Larry Johnson was ever gone, he's definitely back. Johnson rushed for 155 yards and 3 TDs. KC's offense tended to lean more to the run giving LJ the ball nearly 40 times. He was also involved in the passing game scoring a TD there as well. Thats over 175 total yards and 4 TDs. LJ is a definite play against STL next week

TOMLINSON LT was also involved in both aspects of the offense. He had 25 carries for a season high 183 yards and 2 TDs, along with 57 recieving yards and a TD. Tomlinson leads the NFL with 11 TDs. Next week the Chargers play Cleveland, I'd look for more of the same. You can never bench LT

M. BELL I thought T. Bell would be a solid start this week, but apparently I was wrong. T. Bell definitely struggled, but M Bell had no problems here. Taking advantage of T Bell's "toe injury" Mike racked up 136 yards and 2 TDs on just 15 carries. Bell is definitely a hot pickup if hes not taken. It will be hard to tell when to play him but hes definitely worth a look, especially of T Bells injury develops


WAYNE As mentioned above, Manning threw all his TDs to Wayne. Wayne was constantly open on quick slot routes and posts. He had 10 receptions and 138 yards, making that his second consective 100 yard game. For those Wayne owners looking for him to be more involved, and score TDs, here he is

COLSTON I play Colston every week in my yahoo leagues, you gotta, but I did sit him against BAL and it cost me the game. Colston leads his team in most recieving categories, hes definitely a good start. He blew up last sunday with 163 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 6 catches.

HORN Horn is becoming more involved in this Saints explosive offense. He as caught all 3 of his TD passes in the last two games. Sunday he went for 126 yards and a TD.


If you were playing the matchups this week, you pretty much got burned. I dont see anyone playing the Oakland D which scored 31 points in my league. Oakland had 4 picks, 5 sacks and 1 Fumble forced, while allowing Pittsburgh to only 13 points. Baltimore was still a solid play even though the scores were high. Four interceptions lead to a good defensive day.

Fantasy Lows


Carr played bad enough to get benched halfway thru the game. He finished with about .5 points in my league. He fumbled twice and threw a pick. Carr is hot one week, then down the next. Very hard to play him every week on your team. I read though, he will be the Texans starter next week against the Giants. Pennington has gotten to the point where you can't play him now. I thought he would have a solid week against the struggling Browns team, but apparently not. Dallas proved their defense was for real when they limited Delhomme significantly. He was 17-of-31 for 149 yards and an interception. Players were dropping passes and fumbling, very sloppy.


I mentioned T Bell above. Very limited due to his toe. I've gone on and on about Morris. Please drop him lol. He is not worth anything, and has been a terrible fantasy player. 12carries for 25y this week.


Coles and Cotchery have been on again and off again due to the play by Pennington. Usually Coles at least is a moderate start but neither had a decent game. B. Edwards has still not been involved in the Browns offense. Ever since I traded for him, he's been silent. Get this guy the ball!


Okay, im getting tired of writing but here are some adds to consider

S Wallace - Decent day for Seahawks
Romo - Its okay to get him now, hes proven himself, and since TO likes him, the offense should mesh well..... washington next week
M Bell - Could be a good start in the weeks to come


Bledsoe - Its safe to say Romo will be the starter for a few weeks @ least.
Morris - hes terrible, and Alexander is coming back
Arizona DEF - The bears game was a fluke, GB could handle them

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pratt's Start and Sits of the Week

After my first time posting my starts of the week, I felt like I didn't take enough chances. This week is different, not only are these more risky starts, but I really think they are going to bring you the high reward you are looking for (especially if one of your stars are on a bye this week). I also decided to include my star sit for this week as well.

Starts of the week:

Quarterback: Matt Leinart. I can't believe I'm suggesting him either, but Leinart is going up against the 32nd (that's last) ranked pass defense in the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have given up 11 TDs in the air. Leinart should be able to take full advantage of their weak passing D, and should go for 300 yards and 2-3 TDs.

Running Back: Reuben Droughns. He has probably been riding your bench most of the year, and you may have even gotten frustrated with him and dropped him. This week, expect a great performance against the Jets. The Jets have allowed a league-high 12 rushing TDs, and are 28th against the run.

Wide Receiver: Keyshawn Johnson. There's actually a lot of talk of him being a bust this week, and I don't see this at all. Look back against the last time he played one of his old teams (Tampa Bay). Johnson had 97 yards receiving, 1 receiving TD, and 1 rushing TD. (And in case you are wondering, Steve Smith was playing that game). He is going to have a lot of opportunities this week.

Tight End: Courtney Anderson. If any of you saw the Steelers game last week (if you didn't it was one of the best of the week/season), then you will have seen how Alge Crumpler destroyed the Pittsburgh secondary for 3 TDs and 117 yards. Pittsburgh is horrible about gaurding TEs, and Oakland will more than likely be passing for most of the game. In his last 2 games Anderson has 111 yards receiving.

Defense: New Orleans Saints. With a new offensive coordinator and Steve McNair coming off of injury, the Ravens offense should be in shambles. The Ravens average just over 18 points per game, which is what the Saints allow per game (The Saints are the 12th ranked D in the league).

Here is my sit of the week:

Fred Taylor. I expect the Eagles to go up early in this game and force the Jags to rely on Gerrard (yep, he's starting) to throw the ball. Another factor why Taylor is going to be a bust this week, is because he is being a baby about losing carries to Maurice Jones-Drew. The Eagles are 12th against the run, and should have no problem shutting Fragile Fred down.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Are you taking your chances this week?

Are you asking yourself this week, is he gonna play.... and if so how well?

I've put together a little list of a few people who have question marks around them this week.

QB Huard may not play this week, he did not practice today, meaning the 3rd string Croyle would get the start, Green is still going to be out for at least two more games. If you need to start Huard definitely watch to see if he gets in some practice tomorrow.

WR C. Henry he IS activated for the Bengals upcoming Sunday game vs the Falcons, he may not be a bad start, but its hard to tell how much he will actually play. He was a great option as a third wide receiver and was a decent fantasy pickup for a few weeks

WR Larry Fitzgerald. it doesnt look like Fitz will play this week, and after that they have a bye. Hold on to him, or pick him up if someone dropped him.

WR Greg Jennings. Jennings hasnt practiced at all this week so it is very unlikely for him to play, hes still Doubtful

RB Ahman Green. He is probable but is expected to play. He broke out a big run last week, but I personally dont think he will do the same even if they are playing Arizona. I'd be cautious about jumping on the Green bandwagon just yet, it may break down again

QB Byron Leftwich. He looks like another gametime decision although he is not listed to START in the game. Backup Gerrard has taken the majority of the snaps and may be a decent fantasy start this week, although its hard to tell if Leftwich will get some time in the game. He has played without practicing throughout his career

WR Laveranues Coles. Dont let the little Q next to his name every week fool you. Coles did practice today and is expected to play, and as always is a very solid fantasy start. The Jets play the Browns this week, so if you have Coles, you should be playing him.

WR Donte' Stallworth. Stallworth has been a personal pain to me all year, I got him off waivers early and thought he would be good but hes been injured most of the year and it seems to remain the same. Hopefully that changes this week while Stallworth's status sounds better. He is listed as probable and practiced today, so he should be starting.

QB Ben Roethlisberger. Dont go pick up Batch just yet. I dont quite understand the logic here for playing Ben so soon, but he has practiced all week. He is still listed as questionable, but it sounds like he will be playing.

RB LaMont Jordan. Jordan practiced today but he will still be a gametime decision as he was last week. It would be tough to want to play him against the Steelers Defense. I know last week it was a big shootout, but come on its the Steelers (9th ranked rush defense). I wouldnt be too worried about Jordan, Id just scratch him from your lineups all together.

QB McNair. I just heard on ESPN he has practiced and it looks like he is going to be playing

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Awesome Fantasy Football Article

I was browsing through the news at NFL.com and looking over my team to see if I had any additional lineup changes I wanted to make. I went back to the fantasy homepage to discover a new article had been written by Dave Richard titled Fantasy Football Matchups: Week 8.

Dave goes through each matchup and looks at both teams starters. He then rates each player on a scale of 1-5 (using stars) on how strong of a fantasy starter they are this week. This is an excellent resource if your indecisive over two players. Let me know if the link works, it might not if you don't have a NFL.com account. If it doesn't I'll find a way to post it on here so you don't have to go through the hassle of creating one, so let me know.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where do you play fantasy football at?

I've always played fantasy football at Yahoo, until this year. I found thefantasyfootballguys.com and they recommended another site to play, FleaFlicker.com. I've also checked out CBS or NFL whatever they go by. I checked them out for a midseason live draft league. Another website i came across was GAMEDAYDRAFT.com where you pick your players each week, and you can pick different players per "league" you join. Ill review each of these sites. I have yet to play at ESPN, sorry.

Yahoo is probably one of the most popular fantasy sites. They have every sport you want so thats a plus. Ive played several sports (football, baseball and basketball) and they have been pretty decent. I dont like that you have to pay for live scoring, and ive read on Yahoo Answers, that many people have problems with it working 100% of the time. The features that they do have, that I'd be interested in, you have to also pay for. Kind of a rip off lol. I have two leagues there, and I will play there next year, its good, especially if you live draft its pretty decent.

CBS Sportsline was a huge disappointment to me. I had read that they had decent information, stats wise, so I figured to give it a shot. I logged in about 10 minutes late to the fantasy draft, and they hadnt even gotten to my pick at #6 yet. It was only me and one other player there, the draft would of taken 3 hours if I would of stuck around, it was terrible. I havent gone back... sorry for those who are in my league lol.

FleaFlicker is a nice up and coming site. They offer live scoring, but I believe its their first year and they have a few kinks to work out. Ive had few problems with them, one is their waiver wire needs some adjustments. What they do offer is taking over an abandoned team, so if you have a league your in and theres an inactive player, someone can take that team over. Very nice idea, ive taken over a team or two. They also offer a lot of the features that yahoo does, but they give it to you for free.

I played GAMEDAYDRAFT for the first time last Sunday and Monday. I was pretty impressed by the setup and options. You can play for real $ or "fake" $ (points). They are currently offering a few games where you can win money but don't have to pay. Im not sure how long that is going to last and I have been trying to contact them, but their email is down. They currently have a game going where the first 3 players win $$$. If you want to check it out put ffnstuff as your referrer. Tell me what you think? Free to join etc.

Anything you'd like to see written here let me know. Shout out to all the myspace forum people that seem to love this site :) haha

You can contact me at ff_n_stuff@yahoo.com

Important Injury Updates

Here are some important injury updates/player news that will more than likely be affecting your fantasy team:

  • Tony Romo will be starting for the Cowboys against the Carolina Panthers.
  • Shaun Alexander will be out this week against Kansas City, and is questionable next week against Oakland.
  • Greg Jennings the fantasy surprise WR out of Green Bay is out this week against the Arizona Cardinals (and maybe longer) with a sprained right ankle.
  • Clinton Portis and Santana Moss suffered injuries in Sunday's game against the Colts, and their status is uncertain in the upcoming weeks
  • LaMont Jordan, who didn't play last week against the Cardinals, is scheduled to have an MRI done on his back. His status for Sunday's game is uncertain against the Steelers, but it doesn't appear as though he will see playing time.
  • Ben Roethlisberger is questionable for this Sunday's game against Oakland, he suffered a concussion against the Falcons.
  • Brandon Stokley is questionable again this week with a knee injury.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quarterback Dilemmas

Is Tony Romo a good option?

Simply, No.

I had been previously asked my oponion of Romo, and using an empty bench position on him. I dont think hes a good pickup at all. Bledsoe is still the guy regardless of him getting pulled in the 2nd half or not. It would be a completely different story if Romo would of turned it around and got them back in the game, or even played decently. Instead he threw 3 interceptions.

The answer for your fantasy quarterback just isnt in Dallas. Bledsoe seemingly struggled at times vs the Texans defense, that GAVE him the game.

With the question marks even moreso with Bledsoe, and the anxious fans looking for 'Romo, Romo, Romo' it will be hard to start either one in the upcoming weeks.


Dont get hasty and drop Bledsoe, he still has value, but I wouldnt be out there getitng Romo just yet either. Other Fantasy Wire possibilities are...

#1 KITNA: If he is still on your wire, you should grab him. I have read posts at thefantasyfootballguys.com that he is still available in several leagues. He's averaging 19 points a week in my standard league. He may throw INTs but he throws TDs as well... hes a definite pickup.

#2 PENNINGTON: Hes had a shaky couple of weeks, but the Jets have found the running game. Its hurting him now but it should help him in weeks to come

#3 RIVERS: He is still somewhat under the radar, and he doesnt really need to perform for the Chargers to win. In smaller leagues he should still be available and is a good option. In deeper leagues he's probably gone

#4 HARRINGTON: For those in bigger leagues, hes not a bad option right now. Culpepper isnt going to be doing anything if Harrington can at least perform. He threw 62 times last week for 404 yards. Now, he wont do that every week, but with Miami constantly behind, they should be pass oriented

those are just a few, they all may be on your wire, or none at all... if you have any specific questions feel free to ask


NFL Week 7 Review Continued

Here is the rest of the Sunday recap, going team by team.

Pittsburgh Steelers

What a heartbreaker for Pittsburgh Steeler fans (like me). I must admit though, if we would have one this would be one of the best games I have ever seen. Ben Rothelisberger was on fire (that is until Atlanta practically killed him). He was 16-22 with 238 yards and 3 TDs. The Steelers were not completely in trouble though when Charlie Batch came in. He went 8-13 for 195 yards and 2 TDs. Supposedly it is a concussion for Ben, but with this being his second one this season it could take him longer to recover. We'll keep you posted, but Batch might not be a bad start this week against the Raiders. To date he has thrown for 5 TDs, 0 INTs, and 410 yards. Hines Ward had one of the best games of his career posting 3 TDs and 171 yards. He is a great start this week against Oakland. Willie Parker did not meet expectations going 47 yards on 20 attempts. This week, however, he is a must start (as is the Pittsburgh Defense).

Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick, as much as I hate him, I can't deny that he had a great game against the Steelers. Given, he didn't have to go very far to score, he was able to pass effectively and capitalize on all of the Steelers mistakes. Vick threw for 232 yards, 4 TDs, and 2 INTs. The real question on our minds is "will he continue to pass the ball?" The answer my friends is...no. They will go back to their running game, and maybe try throwing a little bit more. He won't have another successful game like this. Alge Crumpler had an awesome day, catching 3 TD passes and 117 yards receiving. Don't expect numbers like that from him again, but he should still start for you next week against Cincy. Warrick Dunn didn't do too bad considering his opponent. He rushed for 69 yards and 1 TD. He should be in for a good game against a struggling Cincinnati defense.

New York Jets

Chad Pennington
threw for 189 yards and a TD last week against the Lions. Personally, I expected much better numbers out of the Chad, but the Jets utilized their running game this week. Still, Pennington plays the Browns next week and should come closer to matching his opening week stats. Leon Washington and Kevan Barlow, finally the Jets have a good RB core going. Washington rushed for 129 yards and 2 TDs against the Lions. He now has 2 100 yard rushing games in the past 3 games. The crazy thing is, he is still on some waiver wires. Pick him up, he is a great number 2 back this week. Barlow is turning into a high risk/high reward type player. He seems to be good for 50 yards and maybe a TD every week. If you are in need of a number 3 RB, he could be your guy. Laveraneus Coles had a quiet day with only 4 catches for 29 yards, and one rush for 15 yards. Still, he is a number 1 fantasy WR. Jerricho Cotchery had 7 receptions for 79 yards, and seemed to the favorite target of the week for Pennington. Consider him a good number 2 guy against the Browns.

Detroit Lions

Jon Kitna threw 3 TDs and 2 INTs last week against the Jets for 269 yards. He is on a bye this week, but still is a good option with 9 TDs on the season and close to 2,000 yards passing. Roy Williams had only 29 yards receiving and 1 TD. Still, he is a solid number 1 WR. Kevin Jones had a very good yardage game, rushing for 86 yards and receiving another 57 (including a 9 yard reception for a TD). Jones is a solid #2 back when the Jets return from their bye against Atlanta.

New England Patriots

The Pats continued their dominance over the Buffalo Bills this week beating them 28-6. Tom Brady had not trouble with the passing game, throwing for almost 200 yards and 2 TDs. Ben Watson finally got his share of catches (5 for 60 yards) but still has yet to find the end zone. I consider him a low-end number 1 TE at this point. He is overdue though. It's still hard to figure out who their number one WR is, both Gabriel and Jackson went for a score this week. Corey Dillon was the man, rushing for 47 yards on 14 attempts and 2 TDs. Laurence Maroney hasn't done much since the Cincy game, where he rushed for over 100 yards and for 2 TDs. At this point, if you have both of the NE RBs, I would consider Dillon over Maroney.

Buffalo Bills

Willis McGahee had a high yardage day for his owners (unfortunately he didn't find the paydirt) racking up 120 total yards (59 on the ground, 61 in the air). He is on bye this week, but is still the best #2 RB you could ask for against the Packers in week 9. Losman had a rough week against the Pats, throwing for 193 yards and 1 INT. He is not a recommended start yet, and the Bills GM and Coach have reiterated the fact that he will remain their starting QB. Hopefully you didn't rely on Lee Evans this week, he only had 1 catch for 11 yards. Still, he is a solid number 2 WR when he returns from their bye.

Philadelphia Eagles

Donovan McNabb had a pretty good game for both fantasy owners and Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans. He threw 2 INTs that were returned for TDs, but also threw for 300 yards and 3 TDs. He is still the best fantasy QB out there. Reggie Brown had another good game in Donte Stallworth's absence. He had 77 yards receiving and scored for the third straight game. He is a must start number 2 receiver, if not a low end number 1 if Stallworth doesn't play. Brian Westbrook was a stud this week. Not only did he have 101 rushing yards, but also 113 yards receiving (including a 52 yard TD). Obviously, he is a must start.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cadillac Williams rushed for 82 yards on 23 carries, and also had 1 reception for 11 yards. He is finally starting to meet expectations, but will struggle against the Giants this week. Bruce Gradkowski struggled against Philly, only throwing for 104 yards (but with 0 INT). He is a low-end number 2 QB against the Giants this week. Joey Galloway (0 fantasy points) is a shaky option with the Bucs passing game in question against the Giants this week.

Arizona Cardinals

Despite his previous impressive showings, Matt Leinart had a rough game against the Raiders. He was 13-32, for 203 yards and 2 INTs. I still don't think he is worth starting yet (except as a bye-week replacement). Edgerrin James continued to disappoint with 13 carries for 34 yards. I think it is official that he is a bust, and is becoming more of a number 3 back. Boldin was also held in check against the Raiders, but is still a must start WR against the Packers.

Oakland Raiders

Randy Moss had a real game! This is what you drafted him for as your number 1 receiver, the question is...did you start him? Moss had 129 yards receiving and a TD (whether he liked it or not), and is still a descent option against the Steelers. LaMont Jordan, who was listed as probable, dressed for the game against the Cardinals...but did not play. He might be back in week 8, but don't trust him against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Seattle Seahawks

And the hits just keep on coming. Matt Hasslebeck was knocked out of the game Sunday, with a sprained knee. Holmgren said today that he will miss at least 3 games. So does this mean they will rush Shawn Alexander back? Not this week, but they are targeting to have him back in the lineup in week 9 against the Raiders. So what does this mean for and Darrell Jackson and Deion Branch? Start them with caution. Seneca Wallace is a descent replacement for Hasslebeck (I wouldn't use him unless you are desperate), but still should put up yards for Jackson and Branch. It's the TDs I'm worried about.

Minnesota Vikings

Just as I predicted (ok and so did a lot of people), the Vikings would upset the Seahawks. Chester Taylor had an awesome day, rushing for 169 yards on 26 carries and a touchdown. He should continue his success against the Pats next week, so start him as a low-end number 1 RB. Brad Johnson still didn't have a good fantasy day, but his team did win. He passed for 171 yards and 1 TD. I wouldn't recommend him as a starter yet (if ever).

Dallas Cowboys

Drew Bledsoe got the bench! After a horrible first half against the Giants last night, he threw a pick at the Giant's 5 yard line, and was 7-12 before being yanked. Tony Romo filled in pretty nicely for the Cowboys throwing for 227 yards, and 2 TDs..but also 3 INT. Pick him up in all leagues, as it looks like Parcells might be leaning towards him. Terrell Owens had 6 receptions for 98 yards and a TD, and seems to have a good relationship with Tony Romo. Obviously, he is a must start. Terry Glenn had a poor outing for the second week in a row. Part of it was due to Bledsoe and the offensive line not giving him enough time, I would consider him a low-end number 2 receiver at this point. Jason Witten finally had a fantasy football game. He pulled in 4 receptions for 71 yards. This could be because he doesn't have to worry about blocking as much with Romo in. He is a good TE next week against Carolina.

New York Giants

The Giants as a team had a great game against the Dallas Cowboys. They played well on both sides of the ball. Their defense is looking sharp, and their offense is clicking. Tiki Barber is leading the league in rushing (he had 114 last night) but still has yet to find the endzone. Brandon Jacobs got the sole rushing TD, and also ran for 40 yards. He is a nice number 3 back against the Bucs. Plaxico Burress had a nice game, with 94 receiving yards and a TD. He'll probably be covered by Rodne Barber next week, so his numbers but not be as good. Eli Manning threw for 189 yards, 2TDs, and 1 INT. He still remains a must start QB.

Monday, October 23, 2006

NFL Week 7 Review by Poet

Sunday's Recap, I'll post how many fantasy points they got in my standard league in ( ) and call them FP's= Fantasy Points. I broke it down by teams this week, it was a little easier.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers didnt play that great of a game at all, especially in the beginning. Rivers (21fp) came out and threw an interception right away that led to an early KC touchdown. His total on the day was 266 yards and 2TDs with that INT. Tomlinson (23fp) did everything, except run that well, haha. He threw a TD And caught a TD pass. Few negative points thrown in there with 2 fumbles. Over 130 total yards, mostly in the air. Gates (12fp) had a good day catching the LT pass for a TD and getting 8 other catches for 62 yards. McCardell still isnt a fantasy play, so if you have him theres better out there. Id definitely drop him.

Kansas City Chiefs

KC came back firing after the Pittsburgh blowout. All doubts about L Johnson (27fp) are mostly erased after he ran all over the Chargers. They just couldn't tackle him, constantly breaking tackles. He finished with nearly 30 carries with 132yards and 2 TDs. Huard (21fp) had a decent game and seems to be a decent start at QB, it will be interesting what happens when T. Green comes back. Huard was 15 of 27 for 232 yards and 2 TDs. Gonzalez (13 fp) had a good TE fantasy day. If you started him it paid off, he caught 6 balls for 138 yards... a 23 yards per catch average wow. Kennison (9fp) didn't get many balls, but did grab a TD. Might as well mention Tynes who kicked the winning field goal... 1/2 on FGs and 3/4 on XP

Washington Redskins

This game turned into a shootout, you can expect it from the Colts, but the Redskins gave up on the run game early. Brunell (25fp) completed 73 percent of his passes for 226 yards, throwing 2 TDS. Thats the best stat here for the Redskins. Portis (6fp) couldnt get anything going as was hoped for Portis owners against the Colts Run D. He finished the game with less yards than Betts rushing for only 43, and 34 of those yards came on one carry. Moss was cold here only catching 3 balls. Cooley (12fp) was the main fantasy receiver, seemingly being involved in this offense more and more catching 4 balls for 42 yards and a TD. Check em out if hes available in your league.

Indianapolis Colts

Manning (41fp!) had a huge fantasy day throwing for 342yards and FOUR touchdowns. What I noticed in this game has to be that they have no confidence in their run game, and for good reason. A few times at the goal line Manning was forced to pass after 2 failed attempts to run it in. On this particular drive a Harrison TD was reversed and they had to kick a field goal (His foot was clearly not in). Addai (10fp) had a decent day with only 11 carries (85 yards) and Rhodes just rushed for 26. Good day for the Colts WRs. Wayne owners must be pleased with his performance after several non impressive outings. Wayne (18fp) had 122 yards and a TD, while Harrison (19fp) had 73 and 2 TDs. I played someone with both of these WRs this week, they almost single handedly beat me (not really but they helped). Clark (10fp) also caught a TD pass.

Denver Broncos

One of the things I got right here was Tatum Bell (pat on the back). He rushed like I said 100 yards and a TD woohoo (18fp). I dont know whats wrong with Plummer (13fp), he is struggling against weak defenses. I wouldnt consider playing him anytime soon... 200 yards 1 TD 2 INT. Walker (10fp) continues to be a big target (100 yards) but no TDs.

Cleveland Browns

The Brownies couldnt seem to get anything done against the Broncos. They scored a late TD, thats about it. Frye (11fp) had 149 yards 1 TD 1 INT, but you probably didn't play him this week. Same thing with Droughns or Edwards. Jurevicious scored the TD but I haven't seen anyone who has him. Winslow (3fp) was quiet too only catching 3 balls

Jacksonville Jaguars

Big upset here I'd say. Leftwich (6fp) had to be bothered by his ankle here, I read he often underthrew or overthrew (I didnt see this game). I wrote a big blog about how well I thought he was gonna do, before he was injured. Sorry if you started him, but many were aware of his injury. He threw only 125 yards and was TDless. Taylor (7fp) wasnt that great of a fantasy play rushing for 84 yards and fumbling once. Jones-Drew (12fp) came through with a rushing TD and 58 yards in the air. A lot of turnovers and fumbling led to the Jaguars loss.

Houston Texans

Just when I count out Carr (24fp), and wonder about A. Johnson (16fp) they come through and have decent games. Carr threw for 224 yards and 2 TDs, with Johnson catching one of those TD passes and gaining 100 yards. Finally there is a Lundy sighting. Lundy (16fp) ran for 93 yards and scored the first Texans rushing TD of the season. He will be a hot pickup this week, we'll see if he can keep it up.

Carolina Panthers

I caught a little bit of this game. What I saw was Foster (7fp) attempt to run, and get shutout most of the time. Not very pleased with that, I just traded for him in a swap of RBBC's. Delhomme (21fp) had a decent fantasy game throwing for 238 yards, 2TDs and 1 INT. Smith was another solid WR catching 8 balls for 126 but didnt find the endzone. Not a very strong offensive showing.

Cincinnati Bengals

Palmer (24fp) had a solid fantasy game, nothing spectacular. He threw for 240 yards and 2 TDs. R. Johnson (10fp) rushed for 100 yards. C. Johnson (7fp) continues to disappoint his owners by going under 100 yards (only 73) and no TDs. For those who stuck with Housh (12fp) are being rewarded, he caught 7 passes for 61 yards and a TD. C Perry was not a factor in this game at all, I saw some people posting about that he'd get some looks, that obviously wasnt the case.

Green Bay Packers

Favre (21fp) had a solid fantasy game, 200 yards and 2 TDs. Some Packers were a good start against the Dolphins defense, and some definitely disappointed. Green (17fp) showed he can still run in GB and broke a 70 yard rushing TD and finished with 118 yards. Driver (15fp) showed why he is the #1 receiver catching 10 balls for 93 yards and a TD. Tough day for Jennings owners, he caught only 1 pass.

Miami Dolphins

Joey 'Holy Shit' Harrington (28fp) lol. Thats what i thought when i saw how many attempts and yards he had, he set a Dolphins record for most pass attempts. Playing from behind most of the game, Brown (11fp) was of little use on the ground, Harrington came out throwing. Booker (19fp) went over 100 yards and a TD, but most fantasy players don't have him. Their two WRs that people do have, did nothing here (Welker and Chambers). I did suggest McMichael (7fp) this week and he caught 7 balls for 77 yards, decent day for a TE. Brown rushed only 15 times for 59 yards but also caught a few passes 5 for 63.

Thanks for reading, Pratt is working on his review and it will be posted later. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at ff_N_Stuff@yahoo.com or go ahead and leave a comment below.

I did recieve the Tony Romo question and I will blog about that in the next few days.

Thanks again

Injury Updates (October 23, 2006)

Not only were there a lot of great games yesterday, but there were a handful of serious injuries/suspensions. Here is the latest on some of the major fantasy players affected. As soon as we hear more about other fantasy injuries, we'll let you know.

  • Matt Hasselbeck will be out 2-4 weeks with a sprained right MCL. It is expected that Seneca Wallace will replace him.
  • Donte Stallworth, who has been giving all owners a headache, has a "good chance" of playing in Sunday's game against the Jags according to Andy Reid.
  • Shaun Phillips, linebacker of the San Diego Chargers, will miss 4-6 weeks with a right calf injury. If that wasn't bad enough, they also lost Shawne Merriman for 4 games for testing positive for steroids.
We'll keep you posted on other injuries as details are disclosed.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

PoEts Weekly Starts

Start 'Em

QBs: Kitna and Pennington. These two face off in what looks like can be a big shootout. Both of these teams are weak on defense, so they have to air the ball out to stay in the game. I like both of these quarterbacks... and their receivers for that matter

RB: Tatum Bell. Cleveland has a weak D... a weak rushing D. Bell shouldnt have any problems here. Cleveland is allowing 143 per game on the ground while Denver is rushing for 142 y/per game (5th overall). Look for Bell to have a 100+ day with a TD

WR: Bryant Johnson. He was a nice pickup for me while Fitz is out. Coming into the #2 slot with Boldin the Arizona WRs should have a nice day against the Oakland D. If hes available on your wire and you are having some bye troubles its a good week to play him and hold him until Fitz is healthy again

TE: R. McMichael. Yes I said it lol, a dolphin. If hes available on your wire pick him up. Ive been watching him since Culpepper has been removed, in the last couple of weeks, McMichael has as many recieving yards as Colston does (those in yahoo leagues can use Colston as a TE too). No touchdowns yet but that will come. Against Green Bay (leagues WORST pass defense) this week McMichael should have a good game.

DEF: Cardinals. I think the Cardinals are the hottest pickup this week. A lot of solid defenses are on bye, mainly Baltimore, so players had to scramble to get a defense off the wire. Arizona D seemed to hold its vs the Bears and if they can play the same the Raiders have no chance.

I didnt put who you should sit this week, but my sit is Carr and A. Johnson... I didnt like what happened at Dallas last week at all, and I dont think much will change Vs the Jags this week

Remember you can email me about anything, I really encourage feedback. Thanks


Friday, October 20, 2006

Very Important Injury Update

NFL.com reports that Byron Leftwich missed practice today because of his sore ankle. He is scheduled to have tests run on it and is now listed as questionable. He practiced on Wednesday and Thursday but Coach Jack Del Rio says that his ankle was sore this morning. It is the same ankle that he fractured last season.

We'll keep you posted on the results of his MRI, so don't panic yet!

In other injury news, Indianapolis WR Brandon Stokley has been ruled OUT (again) for Sunday's game against the Colts. This would mean that Indy might now be running as many 3 receiver sets, and Dallas Clark could get more looks.

The other 3 big names on the injury report this weekend are Michael Vick (shoulder), Amani Toomer (calf), and LaMont Jordan (back). All three players are listed as probable.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Byron Leftwich, should you play the matchup?

I've seen tons of questions about whether or not to start Byron Leftwich this week against the Houston Texans. He has the favorable matchup this week that everyone who has him wants to take advantage of. Are the Texans defense really that bad? Are the Jag's going to throw the ball? Will Taylor and Jones-Drew outperform Leftwich on fantasy numbers?

First off lets look at the Texans defense. Houston is ranked dead last in allowed yards per game (418 per game). Their rushing defense is slightly better than their passing. On the ground they are allowing 145.8 yards per game which ranks them 29th. In the air they are allowing 273 yards per game ranked 31st just in front of Green Bay.

Basically you want to start EVERY Jaguar you can, lol. Look at Dallas last week, they didnt do anything special, Bledsoe wasnt all that great, but fantasy wise he killed them, because Houston is just that bad.

Jacksonville's rushing game is ranked higher than their passing. Jacksonville is rushing for an average 118.4 yards per game while passing 198.6 per game. The offense seems pretty well balanced here. They can use their running backs as passing weapons which they've shown in previous games.

Leftwich previous two games before the bye he threw a combined 5 tds with 1 INT. With the success of their running game by both Taylor and Jones-Drew it has allowed their passing to be affect as well and there should be no reason the success wont continue against the leagues WORST defense.

So if you have Leftwich and are wondering whether or not to play the matchup, in most cases I think you have to. If you have a toss up, go with Leftwich

Good Luck

Pratt's Starts of the Week

PoEt and I are each going to post who we think are the best starts in each position for the week.

Quarterback: Peyton Manning. Are you ready for an explosive game from Peyton? He is due for a 300 yard, 3 TD game and the Redskins are just the team to give it to him. Washington is ranked 24th against the pass, and the whole team has been struggling. I expect the Colts to be passing most of the game because I think Washington could pull up the upset. Will they do it by limiting the Colts offense production? On the ground, yes...but in the air no. I believe the 'Skins are finally going to run all day and will shock the world by beating the Colts. (Bold statement, I know.)

Running Back: Clinton Portis. Going along with my rant, the Colts are ranked dead last against the run. Yes they have acquired Anthony McFarland from Tampa Bay, but he won't make a big impact right away. He has to learn a new defense and get in sync with the boys around him. Portis made it clear after last week's loss that he wants the rock...and the Redskins are going to give it to him. He will be good for over 100 yards and 2 TDs.

Wide Receiver: Roy Williams. I get chills just thinking about what the Lions passing game is going to do to the Jet's D. Williams doesn't struggle against good defenses, and the Jets will be catching their breath all day trying to cover this guy. Look for Williams to go for 150 yards receiving and a touchdown or two.

Tight End: Alex Smith. Who is Alex Smith? He is Tampa Bay Quarterback, Bruce Gradkowski's new favorite endzone target. He has a touchdown in each of the last two games, and the Eagles are 27th against the pass. He probably is still even on the waiver wire, so if you see him grab 'em and start 'em. He may only get 30 yards receiving, but he is almost gaurenteed a TD.

Kicker: John Kasay. Not that it really matters, but I thought I'd throw 'em in here anyway. Kasay has been getting his share of the workload these last couple of weeks, and this won't be changing against the Bengals. The Panthers are going to be putting up a lot of points this weekend, which means Kasay will be too.

Defense: Denver Broncos. Let's see, the 31st ranked offense against the 10th ranked defense. This is a no brainer.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to Make the Blockbuster Trade

I've been hearing a lot of talk around the forums, and also from my personal experience, about managers worrying about making and preparing for the playoffs. Everyone is looking to perfect their team, and fix those weak spots. The trouble that most people are running into is getting their trade accepted. Here are a couple of my favorite trade secrets to help increase the likelihood a trade will be accepted.

  1. Buy 'em low and sell 'em high. Fantasy football is a lot like the stock market. You have to be aware of each player's value, which usually changes from week to week. Take for example Matt Leinart. 4 weeks ago he had little trade value, you might have been able to get an ok WR or low-end RB for him. Now with all the hype of his performance against the Bears, he is being traded for number 2 backs! Now as for buying them low, start looking at those players who are just finally starting to click. The first example that comes to mind is Hines Ward in Pittsburgh. Up until last week he hadn't even had 100 yards receiving total. His owners are frustrated, and he is undervalued. This is a guy who was generally the 10-12th WR drafted at the beginning of the season, and with the Steelers finally starting to click...he should get back to his usual production.
  2. Create a market. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but there is nothing wrong with turning down a trade because you have a "better offer" for the same player. Nine times out of ten this tactic works better when it is actually true, but even in the NFL this rule holds true. But when you let them know that there are multiple parties interested in your star player, then they are usually foolish enough to offer more then what they are worth.
  3. Only trade from strength. This is a common problem for fantasy football managers. You need to assess your team and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Let's say you start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. You did an awesome job drafting your RBs this season..you have LT, Willie Parker, Frank Gore, and Tatum Bell. On the WR side, you aren't doing to good. You are relying on favorable matchups for your number 2 and number 3 slots. Being that we are entering week 7 into the season, do you really need to hold onto 4 stud RBs? No! You will be more than ok with just owning three of those studs. After last week Parker has a very high value (remember rule number 1?), you should easily be able to get Roy Williams for him. You are only hurting yourself by stacking only one part of your team and leaving the others positions weak.
  4. Prepare 2 offers. You'd be surprised what you can get in a trade. Most of us value players differently, and every now and then you might be able to walk away with a steal (now just pray no one vetos it!). The worst thing that can happen when you make an offer is that they will reject it. But don't make it an insulting offer, because it will hurt your rep. If the owner rejects the offer, then you have the psychological edge of making it appear as though you're offering concessions with your second proposal.
There are many different trading strategies out there, but hopefully these 4 tips will be able to give you the extra edge over your competition. Trading is a very important part to fantasy football, and if you are prepared enough, you can really improve your team. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Many Questions Surrounding Matt Leinart

After 2 full starts, Matt Leinart is drawing a good deal of fantasy attention. So far he has passed for 539 yards, has 4 TDs and 2 INTs. All 3 opponents Leinart faced were very tough defenses (perhaps not the Chiefs based on the Steelers game). As we all saw this past Monday, under the pressure of facing a 5-0 team Leinart showed the poise of an experienced QB. So now the questions surrounding the fantasy football forums is, should Matt Leinart be my starting quarterback?

The answer obviously depends on who your starting QB is, but in most cases it is a no. Leinart is an excellent bye week replacement, and against a defense like the Raiders (which he faces on Sunday) he should continue to produce pretty good numbers (250 yards, 2 TDs). Leinart has an amazing receiving core around him, and it will only get better when Larry Fitzgerald returns to the lineup.

But lets not jump on the bandwagon too soon. The Cardinals are talking of running the ball more in the second half to try and protect their lead. Not to mention their offensive line is a joke. Leinart is going to be under constant pressure, and he still has teams like Dallas, Minnesota, Seattle, Denver, and San Diego to play throughout the rest of the season. Do you really expect a rookie QB to put up fantasy starter numbers against defenses like that?

So what should you be doing with Leinart? Well in the next 2 weeks he plays Oakland and Green Bay so if your starting QB is on a bye these next two weeks, pick him up and start him. However, if you already have the backup slot covered or if your QB has already had his bye then use him as trade bait. Leinart has great trade value right now, and you should be able to make a rediculously lopsided trade in your favor for him. I've even read about someone being offered Tatum Bell for Leinart. You'll be surprised what you can get for him.

Injuries and Updates

A few reports are out that Shaun Alexander will not play as hoped next week. Meaning, that Morris will again be the RB for Seattle vs Minnesota next Sunday. I definitely cant recommend a start for Morris who had 23 carries on 74 yards (3.4 a carry) 0 TDs and a fumble.

I've seen a lot of postings about DROPPING Shaun Alexander, injured or not he has value. If you drop him someone will make room for him on their bench the second they see him on the waiver wire. If you need to get rid of him that badly I'm sure you can find someone to trade.

Koren Robinson was suspended for a year today (Tuesday) for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. The huge fantasy draft day bust, signed with the Packers in September. He had yet to become a major target for Favre, but he handled most of the kick returns. This player is still owned in 23% of fleaflicker leagues, I'm guessing by inactive players, but if you have him now is definitely the time to drop.

Steve McNair is expected to recover from his concussion. Dont jump on Boller yet, even with his great fantasy game last week, McNair should be back after the bye week this week. The bye came at a great time for McNair apparently.

Curtis Martin
isnt coming off the PUP just yet. He will remain on the list until at least after the game at Cleveland in 2 weeks. When he comes back that throws another RB into the already crowded backfield in New York. If he comes back and plays decently Washington and Barlow are drop material.

New Team Member :)

Id like to announce I've added Pratt to my team, and he should have something posted here soon. I'm very excited to see how this turns out and I'm glad he inquired about writing with me, I must be doing something right. So remember if you have any questions or comments about anything, or would like me to write about a particular subject you can email me at ff_n_stuff@yahoo.com

Id be very interested to hear from you.

Ill write about the Chicago vs Arizona game later probably, how about those Cardinals!

Monday, October 16, 2006

NFL Fantasy Week 6 Review Cont.

Tampa Bay Vs Cincinnati

QBs: Gradkowski (20) = Palmer (19) : Very similar results fantasy point wise. Palmer only threw 1 TD on 261 yards. Cinci had a hard time getting the offense going here. Gradkowski is proving he is a good pickup in the fantasy leagues throwing 2 TDs on 1 INt for 184 yards. If you have an open spot for em, pick him up. For god's sake drop Simms lol.

RBs: R. Johnson (5) <> Galloway (6) / Clayton (11) : Housh has become more and more vital to the Cinci's passing game, coming thru with weekly TD catches. Johnson is having good games as usually but Housh gets a lot of the TD looks. Galloway and Claytons value should continue to increase with the progression of Grad week by week.

Dallas Vs Houston

QBs: Bledsoe (20) > Carr (3) : Bledsoe had a pretty good game against this weak Houston D. Even though Romo saw time i wouldnt look into it much. Bledsoe threw for 2 TDs (Romo came in and threw one more) on 168 yards. Carr was a fantasy failure this week. I played him this week figuring he'd at least throw for a TD or 2, instead he threw 2 picks

RBs: Jones (10) Barber (11) > Dayne (who cares): Jones got the yards here (100+) while Barber got the touchdown. Not a bad day for either players in this RBBC. I think Jones looked especially well, breaking a 33 yard carry out. Either are good plays on most weeks. Dayne is terrible fantasy player at this point. Dont consider him

WRs: Owens (22) / Glenn (4) > A. Johnson (7) : Who would of thought Owens would catch not one, not two but 3 TDs. Selfish yet again lol, not sharing the fantasy points with Glenn or Witten. It was nice to see Crayton getting involved in the offense again, I believe I had him last year for a bit and he didnt do to bad certain games. Johnson... Bad day for Carr= Bad day for Johnson

Atlanta Vs New York G

QBs: Vick (15) < E.Manning (17). Not much difference in fantasy values here but thats just because Vick picked up 60 on the ground. He was sacked 7 times and threw 1 pick when he played QB lol. Manning did better than I thought and tested this ATL D that hadnt allowed a passing touchdown all season. He threw 2 TDs and 2 INTS on 180 yards

RBs: Dunn (20) / Vick < Barber (22). Dunn went off and broke a 90 yard TD run. He finished with 146 yards, equally a huge day for the back. I suppose Barber outshined him a little though gaining 185 yards. The rushing TD went to Jacobs though.

WRs: Crumpler (6) < Shockey (17) / Burress (4) / Toomer (1). Decent day out of Crumpler I guess, any production is good from your TE. I didnt think Burress would have a good day so i benched him. Instead of the Receiving core Shockey took care of business scoring 2 TDs on 55 yards.

Philadelphia vs New Orleans

QBs: McNabb (22) < Brees (27). Good QB matchup here each throwing for a handful of TDs and about 250 yards a peice

RBs: Westbrook (7) < McAllister (9) / Bush (5): Not much to report for either side, this was mainly a shootout.

WRs: R.Brown (25) LJ Smith (10) = Horn (23) / Colston (10) Pretty even for the receivers, Brown ran one and caught one for TDs. LJ found the endzone too, with about 50 yards total. Horn caught 2 TD balls in this one going over 100yards. I have Colston on a yahoo league at TE... good game for him... in another league im stacked at WR so he got the bench... duh. Wrong move there lol

Seattle vs St Louis

I wrote a little bit about this game in a previous post, so ill just write a little more. Another shootout here, Hasselback and Bulger each threw 3 td passes.
Morris is a drop player from here on, I believe Alexander is coming back next week and Morris just didnt play well. Jackson didnt get his usual yards but thats fine with me since he got a TD, which hasnt been an every week thing.
Holt had a big day catching all 3 of the TD passes. I knocked Branch but he caught 2 TD balls, and he has made it back on my fantasy team lol. Jackson almost broke 100 yards and caught a TD

Tennessee vs Washington

QBs: V. Young (15) = Brunell (15) Pretty similar fantasy stats here each a TD pass and about 150 yards, except Brunell threw a pick and Young was sacked 4 times. Pretty low stats for the QBs but about average fantasy points.

RBs: T. Henry (23) > Portis (18) . Very good game for Henry, I recommended picking him up a few days ago, I hope you did, I've made room for him. He has a bye this upcoming week then his Houston. The bye gives him time to rest after his monster performance of 178 yards and a TD. Portis had significantly less yards but found the endzone twice.

WRs: Bennett i guess (6) < Moss (10) / Cooley (8). I dont know how many people still have Bennett and actually play him, I wouldnt have him yet... so yeah. Moss caught a few for 50 yards, nothing special. Cooley caught a TD pass giving him a decent TE day. Very streaky team it seems.

Pittsburgh vs Kansas City

QBs: B. Roethlisberger (23) > Huard (6). I didnt get to watch this game but where was that KC D? Big Ben had a great game here with 2 TDs and went INT free. If you dropped him... is it time to get him back? I dont know, maybe. Those of you who had the Huard Hype got shut out. He threw 1 INT on 160 yards.

RBs: Parker (19) > L Johnson (8). Parker broke 100 with 2 tds and a fumble. In one of my leagues (8 teams) he was picked up after this game lol, most of us are deep at RB. Not only did Pittsburghs offense do well, but obviously their defense did well too holding Johnson to just 26 yards on 15 rushes (1.7 a carry, ouch). Johnsons day wasnt all bad though, he scored KC's only TD

WRs: Not much to mention on the KC side... Kennison (5 points) and Gonzalez (1 point) didnt have great fantasy days. Hines who(11 points)? Yeah finally broke out and had a good game here with Ben on point. Another player to watch is Washington if Big Ben can keep it up he may be another passing threat for the Steelers, Ill keep you updated.

Miami vs New York J

QBs: Harrington (15)< Pennington (20). Harrington had a decent day throwing for 266 yards 1 TD and an INT. There may be no room for Culpepper in Miami now lol. Pennington bounced back from last week throwing 2 TD passes

RBs: Brown (18) > Washington (5) / Barlow (4). Man that RBBC in NY is killing my Washington value prediction lol, I thought after last week he'd be a little more fantasy value but Barlow killed that. On less carries Washington rushed for more (5.3 a carry) so hopefully he will begin to see more of the load. Brown had a pretty solid day 100+yards and a TD, not much of a surprise on this NY defense

WRs: McMichael (7) / Chambers (12)< Coles (22) / Cotchery? (0). This game definitely helped McMichaels fantasy value, if your looking for a TE to fill in a spot he might be an okay pickup. Last season he was a top 10 TE so hes worth looking into. Chambers had a pretty decen fantasy game 60 yards and a TD. Coles was Penningtons main target here, catching 5 balls for 100yards and 2 TDs. What happened to Cotchery? Hes on nearly every single one of my teams, and hes killed me the past two weeks.

San Francisco Vs San Diego

This game was ridiculous lol... man, terrible. So this gets a condensed version. Rivers actually threw the ball in this game, not expected. I figured theyd run the hell out of the ball, which LT also did, but just for TDs. Rivers threw for over 300 yards... but the running backs didnt even break 100. I apologize to those who I recommended Turner too, I was very surprised to see LT in that long. Anyways basically every charger had a good day... and the only 49er who did was smith who had average fantasy game

Oakland Vs Denver

I seriously have to stop this lol, a lot of games
Oakland sucks so many of you shouldnt of played anyone on their team anyways
I would of thought Denvers offense would of done better, they didnt do so great... only 13 points? Oakland is averaging allowed like 20 points or something. I have some stats in the newspaper ill put up later if anyone wants em
Thanks for reading i hope this helped

any questions or comments feel free to write me


Sunday, October 15, 2006

NFL Fantasy Week 6 Review

Bills Vs Lions:

QBs: Losman (19)> Kitna (17). Losman had the better fantasy game here against the weaker Detroit Def. Throwing for fewer yards, but a 1 more TD than Kitna. Each threw 1 int and sacked a handful of times. With the injury plagued Detroit O-Line, they held up decently for Kitna and KJ

RBs: Jones (21)> McGahee (7). KJ clearly outran McGahee this week. KJ scored better in every Rushing category. I dont think anyone could of predicted Jones was gonna break out this big rushing for 120+ yards on 5.5 yards per carry. He found the endzone on a 52yard rush, and caught a few balls for 36yards

WRs: R Williams (22) > Evans (8): Losman was supposed to light up this Detroit D, and Evans was supposed to be his main man. Evans stayed out of the endzone catching 7 balls for 73 yards. Meanwhile many were worried if Roy Williams was gonna play, let alone play well. He went off on Buffalo catching 10 balls for 161 and a TD. Furrey wasnt a big fantasy play here only getting a few looks with 3 catches for 39 yards, seemingly his fantasy value has been decreasing. Try to move him if you can, I got Braylon Edwards for him

Carolina Vs Baltimore:

QBs: Delhomme (26) > Boller(29)/McNair (-2). Both QBs in this matchup played against good defenses. Delhomme went off yards wise and threw 365 on 24 completions. He threw 2TDs and 2INTs. Boller had significantly less yards (226) but threw all of the Ravens TDs (3 TDs 1INT) in the absence of McNair. Tough luck for those who have and started McNair, he threw and INT before leaving the game, and will most likely get you some negative points. Ill write more about McNair when an update comes out. I have him on my teams but he wasnt starting.

RBs: Foster (4)= Lewis (4). Neither RB could find success in this game. If you combined these two stats maybe you have a decent game out of a single rusher lol

WRs: Smith (24) / Johnson (4)< Clayton (22) / Heap (11). Smith had a huge game like usual going for almost 200 yards receiving (189) and catching a TD pass. Keyshawn didnt have a great fantasy day if you have him 5 for 46yards. Clayton went off catching 2 of the 3 TD balls thrown and going for just over 100 yards. It was a good day for Heap owners. Exactly what you want to get out of your fantasy TE about 50 yards and a TD catch.

Ill finish the rest of these later tonight :)

Branch blew up in my face

Nice outting by Branch this sunday, he went 6 for 76yards with 2 TDs.. Ive just put in a bid to get em back on my team. Hopefully the trend will continue, he saw a lot more looks this sunday due to the injury of Engram.

Im not very impressed with Morris, I still dont think he will be a good option at RB. He fumbled twice and only rushed for 74 yards on 23 carries.

Carr didnt do as well as I thought he would do against the Cowboys. In one of my leagues he is starting for me so I might be in trouble there. Ron Dayne had a terrible day, if you have him on your team, I dont think hes even worth a bench spot.

Vince Young and Travis Henry are turning out to be decent fantasy players. I recommended getting Henry, definitely jump on him if hes still on your waivers. Vince isnt a bad option for a bench if you can go deep and have a few reserves

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unproven? Why start 'em?

Ive read a lot about people wanting to start Deion Branch. I would definitely not recommend it, especially starting him over a fantasy stud like Andre Johnson or Terry Glenn. This season Branch, at best, is unproven. After already acheiving "fantasy draft bust" status, many have dropped him throughout fantasy football websites, including myself. I would definitely NOT recommend risking a spot for him, until he shows me he is in form to put up some fantasy numbers in the Seattle offense.

M. Morris is another unproven fantasy player ive seen get asked about for lineups. Seattles run game behind Alexander was doing poorly anyways, I dont see how Morris will shake that up any. Seattle is averaging just over 100 yards per game on the ground with just 3 TDs this season. I cant recommend starting either of these players until I am shown what they can do.

Big Ben should have another difficult time throwing the ball... so i dont expect much from Ward or Miller either. Pittsburgh is averaging just 178 yards per game, thats 24th overall... and some of that came from week one, Charlie Batch. Their TD to Int ratio is 3/7, Which sucks because I have Miller on one of my teams. He's usually a decent option for the TE slot but hes not gonna get too many opportunities like he would with how bad the passing game has been. There has been a lot of Cooley pickups around the leagues so watch him. His inconsistent games have made it difficult to try to find when and where to play him.

Turner My big game choice goes to Turner... I think LT and him will light up the SF Defense... Turner has been explosive and is starting to split more carries with LT.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Injury Updates

DET: Roy Williams: Probable and is going to play

PHI Stallworth: Doubtful and very unlikely to play, Id mark him as OUT

SEA Engram: If you have him for some reason, hes OUT

BAL Heap: Hes probable and will play

PHI Westbrook: Questionable Again... Gametime decision AGAIN

ARI: Larry Johnson: Probable and will play...

Stallworth isnt playing yet again, and westbrook is another game time decision. These players are hard to keep on your team, you cant count on them to fill the spots you need. If you get a decent trade option id strongly consider taking it. Eventually they will most likely be dead weight... injured so early... these injuries will nag them all season, until they shut down.

Hot and Cold

Hot Pickups:

(WR)Bryant Johnson: As a Larry Fitz owner i jumped on Johnson right when i found out Fitz was out a few weeks. Grab him before someone else gets him. Although they play the bears this week he will be a good in the upcoming weeks. After Chicago its Oakland and Green Bay

(RB)Leon Washington: With the Jets down Washington came in and rushed for over a 100 yards. If your RB's on the wire are picked over like in most leagues, you might want to give him a shot.

(RB)Travis Henry: Henry went for over 120 yards on the ground last week. Washingtons Run D will make it hard for him this week but after their bye week they play Houston... if you need help that week keep him until then

(QB)M. Leinart: If you didnt pick him up like many did and hes available... Jump on that! Hes owned in only 41% of FleaFlicker leagues. He showed he is for real against KC's Def. This week is not to start him against the bears as i believe he will get killed lol... but he has soft D's coming up and could have big games.

Drop 'em:

(WR)C. Henry: Suspended for a few games, I doubt he will be of fantasy value when he comes back. The coach didnt have too many nice things to say about him

(QB)D. Culpepper: With Harrington starting again, and Culpep's subpar season thus far, there has to be someone on the wire with more value. Even Losman is a better pickup lol.

(QB)Simms: If for some reason you had him after week one... hes long gone. He's still owned in 27% of Fleaflicker leagues

(RB)D. Williams?: DeAngelo Williams could be a drop... his injury has him out what looks like could be 4 weeks. He wasnt producing much anyways so this gets Foster the carries. While Williams went down Foster has 100+ yards.

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Post #1

Are you checking your fantasy football teams everyday? Yes, I said teams. Im constantly looking for resources helping me make my decisions for every Sunday and Monday, to pick whos gonna "play"

The fantasy sports world has taken over. Its hardly about who wins anymore, its if YOUR team won. Who cares if brett favre isnt winning, did he get me enough points to beat the mighty bobcats this week?

Im here to try to help you decide who to play. Ill try to break down a few games, throw out some stats and help you pick who is the best option. Ill also post new's and injury updates as well as other things.

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