Sunday, October 15, 2006

Branch blew up in my face

Nice outting by Branch this sunday, he went 6 for 76yards with 2 TDs.. Ive just put in a bid to get em back on my team. Hopefully the trend will continue, he saw a lot more looks this sunday due to the injury of Engram.

Im not very impressed with Morris, I still dont think he will be a good option at RB. He fumbled twice and only rushed for 74 yards on 23 carries.

Carr didnt do as well as I thought he would do against the Cowboys. In one of my leagues he is starting for me so I might be in trouble there. Ron Dayne had a terrible day, if you have him on your team, I dont think hes even worth a bench spot.

Vince Young and Travis Henry are turning out to be decent fantasy players. I recommended getting Henry, definitely jump on him if hes still on your waivers. Vince isnt a bad option for a bench if you can go deep and have a few reserves


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