Thursday, October 19, 2006

Byron Leftwich, should you play the matchup?

I've seen tons of questions about whether or not to start Byron Leftwich this week against the Houston Texans. He has the favorable matchup this week that everyone who has him wants to take advantage of. Are the Texans defense really that bad? Are the Jag's going to throw the ball? Will Taylor and Jones-Drew outperform Leftwich on fantasy numbers?

First off lets look at the Texans defense. Houston is ranked dead last in allowed yards per game (418 per game). Their rushing defense is slightly better than their passing. On the ground they are allowing 145.8 yards per game which ranks them 29th. In the air they are allowing 273 yards per game ranked 31st just in front of Green Bay.

Basically you want to start EVERY Jaguar you can, lol. Look at Dallas last week, they didnt do anything special, Bledsoe wasnt all that great, but fantasy wise he killed them, because Houston is just that bad.

Jacksonville's rushing game is ranked higher than their passing. Jacksonville is rushing for an average 118.4 yards per game while passing 198.6 per game. The offense seems pretty well balanced here. They can use their running backs as passing weapons which they've shown in previous games.

Leftwich previous two games before the bye he threw a combined 5 tds with 1 INT. With the success of their running game by both Taylor and Jones-Drew it has allowed their passing to be affect as well and there should be no reason the success wont continue against the leagues WORST defense.

So if you have Leftwich and are wondering whether or not to play the matchup, in most cases I think you have to. If you have a toss up, go with Leftwich

Good Luck


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