Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Injuries and Updates

A few reports are out that Shaun Alexander will not play as hoped next week. Meaning, that Morris will again be the RB for Seattle vs Minnesota next Sunday. I definitely cant recommend a start for Morris who had 23 carries on 74 yards (3.4 a carry) 0 TDs and a fumble.

I've seen a lot of postings about DROPPING Shaun Alexander, injured or not he has value. If you drop him someone will make room for him on their bench the second they see him on the waiver wire. If you need to get rid of him that badly I'm sure you can find someone to trade.

Koren Robinson was suspended for a year today (Tuesday) for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. The huge fantasy draft day bust, signed with the Packers in September. He had yet to become a major target for Favre, but he handled most of the kick returns. This player is still owned in 23% of fleaflicker leagues, I'm guessing by inactive players, but if you have him now is definitely the time to drop.

Steve McNair is expected to recover from his concussion. Dont jump on Boller yet, even with his great fantasy game last week, McNair should be back after the bye week this week. The bye came at a great time for McNair apparently.

Curtis Martin
isnt coming off the PUP just yet. He will remain on the list until at least after the game at Cleveland in 2 weeks. When he comes back that throws another RB into the already crowded backfield in New York. If he comes back and plays decently Washington and Barlow are drop material.