Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Many Questions Surrounding Matt Leinart

After 2 full starts, Matt Leinart is drawing a good deal of fantasy attention. So far he has passed for 539 yards, has 4 TDs and 2 INTs. All 3 opponents Leinart faced were very tough defenses (perhaps not the Chiefs based on the Steelers game). As we all saw this past Monday, under the pressure of facing a 5-0 team Leinart showed the poise of an experienced QB. So now the questions surrounding the fantasy football forums is, should Matt Leinart be my starting quarterback?

The answer obviously depends on who your starting QB is, but in most cases it is a no. Leinart is an excellent bye week replacement, and against a defense like the Raiders (which he faces on Sunday) he should continue to produce pretty good numbers (250 yards, 2 TDs). Leinart has an amazing receiving core around him, and it will only get better when Larry Fitzgerald returns to the lineup.

But lets not jump on the bandwagon too soon. The Cardinals are talking of running the ball more in the second half to try and protect their lead. Not to mention their offensive line is a joke. Leinart is going to be under constant pressure, and he still has teams like Dallas, Minnesota, Seattle, Denver, and San Diego to play throughout the rest of the season. Do you really expect a rookie QB to put up fantasy starter numbers against defenses like that?

So what should you be doing with Leinart? Well in the next 2 weeks he plays Oakland and Green Bay so if your starting QB is on a bye these next two weeks, pick him up and start him. However, if you already have the backup slot covered or if your QB has already had his bye then use him as trade bait. Leinart has great trade value right now, and you should be able to make a rediculously lopsided trade in your favor for him. I've even read about someone being offered Tatum Bell for Leinart. You'll be surprised what you can get for him.


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