Monday, October 16, 2006

NFL Fantasy Week 6 Review Cont.

Tampa Bay Vs Cincinnati

QBs: Gradkowski (20) = Palmer (19) : Very similar results fantasy point wise. Palmer only threw 1 TD on 261 yards. Cinci had a hard time getting the offense going here. Gradkowski is proving he is a good pickup in the fantasy leagues throwing 2 TDs on 1 INt for 184 yards. If you have an open spot for em, pick him up. For god's sake drop Simms lol.

RBs: R. Johnson (5) <> Galloway (6) / Clayton (11) : Housh has become more and more vital to the Cinci's passing game, coming thru with weekly TD catches. Johnson is having good games as usually but Housh gets a lot of the TD looks. Galloway and Claytons value should continue to increase with the progression of Grad week by week.

Dallas Vs Houston

QBs: Bledsoe (20) > Carr (3) : Bledsoe had a pretty good game against this weak Houston D. Even though Romo saw time i wouldnt look into it much. Bledsoe threw for 2 TDs (Romo came in and threw one more) on 168 yards. Carr was a fantasy failure this week. I played him this week figuring he'd at least throw for a TD or 2, instead he threw 2 picks

RBs: Jones (10) Barber (11) > Dayne (who cares): Jones got the yards here (100+) while Barber got the touchdown. Not a bad day for either players in this RBBC. I think Jones looked especially well, breaking a 33 yard carry out. Either are good plays on most weeks. Dayne is terrible fantasy player at this point. Dont consider him

WRs: Owens (22) / Glenn (4) > A. Johnson (7) : Who would of thought Owens would catch not one, not two but 3 TDs. Selfish yet again lol, not sharing the fantasy points with Glenn or Witten. It was nice to see Crayton getting involved in the offense again, I believe I had him last year for a bit and he didnt do to bad certain games. Johnson... Bad day for Carr= Bad day for Johnson

Atlanta Vs New York G

QBs: Vick (15) < E.Manning (17). Not much difference in fantasy values here but thats just because Vick picked up 60 on the ground. He was sacked 7 times and threw 1 pick when he played QB lol. Manning did better than I thought and tested this ATL D that hadnt allowed a passing touchdown all season. He threw 2 TDs and 2 INTS on 180 yards

RBs: Dunn (20) / Vick < Barber (22). Dunn went off and broke a 90 yard TD run. He finished with 146 yards, equally a huge day for the back. I suppose Barber outshined him a little though gaining 185 yards. The rushing TD went to Jacobs though.

WRs: Crumpler (6) < Shockey (17) / Burress (4) / Toomer (1). Decent day out of Crumpler I guess, any production is good from your TE. I didnt think Burress would have a good day so i benched him. Instead of the Receiving core Shockey took care of business scoring 2 TDs on 55 yards.

Philadelphia vs New Orleans

QBs: McNabb (22) < Brees (27). Good QB matchup here each throwing for a handful of TDs and about 250 yards a peice

RBs: Westbrook (7) < McAllister (9) / Bush (5): Not much to report for either side, this was mainly a shootout.

WRs: R.Brown (25) LJ Smith (10) = Horn (23) / Colston (10) Pretty even for the receivers, Brown ran one and caught one for TDs. LJ found the endzone too, with about 50 yards total. Horn caught 2 TD balls in this one going over 100yards. I have Colston on a yahoo league at TE... good game for him... in another league im stacked at WR so he got the bench... duh. Wrong move there lol

Seattle vs St Louis

I wrote a little bit about this game in a previous post, so ill just write a little more. Another shootout here, Hasselback and Bulger each threw 3 td passes.
Morris is a drop player from here on, I believe Alexander is coming back next week and Morris just didnt play well. Jackson didnt get his usual yards but thats fine with me since he got a TD, which hasnt been an every week thing.
Holt had a big day catching all 3 of the TD passes. I knocked Branch but he caught 2 TD balls, and he has made it back on my fantasy team lol. Jackson almost broke 100 yards and caught a TD

Tennessee vs Washington

QBs: V. Young (15) = Brunell (15) Pretty similar fantasy stats here each a TD pass and about 150 yards, except Brunell threw a pick and Young was sacked 4 times. Pretty low stats for the QBs but about average fantasy points.

RBs: T. Henry (23) > Portis (18) . Very good game for Henry, I recommended picking him up a few days ago, I hope you did, I've made room for him. He has a bye this upcoming week then his Houston. The bye gives him time to rest after his monster performance of 178 yards and a TD. Portis had significantly less yards but found the endzone twice.

WRs: Bennett i guess (6) < Moss (10) / Cooley (8). I dont know how many people still have Bennett and actually play him, I wouldnt have him yet... so yeah. Moss caught a few for 50 yards, nothing special. Cooley caught a TD pass giving him a decent TE day. Very streaky team it seems.

Pittsburgh vs Kansas City

QBs: B. Roethlisberger (23) > Huard (6). I didnt get to watch this game but where was that KC D? Big Ben had a great game here with 2 TDs and went INT free. If you dropped him... is it time to get him back? I dont know, maybe. Those of you who had the Huard Hype got shut out. He threw 1 INT on 160 yards.

RBs: Parker (19) > L Johnson (8). Parker broke 100 with 2 tds and a fumble. In one of my leagues (8 teams) he was picked up after this game lol, most of us are deep at RB. Not only did Pittsburghs offense do well, but obviously their defense did well too holding Johnson to just 26 yards on 15 rushes (1.7 a carry, ouch). Johnsons day wasnt all bad though, he scored KC's only TD

WRs: Not much to mention on the KC side... Kennison (5 points) and Gonzalez (1 point) didnt have great fantasy days. Hines who(11 points)? Yeah finally broke out and had a good game here with Ben on point. Another player to watch is Washington if Big Ben can keep it up he may be another passing threat for the Steelers, Ill keep you updated.

Miami vs New York J

QBs: Harrington (15)< Pennington (20). Harrington had a decent day throwing for 266 yards 1 TD and an INT. There may be no room for Culpepper in Miami now lol. Pennington bounced back from last week throwing 2 TD passes

RBs: Brown (18) > Washington (5) / Barlow (4). Man that RBBC in NY is killing my Washington value prediction lol, I thought after last week he'd be a little more fantasy value but Barlow killed that. On less carries Washington rushed for more (5.3 a carry) so hopefully he will begin to see more of the load. Brown had a pretty solid day 100+yards and a TD, not much of a surprise on this NY defense

WRs: McMichael (7) / Chambers (12)< Coles (22) / Cotchery? (0). This game definitely helped McMichaels fantasy value, if your looking for a TE to fill in a spot he might be an okay pickup. Last season he was a top 10 TE so hes worth looking into. Chambers had a pretty decen fantasy game 60 yards and a TD. Coles was Penningtons main target here, catching 5 balls for 100yards and 2 TDs. What happened to Cotchery? Hes on nearly every single one of my teams, and hes killed me the past two weeks.

San Francisco Vs San Diego

This game was ridiculous lol... man, terrible. So this gets a condensed version. Rivers actually threw the ball in this game, not expected. I figured theyd run the hell out of the ball, which LT also did, but just for TDs. Rivers threw for over 300 yards... but the running backs didnt even break 100. I apologize to those who I recommended Turner too, I was very surprised to see LT in that long. Anyways basically every charger had a good day... and the only 49er who did was smith who had average fantasy game

Oakland Vs Denver

I seriously have to stop this lol, a lot of games
Oakland sucks so many of you shouldnt of played anyone on their team anyways
I would of thought Denvers offense would of done better, they didnt do so great... only 13 points? Oakland is averaging allowed like 20 points or something. I have some stats in the newspaper ill put up later if anyone wants em
Thanks for reading i hope this helped

any questions or comments feel free to write me