Sunday, October 15, 2006

NFL Fantasy Week 6 Review

Bills Vs Lions:

QBs: Losman (19)> Kitna (17). Losman had the better fantasy game here against the weaker Detroit Def. Throwing for fewer yards, but a 1 more TD than Kitna. Each threw 1 int and sacked a handful of times. With the injury plagued Detroit O-Line, they held up decently for Kitna and KJ

RBs: Jones (21)> McGahee (7). KJ clearly outran McGahee this week. KJ scored better in every Rushing category. I dont think anyone could of predicted Jones was gonna break out this big rushing for 120+ yards on 5.5 yards per carry. He found the endzone on a 52yard rush, and caught a few balls for 36yards

WRs: R Williams (22) > Evans (8): Losman was supposed to light up this Detroit D, and Evans was supposed to be his main man. Evans stayed out of the endzone catching 7 balls for 73 yards. Meanwhile many were worried if Roy Williams was gonna play, let alone play well. He went off on Buffalo catching 10 balls for 161 and a TD. Furrey wasnt a big fantasy play here only getting a few looks with 3 catches for 39 yards, seemingly his fantasy value has been decreasing. Try to move him if you can, I got Braylon Edwards for him

Carolina Vs Baltimore:

QBs: Delhomme (26) > Boller(29)/McNair (-2). Both QBs in this matchup played against good defenses. Delhomme went off yards wise and threw 365 on 24 completions. He threw 2TDs and 2INTs. Boller had significantly less yards (226) but threw all of the Ravens TDs (3 TDs 1INT) in the absence of McNair. Tough luck for those who have and started McNair, he threw and INT before leaving the game, and will most likely get you some negative points. Ill write more about McNair when an update comes out. I have him on my teams but he wasnt starting.

RBs: Foster (4)= Lewis (4). Neither RB could find success in this game. If you combined these two stats maybe you have a decent game out of a single rusher lol

WRs: Smith (24) / Johnson (4)< Clayton (22) / Heap (11). Smith had a huge game like usual going for almost 200 yards receiving (189) and catching a TD pass. Keyshawn didnt have a great fantasy day if you have him 5 for 46yards. Clayton went off catching 2 of the 3 TD balls thrown and going for just over 100 yards. It was a good day for Heap owners. Exactly what you want to get out of your fantasy TE about 50 yards and a TD catch.

Ill finish the rest of these later tonight :)