Monday, October 23, 2006

NFL Week 7 Review by Poet

Sunday's Recap, I'll post how many fantasy points they got in my standard league in ( ) and call them FP's= Fantasy Points. I broke it down by teams this week, it was a little easier.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers didnt play that great of a game at all, especially in the beginning. Rivers (21fp) came out and threw an interception right away that led to an early KC touchdown. His total on the day was 266 yards and 2TDs with that INT. Tomlinson (23fp) did everything, except run that well, haha. He threw a TD And caught a TD pass. Few negative points thrown in there with 2 fumbles. Over 130 total yards, mostly in the air. Gates (12fp) had a good day catching the LT pass for a TD and getting 8 other catches for 62 yards. McCardell still isnt a fantasy play, so if you have him theres better out there. Id definitely drop him.

Kansas City Chiefs

KC came back firing after the Pittsburgh blowout. All doubts about L Johnson (27fp) are mostly erased after he ran all over the Chargers. They just couldn't tackle him, constantly breaking tackles. He finished with nearly 30 carries with 132yards and 2 TDs. Huard (21fp) had a decent game and seems to be a decent start at QB, it will be interesting what happens when T. Green comes back. Huard was 15 of 27 for 232 yards and 2 TDs. Gonzalez (13 fp) had a good TE fantasy day. If you started him it paid off, he caught 6 balls for 138 yards... a 23 yards per catch average wow. Kennison (9fp) didn't get many balls, but did grab a TD. Might as well mention Tynes who kicked the winning field goal... 1/2 on FGs and 3/4 on XP

Washington Redskins

This game turned into a shootout, you can expect it from the Colts, but the Redskins gave up on the run game early. Brunell (25fp) completed 73 percent of his passes for 226 yards, throwing 2 TDS. Thats the best stat here for the Redskins. Portis (6fp) couldnt get anything going as was hoped for Portis owners against the Colts Run D. He finished the game with less yards than Betts rushing for only 43, and 34 of those yards came on one carry. Moss was cold here only catching 3 balls. Cooley (12fp) was the main fantasy receiver, seemingly being involved in this offense more and more catching 4 balls for 42 yards and a TD. Check em out if hes available in your league.

Indianapolis Colts

Manning (41fp!) had a huge fantasy day throwing for 342yards and FOUR touchdowns. What I noticed in this game has to be that they have no confidence in their run game, and for good reason. A few times at the goal line Manning was forced to pass after 2 failed attempts to run it in. On this particular drive a Harrison TD was reversed and they had to kick a field goal (His foot was clearly not in). Addai (10fp) had a decent day with only 11 carries (85 yards) and Rhodes just rushed for 26. Good day for the Colts WRs. Wayne owners must be pleased with his performance after several non impressive outings. Wayne (18fp) had 122 yards and a TD, while Harrison (19fp) had 73 and 2 TDs. I played someone with both of these WRs this week, they almost single handedly beat me (not really but they helped). Clark (10fp) also caught a TD pass.

Denver Broncos

One of the things I got right here was Tatum Bell (pat on the back). He rushed like I said 100 yards and a TD woohoo (18fp). I dont know whats wrong with Plummer (13fp), he is struggling against weak defenses. I wouldnt consider playing him anytime soon... 200 yards 1 TD 2 INT. Walker (10fp) continues to be a big target (100 yards) but no TDs.

Cleveland Browns

The Brownies couldnt seem to get anything done against the Broncos. They scored a late TD, thats about it. Frye (11fp) had 149 yards 1 TD 1 INT, but you probably didn't play him this week. Same thing with Droughns or Edwards. Jurevicious scored the TD but I haven't seen anyone who has him. Winslow (3fp) was quiet too only catching 3 balls

Jacksonville Jaguars

Big upset here I'd say. Leftwich (6fp) had to be bothered by his ankle here, I read he often underthrew or overthrew (I didnt see this game). I wrote a big blog about how well I thought he was gonna do, before he was injured. Sorry if you started him, but many were aware of his injury. He threw only 125 yards and was TDless. Taylor (7fp) wasnt that great of a fantasy play rushing for 84 yards and fumbling once. Jones-Drew (12fp) came through with a rushing TD and 58 yards in the air. A lot of turnovers and fumbling led to the Jaguars loss.

Houston Texans

Just when I count out Carr (24fp), and wonder about A. Johnson (16fp) they come through and have decent games. Carr threw for 224 yards and 2 TDs, with Johnson catching one of those TD passes and gaining 100 yards. Finally there is a Lundy sighting. Lundy (16fp) ran for 93 yards and scored the first Texans rushing TD of the season. He will be a hot pickup this week, we'll see if he can keep it up.

Carolina Panthers

I caught a little bit of this game. What I saw was Foster (7fp) attempt to run, and get shutout most of the time. Not very pleased with that, I just traded for him in a swap of RBBC's. Delhomme (21fp) had a decent fantasy game throwing for 238 yards, 2TDs and 1 INT. Smith was another solid WR catching 8 balls for 126 but didnt find the endzone. Not a very strong offensive showing.

Cincinnati Bengals

Palmer (24fp) had a solid fantasy game, nothing spectacular. He threw for 240 yards and 2 TDs. R. Johnson (10fp) rushed for 100 yards. C. Johnson (7fp) continues to disappoint his owners by going under 100 yards (only 73) and no TDs. For those who stuck with Housh (12fp) are being rewarded, he caught 7 passes for 61 yards and a TD. C Perry was not a factor in this game at all, I saw some people posting about that he'd get some looks, that obviously wasnt the case.

Green Bay Packers

Favre (21fp) had a solid fantasy game, 200 yards and 2 TDs. Some Packers were a good start against the Dolphins defense, and some definitely disappointed. Green (17fp) showed he can still run in GB and broke a 70 yard rushing TD and finished with 118 yards. Driver (15fp) showed why he is the #1 receiver catching 10 balls for 93 yards and a TD. Tough day for Jennings owners, he caught only 1 pass.

Miami Dolphins

Joey 'Holy Shit' Harrington (28fp) lol. Thats what i thought when i saw how many attempts and yards he had, he set a Dolphins record for most pass attempts. Playing from behind most of the game, Brown (11fp) was of little use on the ground, Harrington came out throwing. Booker (19fp) went over 100 yards and a TD, but most fantasy players don't have him. Their two WRs that people do have, did nothing here (Welker and Chambers). I did suggest McMichael (7fp) this week and he caught 7 balls for 77 yards, decent day for a TE. Brown rushed only 15 times for 59 yards but also caught a few passes 5 for 63.

Thanks for reading, Pratt is working on his review and it will be posted later. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at or go ahead and leave a comment below.

I did recieve the Tony Romo question and I will blog about that in the next few days.

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I was bummed to see the Chargers lose on Sunday, but I'll keep working on and hoping for the best. - Katrina

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