Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quarterback Dilemmas

Is Tony Romo a good option?

Simply, No.

I had been previously asked my oponion of Romo, and using an empty bench position on him. I dont think hes a good pickup at all. Bledsoe is still the guy regardless of him getting pulled in the 2nd half or not. It would be a completely different story if Romo would of turned it around and got them back in the game, or even played decently. Instead he threw 3 interceptions.

The answer for your fantasy quarterback just isnt in Dallas. Bledsoe seemingly struggled at times vs the Texans defense, that GAVE him the game.

With the question marks even moreso with Bledsoe, and the anxious fans looking for 'Romo, Romo, Romo' it will be hard to start either one in the upcoming weeks.


Dont get hasty and drop Bledsoe, he still has value, but I wouldnt be out there getitng Romo just yet either. Other Fantasy Wire possibilities are...

#1 KITNA: If he is still on your wire, you should grab him. I have read posts at thefantasyfootballguys.com that he is still available in several leagues. He's averaging 19 points a week in my standard league. He may throw INTs but he throws TDs as well... hes a definite pickup.

#2 PENNINGTON: Hes had a shaky couple of weeks, but the Jets have found the running game. Its hurting him now but it should help him in weeks to come

#3 RIVERS: He is still somewhat under the radar, and he doesnt really need to perform for the Chargers to win. In smaller leagues he should still be available and is a good option. In deeper leagues he's probably gone

#4 HARRINGTON: For those in bigger leagues, hes not a bad option right now. Culpepper isnt going to be doing anything if Harrington can at least perform. He threw 62 times last week for 404 yards. Now, he wont do that every week, but with Miami constantly behind, they should be pass oriented

those are just a few, they all may be on your wire, or none at all... if you have any specific questions feel free to ask



Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my Blog, I have had a look at yours and have placed a link to it from my site!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, erm, if only I knew about American Football! Here in England it's all soccer (as you call it), but there are fantasy leagues. I haven't entered one this year (probably because I didn't do too good last season).
Thanks for your visits to my blog.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I'd take Romo over Harrington. I am a big Dolphin Fan and follow the team religiously. Harrington is a good QB but the O-line is aweful and recievers are drop happy. Romo has the tools to be successful in Dallas, I'd stick with him.

Matthew said...

Hey KC,

Harrington is set tho, he has had a few weeks and has produced fantasy points... Im not so sure about Romo yet. Id have to wait for him to have a good game to recommend him

Matthew said...

LoL, thanks Mike, thats okay but you've helped me get some views and whatnot.