Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unproven? Why start 'em?

Ive read a lot about people wanting to start Deion Branch. I would definitely not recommend it, especially starting him over a fantasy stud like Andre Johnson or Terry Glenn. This season Branch, at best, is unproven. After already acheiving "fantasy draft bust" status, many have dropped him throughout fantasy football websites, including myself. I would definitely NOT recommend risking a spot for him, until he shows me he is in form to put up some fantasy numbers in the Seattle offense.

M. Morris is another unproven fantasy player ive seen get asked about for lineups. Seattles run game behind Alexander was doing poorly anyways, I dont see how Morris will shake that up any. Seattle is averaging just over 100 yards per game on the ground with just 3 TDs this season. I cant recommend starting either of these players until I am shown what they can do.

Big Ben should have another difficult time throwing the ball... so i dont expect much from Ward or Miller either. Pittsburgh is averaging just 178 yards per game, thats 24th overall... and some of that came from week one, Charlie Batch. Their TD to Int ratio is 3/7, Which sucks because I have Miller on one of my teams. He's usually a decent option for the TE slot but hes not gonna get too many opportunities like he would with how bad the passing game has been. There has been a lot of Cooley pickups around the leagues so watch him. His inconsistent games have made it difficult to try to find when and where to play him.

Turner My big game choice goes to Turner... I think LT and him will light up the SF Defense... Turner has been explosive and is starting to split more carries with LT.

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Crystal said...

Reggie Wayne ain't doing much either for fantasy stats

Crystal said...

Reggie Wayne ain't doing much either for fantasy stats

Anonymous said...

ahh man...I thought about starting a sports blog a few weeks ago...but I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up with it...and then I thought about getting a few other people as contributing writers...but didn't think to ask you