Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 8 Player Review

Fantasy Spotlight


VICK. Vick threw for a season high 291 yards. He was unusually accurate completing 22 of 28 passes. He threw for 3 TDs, 1 of those to his favorite target Crumpler. He also picked up 55 yards on the ground on 9 carries, but the most impressive stat has to be his 140.6 passer rating for the game. Look to start Vick next week vs Detroit

P. MANNING. Another accurate QB Manning was 32 of 39 for 345yards. Manning threw for over 300 yards last week as well. Reggie Wayne caught all 3 of Mannings TD passes. Not even Denvers D could contain Manning at all, look out Patriots (week 9)

GROSSMAN. Grossman exploded in this game, needing only 3 quarters to pass for 252 yards and 3 TDs. Griese came in to finish the job after the Bears insane 41 point first half. The 49ers defense could do nothing against Grossman allowing him to complete 23 of his 29 attempts.


L JOHNSON. If Larry Johnson was ever gone, he's definitely back. Johnson rushed for 155 yards and 3 TDs. KC's offense tended to lean more to the run giving LJ the ball nearly 40 times. He was also involved in the passing game scoring a TD there as well. Thats over 175 total yards and 4 TDs. LJ is a definite play against STL next week

TOMLINSON LT was also involved in both aspects of the offense. He had 25 carries for a season high 183 yards and 2 TDs, along with 57 recieving yards and a TD. Tomlinson leads the NFL with 11 TDs. Next week the Chargers play Cleveland, I'd look for more of the same. You can never bench LT

M. BELL I thought T. Bell would be a solid start this week, but apparently I was wrong. T. Bell definitely struggled, but M Bell had no problems here. Taking advantage of T Bell's "toe injury" Mike racked up 136 yards and 2 TDs on just 15 carries. Bell is definitely a hot pickup if hes not taken. It will be hard to tell when to play him but hes definitely worth a look, especially of T Bells injury develops


WAYNE As mentioned above, Manning threw all his TDs to Wayne. Wayne was constantly open on quick slot routes and posts. He had 10 receptions and 138 yards, making that his second consective 100 yard game. For those Wayne owners looking for him to be more involved, and score TDs, here he is

COLSTON I play Colston every week in my yahoo leagues, you gotta, but I did sit him against BAL and it cost me the game. Colston leads his team in most recieving categories, hes definitely a good start. He blew up last sunday with 163 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 6 catches.

HORN Horn is becoming more involved in this Saints explosive offense. He as caught all 3 of his TD passes in the last two games. Sunday he went for 126 yards and a TD.


If you were playing the matchups this week, you pretty much got burned. I dont see anyone playing the Oakland D which scored 31 points in my league. Oakland had 4 picks, 5 sacks and 1 Fumble forced, while allowing Pittsburgh to only 13 points. Baltimore was still a solid play even though the scores were high. Four interceptions lead to a good defensive day.

Fantasy Lows


Carr played bad enough to get benched halfway thru the game. He finished with about .5 points in my league. He fumbled twice and threw a pick. Carr is hot one week, then down the next. Very hard to play him every week on your team. I read though, he will be the Texans starter next week against the Giants. Pennington has gotten to the point where you can't play him now. I thought he would have a solid week against the struggling Browns team, but apparently not. Dallas proved their defense was for real when they limited Delhomme significantly. He was 17-of-31 for 149 yards and an interception. Players were dropping passes and fumbling, very sloppy.


I mentioned T Bell above. Very limited due to his toe. I've gone on and on about Morris. Please drop him lol. He is not worth anything, and has been a terrible fantasy player. 12carries for 25y this week.


Coles and Cotchery have been on again and off again due to the play by Pennington. Usually Coles at least is a moderate start but neither had a decent game. B. Edwards has still not been involved in the Browns offense. Ever since I traded for him, he's been silent. Get this guy the ball!


Okay, im getting tired of writing but here are some adds to consider

S Wallace - Decent day for Seahawks
Romo - Its okay to get him now, hes proven himself, and since TO likes him, the offense should mesh well..... washington next week
M Bell - Could be a good start in the weeks to come


Bledsoe - Its safe to say Romo will be the starter for a few weeks @ least.
Morris - hes terrible, and Alexander is coming back
Arizona DEF - The bears game was a fluke, GB could handle them


Anonymous said...

Gotta love LT! Merriman and Parker ain't too shabby either.

Matthew said...

Yep, Hes the best fantasy play there is :P

What about Rivers? Not a fan?