Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weekly News

For those anxious to see Shaun Alexander in action, you'll have to wait at least another week. Alexander probably won't be back next monday night as expected. Sadly, meaning Morris gets at least another startm and probably continue his terrible play. While Alexander has been injured the running game has been tortured so much, its dead. In the last four games, Morris is averaging only 45.8 yards per game, coming out to 2.9 a carry. He has 0 TDs and 1 fumble. He is definitely not a start.

David Carr will remain the starter in Houston. Carr will start against the New York Giants next week. I'd wait on playing him. As of late hes been a very inconsistent fantasy play. Last week he barely got a point in my league.

Reggie Bush said his "aggravated" left ankle won't keep him out vs Tampa Bay. I wouldn't recommend starting him. He still isnt worthy of a fantasy play. His only TD came on his punt return I believe. Kick or punt return, doesn't matter, he's not doing anything on offense.

It's time to drop Bryant Johnson, if you picked him up as a filler like I did. Fitzgerald is expected to be back after the Arizona bye week. That means Br Johnson would be dropped back to the 3rd slot. Pratt posted some players to watch, so that may help you decide who you want to pick-up instead.

You may notice some new things with the layout and ads. Trying to see what works. I've written to a few websites to see if we can expand some. I've gotten positive replys from a few sites including FantasyFanBase.com and FleaFlicker.com

I will probably write some indepth blogs about them in the near future. Both are great fantasy football sites, check them out.

Thanks for all your support. Comments always appreciated and welcome

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