Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where do you play fantasy football at?

I've always played fantasy football at Yahoo, until this year. I found and they recommended another site to play, I've also checked out CBS or NFL whatever they go by. I checked them out for a midseason live draft league. Another website i came across was where you pick your players each week, and you can pick different players per "league" you join. Ill review each of these sites. I have yet to play at ESPN, sorry.

Yahoo is probably one of the most popular fantasy sites. They have every sport you want so thats a plus. Ive played several sports (football, baseball and basketball) and they have been pretty decent. I dont like that you have to pay for live scoring, and ive read on Yahoo Answers, that many people have problems with it working 100% of the time. The features that they do have, that I'd be interested in, you have to also pay for. Kind of a rip off lol. I have two leagues there, and I will play there next year, its good, especially if you live draft its pretty decent.

CBS Sportsline was a huge disappointment to me. I had read that they had decent information, stats wise, so I figured to give it a shot. I logged in about 10 minutes late to the fantasy draft, and they hadnt even gotten to my pick at #6 yet. It was only me and one other player there, the draft would of taken 3 hours if I would of stuck around, it was terrible. I havent gone back... sorry for those who are in my league lol.

FleaFlicker is a nice up and coming site. They offer live scoring, but I believe its their first year and they have a few kinks to work out. Ive had few problems with them, one is their waiver wire needs some adjustments. What they do offer is taking over an abandoned team, so if you have a league your in and theres an inactive player, someone can take that team over. Very nice idea, ive taken over a team or two. They also offer a lot of the features that yahoo does, but they give it to you for free.

I played GAMEDAYDRAFT for the first time last Sunday and Monday. I was pretty impressed by the setup and options. You can play for real $ or "fake" $ (points). They are currently offering a few games where you can win money but don't have to pay. Im not sure how long that is going to last and I have been trying to contact them, but their email is down. They currently have a game going where the first 3 players win $$$. If you want to check it out put ffnstuff as your referrer. Tell me what you think? Free to join etc.

Anything you'd like to see written here let me know. Shout out to all the myspace forum people that seem to love this site :) haha

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Anonymous said...

Ive used yahoo and CBS as well as some smaller unknown sites for my leagues.
I use for all my start sit trade advice. Not many people know about this site but it can make the difference between winning and losing...its all free too.

Matthew said...

thanks for your input, ill check that one out sometime

Anonymous said...

i love fleaflicker and think it is better than yahoo or any of the other stuff mostly becuase, fleaflicker centers around Fantasy Football, and the Admin Ori, is very reliable.

LightBeBright on fleaflicker

Anonymous said...

fleaflicker is in its 3rd or 4th has came along way it the past years considering that their have been few people working on it compared to yahoo or espn.


Matthew said...

yea fleaflicker is good, i wasnt sure how long its been around, ive never heard of it. im definitely gonna move some leagues there that i have other places... i started a midseason league and its been pretty nice

thanks corey i appreciate the comment and the nice comments

Pratt said...

I've used FoxSports, Yahoo, and, ESPN, and for half a week now FleaFlicker.

To date, my favorite is They have constant news updates, easy to use, and free live scoring. BTW, don't use Fox, it is beyond horrible.

Anonymous said...

DeskTopLightning works on the chain letter/pyramid system. It's very rare (if ever) that someone fills 15 levels deep. If it did keep happening you'd end up with more members than there are population! Good luck though, it'll be interesting to see how you get on. Mike.

Anonymous said...

I tried WWW.GAMEDAYDRAFT.COM and it was fun. It's a totally new way to play fantasy football and I think it is going to be huse from what I've seen.