Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pratt's Starts and Sit of the Week! --Week 13--

Sorry I got this out a little late, I know some of you have Baltimore and Cincinnati players in games tonight. Here are my starts and sits for Week 13...

Quarterback: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT). Pittsburgh is down and frustrated. Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward are both out for their home game against Tampa Bay. I firmly believe, as a faithful Pittsburgh Steelers fan, that Big Ben is going to have a huge game against a weak TB defense. Tampa Bay has only 5 INTs this season and has allowed 21 passing touchdowns.

Running Back: Travis Henry (TEN). Travis Henry has really turned it on the second half of this season. In week 5 against the Colts, Henry rushed for 123 yards. The Colts are 31st against the run and have allowed 13 rushing TDs.

Wide Receiver: Bernard Berrian (CHI). About 5 weeks ago, this would have been a no brainer. But since his injury, and up until last week, Berrian hasn't really done anything. The Vikings are 31st against the pass and Rex Grossman plays much better at home. Look at them to be airing it out.

Tight End: Heath Miller (PIT). Miller has been a huge letdown this season, and in his defense it is not his fault. The Steelers have yet to realize the potential this guy has. But with Hines Ward out, I expect Miller to be a bigger factor this week and to have a good game.

Defense: Seattle Seahawks. No I do not have a man crush on the Seahawks, I don't really even like them. BUT once again they have a very favorable match up and are one of the less obvious defensive starts. With Jay Cutler making his first career start, expect a couple of sacks and some turnovers for the 'Hawks.

And for my sit of the week, Chester Taylor (MIN). This doesn't come as a big surprise because Taylor is facing the Chicago Bears. The Bears have only allowed 4 rushing TDs all season. Look for a better option.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NFL Week 13 Predictions With Spread

In my opinion, picking with the spread is one of the more difficult aspects of fantasy football. There is nothing more frustrating then a team winning by 3 when the spread was 3 1/2. Anyways, my picks are bold and in blue...

Thursday, November 30, 2006
Favorite Line Underdog
Cincinnati 2 1/2 Baltimore
Sunday, December 3, 2006
Indianapolis -7 1/2 Tennessee
St. Louis -6 1/2 Arizona
Chicago -9 1/2 Minnesota
Green Bay -1 1/2 N.Y. Jets
New Orleans -7 1/2 San Francisco
San Diego -6 1/2 Buffalo
Kansas City -5 1/2 Cleveland
Washington -1 1/2 Atlanta
New England -13 1/2 Detroit
Miami -1 1/2 Jacksonville
Oakland -3 1/2 Houston
Pittsburgh -8 1/2 Tampa Bay
Dallas -3 1/2 N.Y. Giants
Denver -3 1/2 Seattle
Monday, December 4, 2006
Carolina -3 1/2 Philadelphia

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NFL Week 13 Predictions

Thursday Night Game Review

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

This is a tough game fantasy wise. You will want to start all of your Bengals even if it is Baltimore. Earlier this season Baltimore won 26-20. Not a lot of 'stats', but both of the running backs had respectable fantasy days. Rudi Johnson is a moderate start in this game, and with Jamal Lewis doing well you should put him in too. McNair has had success passing, and you always want to start Todd Heap. I'd assume all 3 of the Bengals WR are a start here. On any week they can have a huge game, and seemingly now every week Chad Johnson DOES have a good game. Palmer should have at least 2 TDs in this game.

Not much advice here but to start who you have in this game.

Also, not much news to report, but Priest Holmes definitely will not return to KC this year. I wrote an article before this was decided here . Now the news is official.

Now for my NFL WEEK 13 Predictions:

Baltimore at Cincinnati - Cin

Arizona at St. Louis - STL
Atlanta at Washington - Washington
Detroit at New England - NE
Indianapolis at Tennessee - INDY
Kansas City at Cleveland - KC
Minnesota at Chicago - Chicago
N.Y. Jets at Green Bay - NYJ
San Diego at Buffalo - SD
San Francisco at New Orleans - N.O
Houston at Oakland - Oakland
Jacksonville at Miami - Jacksonville
Dallas at N.Y. Giants - Dallas
Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh - Pitt
Seattle at Denver - Seattle

Carolina at Philadelphia - Carolina

Last week I was 11-5. Let's see what I get this week.

Watch out for Campbell and Cooley for Washington, they've had some connections. Look for Indy to have another big game of course, and probably the Chargers. I expect the 49er/Saint game to be high scoring, I want to see Smith air it out. The Seattle game will be the most interesting though, wth Cutler playing. The game will depend on how Hasselbeck performs and if Alexander can run on a good run D.

Pratt will be posting his NFL Week 13 Predictions with a spread soon, so you can get two views on that.

Remember any questions, concerns or comments feel free. email me anytime

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NFL Fantasy Football News

I guess it took Hasselbeck a half to shake off his rust. He was terrible in the first half throwing a few picks and making bad decisions. He either played better in the second half, or the Packers D played worse. The clinch was that Alexander found a way to run all over them for 200 yards but no touchdowns.
I still dont think Hasselbeck was a good play, but Alexander was pretty good. Next week Seattle plays Denver so the running game will have a tougher time.

If you haven't given up on Vanderjagt on your fantasy teams, you better drop him now. The Cowboys cut Vanderjagt after he was only 13 of 18 in his field goal attempts.

Hines Ward should also be moved to your bench. It was announced he will miss at least one game after arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Dallas Clark may be seriously injured. He was scheduled for an MRI monday, but I haven't read any reports of the results. There has been speculation he tore a ligament in his knee. If Ben Utecht is available at TE in your league definitely pick him up!

Ricky Proehl was signed by the Colts. I don't know how soon he will be playing but with Stokley injured most of the year, they need another receiver. With Dallas Clark most likely out of action there will be a need for Proehl and might be a moderate fantasy pick up.

Chris Perry's return this season lasted only a few games when he broke his leg last Sunday. Perry will miss the rest of the season.

Thankfully, Frank Gore's injury is not serious, and he only suffered two bruises on his right leg. No need to panick, he's a good start next week vs New Orleans.

Thats it for now, in my next post's we will start looking ahead to the matchups and I'll make my NFL Week 13 Predictions.

Write to if you need anything, questions comments or concerns contact me anyime.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

NFL WEEK 12 WrapUp

How good is the Vikings run defense? Good enough to not even want to try. Arizona had a combined 6 rushing attempts this sunday. You had to know Edge would struggle here, but he didn't even get to try. 6 Rushes along with 51 pass attempts! Matt Leinart had a decent game, not a great fantasy game though, unless you get a bonus for 300-400+ yards. He finished the game with 405 yards 2 picks, a fumble and a TD.
I played Fitzgerald in hopes he would go off with a lot more looks and I was pleasantly surprised. 172 yards on 11 catches was more than I would hope for. Boldin owners also a pleasant surprise there. He hasn't had a game like this, until before Fitz was injured. Boldin added 9 catches, 140 yards and a touchdown to his totals.

I woke up early enough to see Colston was out and I should get a pick up for my TE. Owen Daniels was the best option, but it didnt really matter, he only got me 3 points. Turns out I wouldnt need it but the real benefit of Colston being out was that I was a lucky owner of Devery Henderson. It also may be a good idea to get Copper if Colston misses more time. New Orleans has been airing it out like crazy.

The Jets came back alive offensively but could be expected against the Texans. Pennington, Coles and Cotchery all had good game, though the running situation has gotten worse.

I'm kind of losing direction in my posts lol, hard to cover everything so please comment on anything you want reviewed. I'll post a question I received in the next few days :)

To conclude my NFL Week 12 Sunday Wrap Up here are my Best and Worst Fantasy Starts of the Week.

Tony Romo: Insane week for him 5 TDS!
Devery Henderson: 158 yards and a TD
LaDainan Tomlinson: of course but he rushed for 2 TDs and threw for one

Eli Manning: I had Pennington on the bench, and he did slightly better
B Edwards:
Stallworth: I played Edwards and Stallworth over Cotchery

Otherwise I had a huge week in all of my leagues. Lucky lucky, going into playoff time.

Good luck for everyone getting a spot.

Injury updates tomorrow!

Colston, Perry, Clark, Gore... the list goes on!


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Jay Cutler to Start for Denver!

That's right, it was announced today that Jay Cutler will replace Jake Plummer as Denver's starting quarterback. This is not gossip either! It came straight from the mouth of Denver head coach Mike Shanahan.

Cutler is often compared to Brett Favre. That could be a good thing and a bad thing. He makes risky throws and tries to force the pass, but Shanahan might make him just manage the game for now.

He certainly has the talent around him to be a strong quarterback in this league. Spend a roster spot on Cutler, and look to see if he can establish a good relationship with Javon Walker and Rod Smith. I think the Denver running game will get back on track soon, as they are really being pressured by Kansas City and San Diego to get their act together.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

NFL Week 12 Results

NFL Week 12 Winners

Here are the results to NFL Week 12 Sunday Games:

Arizona 26
Minnesota 31

Carolina 13
Washington 17

Cincinnati 30
Cleveland 0

Houston 11
NY Jets 26

Jacksonville 24
Buffalo 27

New Orleans 31
Atlanta 13

Pittsburgh 0
Baltimore 27

San Francisco 17
St. Louis 20

Oakland 14
San Diego 21

Chicago 13
New England 17

NY Giants 21
Tennessee 24

Philadelphia 21
Indianapolis 45

My picks are in bold, so far for the week I am 10-5 in my picks. Check out the rest of my Week 12 Predictions.

I will post the other finals as they go, and another NFL Week 12 Results tomorrow, and hopefully a preview for Mondays game.

Heartbreaking San Francisco loss. It was a chance for them to really turn around a bad start to the season. Frank Gore was a monster/beast in this game. He was constantly breaking tackles and rushing for first downs. Both running backs in this game were excellent fantasy starts.

How is your fantasy team doing this week?

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fantasy Football Report

Well coming in to Sunday I'm 3 for 3 on my Week 12 Predictions. Not really any upsets on Thanksgiving.

Let me run down a few injury reports:

McGahee is now a gametime decision so be cautious about wanting to start A Thomas vs Jacksonville. They have a decent defense, and even if McGahee is in, I don't know about starting him. Three broken ribs would slow me down. Try waiting to see how he plays, if he even starts.

Hasselbeck is "expected to start" in the monday night game vs Green Bay. I've mentioned I'm really tired of this news. He's an okay start if he plays, if Seneca Wallace starts he's a GREAT start. With the rushing game not being what it can be with a Morris/Alexander combination, Seattle has the possibility to pass all over Green Bay. I'd start all D Jackson, Branch and Stevens.

Brett Favre practiced friday and apparently looked good doing it. The only worry about giving him your fantasy start would be the problem of the longball. Favre and Driver seem to connect for big plays, and with a busted elbow that can take away that deep ball threat. Seattle doesn't have a particularly good passing defense, so Favre should be a safe start regardless.

Ronnie Brown had surgery on his broken left hand. There is no timetable how long he will be out, but before the surgery he had said he hopes he can play through it.

San Diego Chargers defense has been struggling, and not just because Merriman is suspended. Luis Castillo has been out with an injury and is expected to miss yet another game this week. He has the most sacks as a lineman this season, with him out they lose a considerable amount of run stop and pass rush.

I've read a few questions about people wanting to start S Alexander. One question was C. Taylor or Alexander? In a heartbeat I would have to go Taylor. First, Taylor is playing Arizona. Second, Alexander really hasn't proven himself all year. Especially coming back from injury against the 49ers he was held to 2.2 yards per carry. I would be concerned starting Alexander.

Heres a few things I've picked up this week...

The Tennessee Titans will be 41 million dollars under the projected salary cap next season. Definitely watch them to be a lot better team next year. With the possibility of high draft picks and free agent money, they could be a decent team.

We all know LT is good and has been crazy with TD's. That definitely overshadows how many yards he's been getting. The thing is he is doing it with so little carries, this stat is crazy. In the past four games, Tomlinson has 9 more yards than Larry Johnson, and 30 fewer carries.

Remember if you have any fantasy football questions or anything you want to talk about feel free to email me


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I would like to welcome Chance NFL Fantasy Picks to our blog. Check them out on the right column you'll see a screen shot of their site. They will be on there for the next week so check them out! Thanks

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Football Games Review

Happy late thanksgiving! I took yesterday off, so here is a fantasy football review of the games.

Miami 27 Detroit 10

Another decent game for Harrington. Given it was against the Lions defense, but he looked very comfortable and poised. Harrington finished the game with 3 TDs 1 INT and 213 yards, a much better start than Kitna. I started Kitna in a league and that was disappointing. When it would look like the Lions were driving down the field someone would fumble or INT or anything.
Roy Williams only had 1 catch in the final 3 quarters, but he still had another 100+ receiving game. Furrey was more of a main target with 7 catches, and a lot of passes thrown to him.

It's Booker not Chambers as the featured receiver for Harrington. Booker had 2 TDs and 115 yards.

Kevin Jones was OUT for this game, and it showed in the Lions rushing game. They only rushed 10 times for 21 yards.

Speaking of injuries Ronnie Brown was injured in the 3rd quarter and he didn't return. It turns out to be a broken left hand and he hopes to play through the injury.

Dallas 38 Tampa Bay 10

Wow, how about Tony Romo? He was expected to be a strong start this week, but who would of thought 5 TDs. Good thing I had him starting on one of my teams I lost McNabb. In a FleaFlicker league he scored me 43 points! Unless my other players get me 0 points, I'm pretty much guaranteed a win.

The thing about Romo is he seems to get everyone involved. We saw Terry Glenn return as a featured receiver scoring twice. Owens remained Romo's favorite target hitting him 8 times for 107 yards and a TD. Crayton wasn't as involved, but he's still in there, 4 catches for 68 yards.

Quietly Marion Barber is slowly becoming the featured RB in Dallas. Barber is getting used more and more. On the goal line he scored twice. The most telling stat here though, is Barber's carry amount. Barber had 16 carries while Jones had 11. Thats got to be frustrating for Jones owners, with Barber constantly getting the goal line looks and TD opportunities. I'd go with a watch and wait stance here before starting him unless you don't have anything better.

Not much to report on the Tampa Bay side, Gradkowski 120 yards and 2 INT, Caddy Williams couldn't break 100 and no TDs, and Galloway only had 3 catches for 71 yards. The Bucs finally decided to use Alstott and he scored the only TD.

Kansas City 19 Denver 10

The movement has begun, fantasy players are starting to pick up Jay Cutler. Is it time for a QB change in Denver? Looks that way.

Not much of a game, thats what the NFL NETWORK gets. I couldn't even watch the game at my girlfriends mom's house. It was ThanksGiving and no football!

Larry Johnson got it done and did it well against Denver's 5th ranked run defense. He ran for 157 yards and a TD.

The other top fantasy player was Tynes! He was successful on 4 of 4 field goal attempts. He got me what 13-14 points? Not bad.

I read in the paper this morning that in KC, it was the largest crowd they had since 1972, the total attendance amount they said was 80,866 people.

I saw a great catch by Roy Williams, I will try to get a video for it as the Turkey Play of the Day.

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving, I got loaded!

Contact for any questions or comments. I always like hearing from readers!

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

YouTube Video Deletion

I just received this notice in my email...


Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by National Football League claiming that this material is infringing:

NFL Week 11 Injury

WTF? Thats pretty annoying, next time I won't include NFL in the title, I think that did it. My other video is just fine.

Anyone have problems like this?

YouTube Video Finally

Well I've tried to capture a "play of the week", but what most impacted fantasy football this last week were injuries, so thats what my video was about. I hadn't seen Favre until this so here goes.

Turn up the volume if you want to hear my low whisper lol, it was late.


If you guys like it I will get a ThanksGiving Play of the Day :) Let me know. Thanks

Remember its just me shooting off of my digital camera since I don't have the cords for TiVo yet.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NFL WEEK 12 Predictions

I haven't been feeling too well lately, so I haven't been posting. I actually went out on Monday night so I didn't catch the whole game, but what a disappointment.

So here is a few things to keep in mind this week. Apparently the Dolphins defense is for real, and Detroits defense has been non-existent. Be careful starting your Lions, although I have to roll with Kitna this week in place of McNabb.

Caddy Williams hasn't been a good start until last week. He won't do the same against Dallas who is ranked 4th against the run.

San Diego's defense hasn't been the same for a while. All I hear is because of Merriman but he's not that huge of a force. Along with Merriman, Shaun Philips, Jamal Williams, Marlon McCree, and Luis Castillo are all injured. Although Castillo may return he missed 2 games. The Chargers defense besides that isn't particularly good at defending the pass. Is this the week to actually start Randy Moss? I'm saying he has a decent day.

Along with it being a short fantasy week I've already made my predictions on the winners and losers of the week. Take a look:

Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions – Dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys – Cowboys
Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs – Chiefs
Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings –Cardinals
Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins – Panthers
Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns – Bengals
Houston Texans at New York Jets – Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills – Jaguars
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons – Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens – Ravens
San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams – Rams
Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers – Chargers
Chicago Bears at New England Patriots – Bears
NY Giants at Tennessee Titans – Giants
Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts – Colts
Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks

Last week I didn't have a great week going 9-6

Take a look at Pratt's starts and sits, I won't be doing that yet.

Ill try to get a summary of the Thanksgiving games after they happen. I should get to see them all.

I also want to get a youtube video up about last week, but I don't have a play of the week. Feel free to submit one and I'll check it out! Thanks

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Pratt's Starts and Sit of the Week!

This fantasy football season is going fast! That might be good for some of you (including me!). Here we are in week 12 already. Since it is a short week I thought I'd get my starts and sit out in the open:

Quarterback: Matt Leinart (ARZ). Arizona got a much needed win last week. By "much needed" I mean for their confidence. This week they are playing the Minnesota Vikings who have a horrible passing defense (ranked 26th in the league), and Leinart certainly has the weapons around him to post some strong numbers. Look for Fitz to bounce back, and to give Leinart a good game.

Running Back: Wali Lundy (HOU). Lundy is going up against the 29th ranked rushing defense in the league (the NYJ). The Jets are allowing 146 yards a game, and have allowed a league-high 13 rushing TDs. He should have a great game this week.

Wide Receiver: Chris Chambers (MIA). Miami's offense is finally starting to click. I mentioned in my earlier post that Harrington might not be a bad pickup if you are weak at QB. Detroit is 22nd in passing defense and Miami usually plays well on Thanksgiving.

Tight End: Jerramy Stevens (SEA). This one might be wishful thinking because I need a good game out of him this week. Green Bay is 31st in passing D and has given up 18 passing touchdowns this season. Look for both Seattle's running and passing game to get back on track this week.

Defense: Carolina Panthers. The Panthers finally had a strong defensive game last week, shutting out the high powered St. Louis offense. They should have an easier time controlling the game in Washington, and should post similar numbers to last week.

My sit this week belongs to Thomas Jones (CHI). Jones is going up against the 2nd best rushing defense in the league (NE). New England has only allowed 5 rushing TDs this season, and will shut Jones down all day.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Waiver Wire Pick Ups

If you are like me, this was a brutal week for your fantasy team. I lost a handful of players to injury, and this week's waiver wire is especially important. Many of you might be in the market for a new Quarterback, so here are some good options for you:

  • Jeff Garcia (PHI) - He did a pretty good job last week when Donovan McNabb went down, and playing the Titans should have helped him get some rhythm back. It is not definite that he is going to start this week so be weary. I think he will get the nod though.
  • Trent Green (KC) - Many of his owners got frustrated by how long it took Green to recover from his injury and were forced to drop him. If he is still on your waiver wire, pick him up he will be a good addition to your team.
  • Joey Harrington (MIA) - He might not be a permanent solution, but if you are panicking with a short week ahead of us, he is a nice option against a poor Detroit Lions defense.
  • J.P. Losman (BUF) - I'd only pick him up if he is a last resort for you. Losman has a really tough schedule ahead of him (in his next 4 games he plays Jacksonville, San Diego, and New England). That may force him to throw a lot though, but he still would be a risky start.
Other players to consider:
  • Justin Fargas, RB (OAK) - LaMont Jordan could be out for the rest of the season, and any starting running back is usually good to have for insurance. I've like him all season, he is a strong runner and could have some room to run with Aaron Brooks back at QB.
  • Reche Caldwell, WR (NE) - Over the last few weeks he has been emerging as the number 1 WR for Tom Brady. He had 70 yards receiving and a TD last week against Green Bay.


Monday, November 20, 2006


It was pretty difficult to find all of the injuries in the same place, so here are the NFL WEEK 11 Injuries.

The injury affecting fantasy football the most has to be Donovan McNabb. I wrote it as soon as I heard it yesterday, torn acl out for the season. Time to "scramble" for another QB. In a deeper league I picked Campbell over Harrington.

Another huge impact injury is Brett Favre. I assume he will play regardless lol, even if his arm was broken, he'd figure something out. What I didn't know before listening to ESPN was that Aaron Rodgers broke his foot and is now on the IR. That's pretty tough for the Packers, though it doesn't have much fantasy significance, at least for this year.

Lamont Jordan tore the MCL in his left knee so hes more than likely done for the season. If you haven't had enough reason to drop him already, now you do. Stay away from his replacement, whoever it turns out to be!

I still can't find anything on Colston, but when I do I'll definitely be posting about that. He is a huge player on my team, I'm hoping its not a serious sprain, although the reports say he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

Right when the Panthers have DeAngelo Williams coming back, Foster gets injured. I recently traded for Foster hoping he would be a good play with Williams injured, but that didn't happen. Foster suffered a hyper extended left elbow, and said he could have returned in the second half, but he was simply not needed. Not really a good sign for Foster owners, start shopping around for another RB, I can only see him losing carries from here.

I didn't even know Kevin Jones was injured due to all of the McNabb coverage. Not much news on it still, he left the game in the first quarter with an ankle injury.

Tomorrow I'll write about my picks with dolphinfan and my week 11 fantasy football rankings.

One thing to look into though, is T.J Duckett. I was told on a forum that Betts will be splitting most of his carries with Duckett, but I didn't think much of that considering Duckett had been non-existent this year. Now isn't a bad time to take a waiver on him if you have the room. He may just take the job completely from Betts.

Another possible fantasy pick-up is Jeff Garcia. I personally won't be getting him but if your in a deep league you can seriously consider him.

Remember to set your lineups early with three Thanksgiving Day games coming up!


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Donovan McNabb - Out for the Season

Just heard some heartbreaking news on CBS.

Donovan McNabb has a torn ACL and is out for the season. Now its a scramble to pick up anyone to try to save the season.

Time to say farewell to McNabb, great half of season.

In my smaller leagues I will probably grab Romo, and in my deeper leagues it may be McNair, Campbell, or Harrington. I'll let you know who I go after.

You heard it here first, Donovan McNabb is officially a Fantasy Football Drop.


The Injury Curse

Either the players on my rankings did well, or got injured!

Terrible fantasy day for me with McNabb going down. I have him in my leagues and he's a huge part of my team. McNabb was carted off the field with a right knee injury in the second quarter. Theres no information as of now, but start looking for a replacement if he can't go next week, or is listed as questionable.

Favre also was injured and left early in the game with a right elbow injury. He returned in the third quarter and was seen throwing with Rodgers, but did not return in the game.

Campbell had a solid fantasy football game, going 200 yards with 2 TDs. He could be a possibly waiver wire pick-up if your quarterbacks are the ones hurt.

I also caught a clip of Colston getting injured early in the game. He left the game with a left ankle sprain. I don't see it in the reports but I don't think he returned to the game. I'm taking a huge hit this week with losing both McNabb and Colston.

I'll write about my rankings later after the games are in, so far not too bad. Minus the injuries they have been pretty accurate.

Carr tied the consecutive completion record, and Lee Evans gained 200+ yards in the first quarter. Crazy football week.

Alexander in, Hasselbeck out, interested to see how he does.

Brees threw for 510 yards! Wow!

I got a ton of youtube views on the movie I made "play of the week 9" so I'll probably do the same this week and post it on the blog.

Comments and Questions welcome and encouraged

The best place for all your fantasy football news, advice, and answers

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Injury Report and Start Em Sit Em

Tons of injuries to report, I'll do that first then a few start and sits. I have a few close calls, let's see if it pays off.

Greg Jennings practiced Friday and is expected to play Week 11. He was limited last week which meant a big game for Driver. If he continues to work back in slowly, Driver could go off again. Don't start Jennings just yet until he shows he's 100% back.

Terry Glenn practiced Friday and will play in week 11. Don't play Crayton again just yet. The Colts pass D is a lot better than the run D. Expect huge games from the Dallas Running Backs, and maybe T.O or Romo. Glenn and Crayton will probably not as involved. Witten is a good start.

Horn was upgraded to probable yesterday for the Cincinnatti game. Horn could possibly be a huge start alongside Colston. San Diego Charger WR's had big games against Cin and most people hadn't heard of them. Horn practiced this week so its a safe bet that he will play.

Byron Leftwich will have surgery on his left ankle which may end his season. The Jaguars are optimistic about the surgery, however, and said he may still return this season. With this news it's certain that he won't be back soon, so therefore I will be dropping Wilford, with Garrard as QB. I picked up both Wilford and Garrard last week playing the matchup, and I lost. I suggest you do the same if you have them.

It has become an even more difficult game for Campbell and it hasn't started yet. Santana Moss was downgraded to doubtful. There is only "some slight hope" he will play this week. Corey I hope your reading this, don't start him! Lol.

Rueben Droughns will be a game-time decision, but this shouldnt matter much in fantasy football, I wouldn't expect anyone to start him vs Pitt.

Ray Lewis has been officially ruled out for Week 11. Vick can breathe a small sigh of relief. The Ravens D is defiinitely tough without him, but he will be missed.

Last but not least, Hasselbeck and Alexander. I'm tired of all the reports about them. I could really care less if they are or are not playing since I have neither on any of my teams. I wouldn't personally start either one this week. Thats hard to say considering its the 49ers, but I stand by that decision. They may or may not play, they are both gametime decisions.

Enough of that lets get to PoEts Starts and Sits
I'm going to do it a little different this week. Here goes:

At Quarterback I'm sitting Chad Pennington vs the Bears and I'm playing McNair. I grabbed McNair for Garrard earlier this week.

At Running Back I'm starting S. Jackson over C.Taylor (small league). I'm also sitting Tatum Bell and Warrick Dunn in another league. I may start Edwards in a flex over Dunn, trying to play the matchup hoping to get lucky. Bell is a risky play with his toes and all those Running Backs in Denver. Dunn has become less involved in the running game, and the Falcons have a tough game against the Ravens this week.

At Wide Receiver I'm starting Burress, Fitzgerald, Stallworth and Edwards
My sits are Cotchery, Coles, Chambers
These aren't all on one team, just a combo of a few. Cotchery and Coles may be limited if Pennington continues to not play as well as he has. I'm hoping Fitz can have a huge game against the Detroit Defense, same thing goes with Stallworth. Burress is a must play, since besides Shockey he is now the main target. Come on Eli Manning don't fail me now.

I'm also sitting Muhsin Muhammad in one of my leagues in favor of Burress I believe. With Berrian possibly coming back, Muhammad is a tough fantasy player to start. Muhammad has his best game with Berrian out, with him in he gets a lot of looks taken away.

Thanks for reading this really long post.
Good Luck tomorrow!


Big D Sports Guest Post

Here is a guest post by BIG D over at Big D Sports

Hope you enjoy his article. If your looking for more Dallas sport news head on over to his site.

How 'bout dem cowboys?

After a disappointing loss to Washington Redskins in a thrilling game, the Cowboys rebounded against the Arizona Cardinals 27-10. Romo had a monster game with 308 yards passing including a little T.RO. (Tony Romo) to T.O. connection that went for a 51 yard TD. Romo didn't have any interceptions and played a flawless game. The offensive line held up well allowing no sacks.

Marion Barber is someone who should be getting more looks than he is. In my opinion he is a far better running back than Julius Jones. Barber just doesn't get as many opportunities, but he cashes in when he has the chance. So far he compiled 7 touchdowns and is averaging 5.1 yards per carry. Tell me he shouldn’t be starting!

After Terry Glenn missed the game due to injury, it is official Greg Ellis is done for the season. The ninth-year veteran pass rusher fears that his career is in jeopardy after a torn Achilles tendon he suffered in the game against the Cardinals. It is expected that first-round draft choice Bobby Carpenter of Ohio State will step into the lineup for the rest of the season.

It seems like the rollercoaster season might behind them after a solid win but ............ guess who the Cowboys are playing next week? The 9-0 Indianapolis Colts, that's who they’re playing! Dang, the Cowboys are screwed. The only way to beat them is offensively. The Cowboy’s defense has no chance of laying a boom on Peyton Manning (as much as I want them to) because of his godly offensive line. The next game will ultimately prove if the Cowboys are a championship (or even playoff) caliber team. It’s going to be interesting, and for my boy T.O. out there, I’ve got my popcorn ready.

The Dallas Vs Colts game definitely should be the game of the week, it will be on my TV!

I hope you enjoyed my article come check out more at


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Friday, November 17, 2006

NFL Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings

I was going to post this on but due to problems with their server and everything it will be here. It took me a little while to write it, I don't want it to go to waste :P

Tomorrow you will probably see a guest post about the Dallas Cowboys, and some injury reports.

NFL Week 11 Fantasy Rankings:

Heres my list of top players by position for NFL Week 11. I hope this guide is useful for you this week.


#1 McNabb vs Tenn: Even Baltimore could pass all over Tennessee. Expect the same for McNabb and the Eagles.

#2 Brady vs GB: Shootout? Green Bay isn't ranked last in pass defense for nothing. Brady will spread the ball out to all his receivers in this game.

#3 Bulger vs Carolina: Bulger always finds a way to get in the end zone. This game shouldn't be any different.

#4 Big Ben vs Clev: Is Ben back? At least for this game against Cleveland. Combined with Parker, Ben will have an easier game and toss a few TDs.

#5 Grossman vs NYJ: Grossman handled an injured Giants team, which is about equal to the healthier Jets. No pass rush means a big game for Grossman.

#6 Brees and Palmer: This makes to be the best QB matchup of the week. They could easily move up in the ranks depending on the tempo of the game. This should be a great shootout to bet on.

Running Backs

#1 L. Johnson vs Oakland: He's LJ and its Oakland, enough said.

#2 Parker vs Cle: Insane week for Parker last week (213 yards and 2 TDs). I'd ride the wave, the Parker wave.

#3 Gore vs Sea: I saw Gore plow through 4 Detroit defenders on a TD run, Seattle won't be able to stop him either.

#4 Westbrook vs Tenn: It should be a huge Eagles offensive game, Westbrook is a huge part of that.

#5 A Thomas vs Hou: A pretty good McGahee fill-in who's averaging at least a 100 yards for his past two games.

I have to mention L.T, but I'm going out on a limb and predicting he won't continue his massive TD weekly totals.

Wide Receivers

#1 S. Smith vs STL: Carolina can't seem to run. Delhomme to Smith all day in this game.

#2 Colston vs Cinci: Colston just keeps getting better. Almost definitely locked in for rookie of the year, it's always hard not to play him.

#3 Ward vs Cle: Ward is good for about 100 yards and a TD.

#4 R. Williams vs Ari: Coming off a bad game for Detroit, Roy Williams will light up Arizona.

#5 Chad Johnson vs N.O: Chad's proving why he's the #1 receiver in Cinci. If they can continue to run this offense and get him as involved, he will be a top 5 fantasy receiver every week.

Not doing much on TE's. Most of them are hard to rank because they are involved some weeks and others not. You always want to play your studs.

#1 Winslow vs Pitt: The main target for Cleveland shouldnt have too much trouble against the Steelers beaten up secondary. They seem to have a hard time covering TE's.

#2 Gates vs Denver: With Rivers opening up as an actual passer as of late, he's gonna find Gates at some point.

#3 O. Daniels vs Buff: Seems to be a pretty streaky play. One week he scores a few TDs, the next he's not even catching any passes. Against Buffalo, Daniels should be able to get involved.

Bust of the week nomination goes to Rivers. Huge game against Cinci last week, he won't come close to a similar game anytime soon.

Thanks for reading

contact questions and comments always welcome and encouraged.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pratt's Starts and Sit of the Week!

Sorry I have been so light on my posts lately. I was sick/busy last weekend and this whole week I've been in Las Vegas!!! Of course it was for business, but it is damn near impossible to not have fun here. Being a geek at heart, I can't resist putting up at least one post while I'm away. Here are my starts and my big sit of the week!

Quarterback: Joey Harrington (MIA). The Vikings are 26th against the pass, and this Miami team is finally starting to come together. I expect this to be one of Harrington's top performances of the season. My guess is 250 yards and 2 TDs. So if you are having match ups issues (like Eli Manning vs. Jacksonville), Harrington should be a good start for you.

Wide Receiver: Braylon Edwards (CLE). Talking trash is never good karma before a big divisional game, but bad karma can't even prevent the Pittsburgh secondary from giving up big and many passing plays. Look for Cleveland to be airing it out against a suspect Pittsburgh passing defense, and Edwards to be good for 100 yards and a TD or two.

Running Back: Anthony Thomas (BUF). In his last two games, Thomas has rushed for over 200 yards and a touchdown. His opponent this week, the Houston Texans, is ranked 27th in run defense and has given up 10 rushing touchdowns. I think Houston wins the game, but I expect Thomas to put on a great show.

Tight End: Chris Cooley (WAS). With Mark Brunell finally out of the picture in Washington, I think this is the week for Cooley to shine. Look for Jason Campbell to be dumping off to Cooley often, and finally...finally...utilizing the weapon they have in Chris Cooley.

Defense: Seattle Seahawks. Last time I did my starts and sits, I told you to start the Seahawks and they put on a great show. The Seahawks D isn't the best in the league, but when the match up is right they really bring their A game. The 49ers are ranked 26th in total offense and their main man, Frank Gore, is banged up. Look for them to put up some great numbers again.

My SIT this week belongs to Plaxico Burress. Plaxico is Eli Manning's main weapon with Toomer out, and so he is drawing the best defenders. This week is no different. Burress will be covered by one of the best corners in the league, Rashean Mathis. Last week against Chicago Burress only put up 4 catches for 48 yards...I expect similar numbers this week as well.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ladell Betts: Hot Pickup Clinton Portis: Drop

If you picked up Ladell Betts for your fantasy football team you will definitely be glad that you did that. He is turning into a bigger fantasy pickup than I thought. If you haven't its definitely time to pick him up before some else gets him. I'd call Ladell Betts the sleeper of the week, but he's gotten a lot of hype he may not even be able to be called a sleeper.

If you havent gotten the news yet, Clinton Portis was placed on the Injured Reserve (IR) today ending his season. Portis' most recent injury, a broken right hand, is his fourth injury of the year.

Expect Betts to get a lot of carries this week. Washington will need to get a run game going earlier if Campbell will have any success. Like I've said, this game shouldn't be high scoring at all, and the defenses might actually be good to start. Tampa Bay (2-7) and Washington (3-6) won't put up spectacular numbers, I just hope I don't have to watch this game Sunday!

ESPN just reported that it will be Trent Green starting over Huard. Huard has been a tough start, being an inconsistent fantasy football quarterback. I think it's safe to drop him. Should you pick up Trent Green? If your desperate. He may have a good game, but he also may pick up where he left off which wasn't too great.

I'd like to touch on the Vinny Testaverde signing. 43-year-old Testaverde was signed by the New England Patriots. I read about this on Everything But Hockey, and I thought it was some sort of joke. I had to check to make sure it was real. Does he hold any fantasy football value? No, none at all. Doesn't matter though, just seems odd. Who wouldn't come back? If I was Testaverde I would. Sit on the sidelines and just make money, lol.

Speaking of irrelevant to fantasy football, how about Emmitt Smith?! Man he was getting down last night. I usually don't watch it, but my girlfriend was so I had to turn around to see what Smith was doing. The best face off would be Jerry Rice vs Smith. They even had them both on ESPN talking about it, lol.

Enough about all that. I've been around on a few forums, I've added them to the links on the right column. Don't be shy check them out. I may post some future articles on these sites, we'll see what they want to do.

Not much else to report, anything you'd like to see please feel free to contact me.

thanks as always

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NFL Week 10: Fantasy Football Breakdown

If you were hoping Brunell could possibly go big on this sad Tampa Bay team, stick him on your bench. Jason Campbell will get the start. I'd say almost every player is a fantasy football sit in this game. Gradkowski cant throw, Carnell Williams cant run, Galloway can't get the interceptions.

The only person I'd play is Ladell Betts for the Washington Redskins. He could possibly be a huge fill-in player if you need a spot player.

Ladell Betts is my fantasy pickup of the week. He's done well filling in for Portis when he was injured earlier this season.

Speaking of Clinton Portis he just had surgery on his broken right hand and is expected to miss at least 3-4 weeks.

Hasselbeck and Alexander are rumored to play this Sunday. This has happened before if you remember just a few weeks back. Alexander was supposed to come back from early week reports, then closer to game time it was decided it wasn't possible. I'd look for more of the same. They are both risky fantasy football starts this week, I'd wait until you can see if they will perform if you have a better option.

Trent Green or Huard, whoever the QB may be, won't have their favorite target to throw to next week vs Oakland. Tony Gonzalez is already ruled out with a sprained left shoulder vs Oakland. I don't know of any fantasy TE sleepers for the week, but if you let me know your options, Ill give you my opinion.

Ready for a switch back to Aaron Brooks? It's possible next week he will replace Walters, but who really cares? You should only be playing Randy Moss, sometimes I guess. His "lost focus" is rather disturbing. I can understand frustration, but his latest comments are inexcusable.

Now for the good news, lol. Frank Gore is expected to play next week after suffering a 4th quarter concussion last Sunday. Joe Horn is also reporting he will play vs Cincinnatti next week. It hurts Colston owners a little bit, but its good news for Horn owners. I expect a shoot out between these two New Orleans and Cincinatti, so big games for everyone.

I finished my player rankings done for so when they are up Ill let you know and post a link!

Check out Football 24/7 its a nice football forum. Its lacking fantasy football stuff, but I'm working on it. I've been posting there getting that thread active.

Pratt is out on business so its just me this week! Enjoy

Come back for all your fantasy football advice and news every day!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekly Rankings

Sorry no post today, I'm working on my weekly gamedaydraft rankings and other personal stuff

Tomorrow I will have a list of Sundays injuries and the impact, as well as a little review of the Tampa Carolina game, from what I saw of it.

Pretty boring first half.

Gradkowski needs some work!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Patrick Crayton and David Garrard

I'm very pleased with my sleeper pick. How about that Patrick Crayton! That was a huge play, I hope someone did read that and grabbed him. Crayton finished with 104 yards 1 TD, as the #1 receiver for the Cowboys.

If Glenn's knee is still an issue you should see a lot of people picking this guy up. If your in need of a WR he could be your answer. Next week the Cowboys play the Colts. He won't be a huge start there, assuming Dallas runs, but he could be decent like this week. Maybe not as many yards.

Garrard killed my team. Garrard threw for 214 yards 0 TDs and 4 INT. In one of my yahoo fantasy football leagues, I actually started him since I'm weak at QB. I figured I had the matchup Vs Houston and he'd be somewhat decent. Garrard consider yourself DROPPED. If you picked him up like I did, you should be dropping him too. He's way to inconsistent to be a fantasy QB starter.

I'll be looking for a replacement QB for next week, I'll tell you who I pick later in the week.

Tomorrow I'll be working on my NFL Week 11 rankings for GameDayDraft.Com

When I get those posted you'll have to check that out over there.

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week 10 Start Em Sit Em Question

I received a question from one of our loyal readers! Had to answer this just like I do every email. Corey sent us this question and heres my answer:

What do you think about starting Wali Lundy this week? On my bench I have Rudi Johnson, Julius Jones, and THomas Jones. i am also starting Chester tAYlor along sid Wali right now. Wali didnt do that great against the Giants run D, but that was expected considering they also shut down julius jones and marion barber (the week i started him.....) and the Jags have a less than stellar D this year altogether. The inconsistency of my bench has led me to this question.
i have a whole bunch of wrs who havebeen pretty inconsistent too, and injury prone. I currently have Keyshawn, Braylon, Holt, Coles, Santana Moss, Brandon Jones, and James Thrash. I am able to start 4.



Jacksonville's rushing defense actually isn't that bad. They are allowing just under 100 rushing yards (98.1) per game. They've also only allowed 4 Rushing TDs and 3 rushes fo 20+ yards. I don't know about starting Lundy. Lundy has about two good weeks under his belt opposed to a whole year of really not getting the ball. With this inconsistent team your worried about you shouldn't play him now.
I wouldn't expect Lundy to play better than either of the Jones's or R. Johnson. Johnson didn't do so bad against Baltimore, and SD is banged up. They couldn't contain the Browns! J.Jones is against Arizona, I'd expect close to 100 yards, just gotta worry about Barber taking the TDs. I don't particularly care for the Bears RBBC so I'd go with Rudi here definitely. He's starting on my team, and I'm hoping he will be a solid start.

Ouch, those 4WRs are a tough start.

After Holt you can have 3.

Id rank them in order of about... god... uhh Keyshawn, Coles, Moss/Edwards and the rest.

These are the most inconsistent WRs you can have lol. It all depends on Delhomme involving Keyshawn. Against Tampa I think they will do fine.

Coles is the man in NYJ so I guess you got to start him. If Pennington can get him the ball he can be good. If not theres not much else a WR can do to get involved. With Penningtons poor showing as of late, it's a hit or miss here.

Moss should play but he's so hard to start. Edwards I think will continue to get more and more involved especially with his teammates injured. I wrote about the Browns in a blog you can see there. But mostly I think they are gonna give Frye more control, which should involve Edwards more. As an Edwards owner I hope this is the case.

This is just what I would do with your team, but its hard to say with your WRs. Maybe you could get a more consistent WR for Jones or Jones. Maybe someone will bite if you want like D Jackson, Fitz/Boldin and they need a decent RB starter. I Hope I could help.


Thanks for your question Corey and I hope I steered you in the right direction!

I've noticed some google hits and I saw one was

Amani Toomer is injured so who should I get? If you want a NY Giant I'd grab Tim Carter. If you want a possible fill in for the week, Patrick Crayton for Dallas might be good. Horn has been downgraded to Doutbful, so there is an open spot in N.O that should be going to Devery Henderson. I'm just throwing some possible WRs out there for you but I think these would be some decent starts.

Friday, November 10, 2006

NFL Week 10: A little bit of everything

I had a few more topics I wanted to get into before Saturday so let's start.

Chester Taylor was upgraded to probable and is expected to play in Week 10. Meaning you can definitely play him against Green Bay this week, he should have a top 5 RB day here.

Greg Jennings did not practice Friday, making him a game-time decision for this weeks game against the Vikings. He is listed as questionable. Last week against the Bills, he left early with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. I don't know if I'd trust Jennings to play a complete game yet, so Ruvell Martin should be seeing a few looks this week against the Vikings. The Packers probably won't have too much success running against the #1 ranked rushing defense so any other Packer receiver is playable. Driver seems to be a good start.

Larry Fitzgerald is expected to play Week 10 and is listed as probable. I'm personally not starting him this week. I know it's hard to sit Fitz any week, but I want to see how he comes off this injury. The Arizona passing game has been terrible only getting 306 yards in the last two games, one of those games being against the Packers with the worst ranked pass defense. I'm either being bold or stupid with sitting him, we'll see!

Cleveland Browns among everything else are now having injury troubles. Charlie Frye, Jurevicius, and Winslow II have all been listed as questionable all week. Frye has been upgraded to probable after practicing Friday. Frye is supposed to be given more freedom to call his own plays which may make a difference this Sunday. The Atlanta defense has given up 14 TDs, 31 points per game, about 300 passing yards and 129 rushing yards per game, in their last 4 games. Will we see Frye playing like he was fantasy wise the first weeks? Might start seeing an improvement
Jurevicius is expected to play Week 10 after practicing Friday.
Winslow II, one of the best fantasy TE's, has been listed as questionable with a knee injury for 6 straight games, but hasn't missed a start yet. Winslow owners should be keeping an eye on his status and if he's going to practice or not this week.

Terry Glenn is unlikely to play against the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. Every Dallas Cowboy seems to be a solid start, except for Glenn. Romo, T.O, Witten, and Jones are all definite starts. Barber is a maybe, he could be good for a TD. Another fill-in starter to consider this week could be Crayton. I've mentioned I had him last year and he wasn't bad. He has become more involved as the season has gone on. Last week vs Washington, he caught 4 balls for 84 yards. If you need a spot start this week I'd consider him. He's my sleeper of the week.

Here's some Tomlinson news, during his hot hot ! TD streak he only needs 3 TDs to tie Jim Browns league record (15) of most scores in a five-game stretch. In leagues I don't have him in, he's nearly single handedly beaten me.

Make sure to start all of your Detroit Lions this week. I'd assume most of you are starting your main guys like Kitna, R Williams and Kevin Jones... but you also have to throw Furrey in there as well. Detroit will be able to throw all over this weak 49ers defense.

In my last bit of news it saddens me to see that the San Francisco 49ers will probably move
to Santa Clara by 2012.
Or at least thats the estimated date they are throwing out there. A nice thing I did see though for those who are curious is that they won't be changing their name. They will still remain our beloved San Francisco 49ers.

Tomorrow I may post some more news, but I want to do a IDP edition of a few players who are doing well you will want to pickup.

Thanks for reading as always
Contact me at

Biggest Fantasy Disappointments Thus Far

It's amazing how different my team looks since the draft. From trading, injuries, FA pickups, and most importantly....BUSTS! There is a good amount of players taken high in fantasy drafts this season that turned out to be fantasy poison (as our friend Kyle at TFFGs would say). From Quarterbacks to Running Backs to Wide Receivers, there are a lot of big names who have yet to show up.


  • Jake Delhomme. Delhomme was supposed to be a stud this year. Not only does he have maybe the best WR in the game (Steve Smith) but the Panthers had also acquired Keyshawn Johnson. Johnson has sure hands, and is still a threat that you have to respect. With these weapons would you really have projected Charlie Frye, Mark Brunell, and David Carr to be putting up better numbers? Not only is Delhomme not playing well, he is inconsistent. One week he will throw for 300 yards and 2 TDs, the next he will only throw for 150 yards! He is a huge bust in my opinion.
  • Daunte Culpepper. I will admit, I was the fool who drafted him to back up Delhomme on my team (I'm a little bitter with these guys, can you tell?). Culpepper had a stud in Chris Chambers and Miami was supposed to be a playoff contender this year. Culpepper is one of the most accurate passers in NFL history and has phenomenal stats, who would think he would this bad? I gave him a chance almost every week, and Culpepper failed to put up respectable numbers even against teams like the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans.
  • Carson Palmer. OK, so maybe Palmer isn't as bad as these guys but look at his supporting cast: Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshyourmama, Chris Henry, Rudi Johnson. And with the numbers he put up last season, this guy was projected to be a stud! Sure there were concerns about him coming off of injury, but he shut everyone up in his first preseason game where he threw for 3 TDs. Since then he hasn't done anything (with the exception against the Steelers). He is a huge disappointment for those who drafted him early.
Running Backs
  • Edgerrin James. I don't even know where to begin with him. I noticed in the 4 leagues I'm in he was taken in the first round which makes him one of the biggest busts of the season. Edge is averaging 2.8 yards a carry, 64.5 rushing yards a game, and only has 3 TDs. It's not like he isn't getting the carries either. Against Chicago he ran the ball 36 times for 55 yards. Even against Chicago that is awful. My deepest sympathy goes out to all of you Edge owners.
  • LaMont Jordan. If I could list all of the Oakland Raiders on here I would. Jordan was supposed to have a huge season. He was taken in the 1st or 2nd round in everyone's draft and with a new QB in town, things were really suppose to open up for him. Not only has he been hurt but Jordan is only rushing for 56 yards a game and only has 1 TD. Pathetic.
  • Cadillac Williams. What can you say about Caddy? After that very promising rookie season he has done nothing but make his owners tear their hair out and cry. He is also averaging 56 yards a game and has only found the endzone once. He has gone from a perfect number 2 back to a low-end 3rd RB kind of guy.
  • Shaun Alexander. Was he drafted any later then the 4th pick in every draft? And how has he repaid me..I mean his owners? By only playing in 3 games so far, with a 2.9 rushing yard average and only finding the endzone twice. Not to mention that he had 2 fumbles in those 3 games. Alexander has done nothing but eat away a roster spot for his owners, and there is no way you can drop him either. Talk about fantasy poison.
Wide Receivers
  • Chad Johnson. Ocho Cinco owners must be going nuts every week. How can he be part of such an amazing offense and still not have a single 100 yard receiving game. He is still a descent number 2 guy, but who drafted him as that. He was listed in the top 5 in my draft rankings and should have had a huge season. He still has a chance to turn things around, but has been one of the most disappointing WRs thus far.
  • Randy Moss. With Aaron Brooks in town, who can throw a great deep ball, we were supposed to be seeing retro Randy Moss. You know, the numbers he used to put up with Daunte? Moss is part of the worst offense in the NFL, and has caught 3 of his teams 4 TDs. Personally, I thought he had the potential to be a high end number 2 WR this year, but he has fallen very short of that. I don't think he would put up good numbers even if he was trying.
  • Joey Galloway. I have to admit, I didn't think he would come close to putting up the numbers he did last year, but when you think of fantasy poison he definitely enters your mind. Galloway has 3 games this season with 1 reception or less. He either goes for 100 yards and a TD or in most cases he ends up with 40 yards and no TDs. Inconsistency can kill you in fantasy football.
  • Chris Chambers. After his pro bowl season last year, and the huge upgrade at QB you would think this only meant Chambers would get better. I mean if Gus Frerotte can throw 11 TD passes to Chambers, think of what Culpepper could do. WRONG! The most receiving yards he has in a game this year is 60. He only has 4 TDs this season and has fell very short of his expectations.
I think a notable mention goes to Antonio Gates. He was pretty much drafted in the 3rd round in every league and only has 4 TDs thus far. He is the 5th ranked TE in fantasy leagues but had much higher expectations. So if you ended up drafting any of these guys, which I'm sure most of you had (I know I drafted a handful of these losers...I mean guys) my prayers are with you as the playoffs come around.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

NFL Week 10 Fantasy Football Updates and Advice

A few weeks ago I couldn't trade this guy for a top kicker or even a decent TE. Now with this second emergence of the running game, I'm recommending starting him in quite a few situations this week. Jamal Lewis should be a solid start this week against Tennessee. Plugging him in your #2 RB slot or Flex should be a good choice. I've been on yahoo answers a bit today seeing a lot of J. Lewis questions.

Here's what I said to one answer.

J lewis has become more involved in the offense, example the last two weeks 109 yards, and 72 yards 1 td. I don't see why that wouldn't stay the same, I'd expect Baltimore to pound it against the Tenn, they shouldn't have a reason to really air it out. I'd predict about 25-30 carries 100 yards and 1 td.

I personally don't think I will be starting him over S. Jackson and Dunn but he's a definite possibility for other teams.

Well I dropped Amani Toomer yesterday in my FleaFlicker league. I've got a ton of "decent" WR's but no STUDs. Just another bust, now I just added Edwards, not really an improvement lol but something. Amani Toomer has a partial tear in his left knee, so hes definitely done for. With Burress's back problems, and Toomer out NY Giants are really hurting with their wide receivers. This should make Shockey a HUGE start if hes their only target vs the Bears next week.

I'll write up two more running backs then finish the rest on my list tomorrow.

McGahee is definitely out for this Sunday's game, and I'd assume longer. I saw on ESPN he has THREE broken ribs. There currently isn't a timetable at the moment as far as I've read. It all depends on how long it takes for him to heal. Thankfully I didn't end up trading for him. A. Thomas is definitely a good fill in for the time being if you have an open slot.

What kind of post would this be without mention of the Denver RB's? It was a huge fantasy question in the beginning until Tatum Bell broke out. Now with his injury Mike Bell is getting some carries again. He was completely shut out last week against Pittsburgh. On 17 attempts he only rushed for 28 yards and catching 5 balls for 40 yards. I suppose not much was expected VS Pitt but that was only 1.6 yards a carry. Tatum Bell was held out of Week 9 but he did practice today and is expected to practice tomorrow. There hasn't been word yet if he is playing this weekend, but if hes practicing it's definitely promising. Denver is playing Oakland this weekend, so if there is a definite starter you will probably want to throw them in there.

As a Tatum Bell owner he will probably see the bench for me again this week, mostly because I'm stacked at RB and cant chance him having a good game or not.

On a parting note, I saw this thing on myspace while I was trying to promote this site. Someone is making a movie about Fantasy Football, and the Fantasy Football craze. Heres there link if you want to check them out . I already dropped them an email if they are interested in checking out the site. Can't hurt, enjoy!

If you need me you can find me at

GameDayDraft Announcement

I want to announce somewhat of a partnership with! They really do have a great site over there, check it out. I will be writing a weekly column for them about my picks and rankings, we'll see. Hopefully we will get some traffic back from them as the site link will be posted on everything I write :) is expanding and soon will have FIVE other fantasy sports. Theres real money games as well as games just for fun. Along with contests that offer real cash prizes with no entry fee.

Are your fantasy football league playoff hopes already out of reach? You start new every week at

This week they are starting up fantasy basketball. I know a few people I've talked to mention wanting to get a basketball league together, this is even better.

In other news Im working on some guest posters :) Hopefully we will see one in the next few days. Im working on getting some more football stuff up. Lots of injuries. Keep reading!