Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dallas Vs Washington Week 9

Dallas Vs Washington
Week 9

One of the craziest endings to a NFL game I've seen.

Say I dont know something like 5 seconds left for the Cowboys to kick a 35 yard field goal. Vanderjagt lines up to kick, and its BLOCKED by Vincent I believe.

Sean Taylor picks up the ball, runs around a bit. Flags are thrown, and Taylor keeps going, to about the 50 I'd say. No time left! They call Cowboys for 15 yard face mask. Someone got a good handle on Taylor's face mask.

That puts the Redskins back in field goal range with ONE play left. Novak who had previously missed a field goal not more than a few minutes ago, nails it for the Redskins win! Nice 47 yard field goal!

Not much of a game I thought. Romo did okay, but he was supposed to. Owens dropped a crucial ball, Cooley came thru with a TD... not too exciting. I heard one of the announcers say Owens has the most dropped balls in the NFL right now, SAD! You'll see the highlights of this game.


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texas math said...

Parcells must be going freakin nuts right about now...that's the type of ending that can bring a Hall of Fame coach's career to a dissapointing end...that game should have at least gone to overtime..if not a Cowboys win in regulation.

Matthew said...

I would be that game was CRAZY, they shouldnt of lost that one at all