Sunday, November 19, 2006

Donovan McNabb - Out for the Season

Just heard some heartbreaking news on CBS.

Donovan McNabb has a torn ACL and is out for the season. Now its a scramble to pick up anyone to try to save the season.

Time to say farewell to McNabb, great half of season.

In my smaller leagues I will probably grab Romo, and in my deeper leagues it may be McNair, Campbell, or Harrington. I'll let you know who I go after.

You heard it here first, Donovan McNabb is officially a Fantasy Football Drop.



Anonymous said...

My season may be over, however, I'm still winning my game due to the Miami D. I'm ggoing to try and grab Campbell. I've got Big Ben at back-up, and I dont trust him.

- Corey

Pratt said...

I'm in the same position Corey. Favre is my backup but is status is up in the air as well.

Anonymous said...

My starting QB was Mcnabb. My back up QB was a punter. Something tells me that me getting last place in my league was deserved. Oh and I have OJ as my Defense. You try running on a dude with a bit knife.

Anonymous said...

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