Thursday, November 02, 2006

E-Mail Question Answered

This is what I was hoping this blog would at least do. Give other players a place to try to figure out who they want to start. Heres our first peice of mail to work with:

In my league I am 3 and 5. This is a crucial week for me I need to win
to keep pace for the second or third playoff spot.

Which running backs would you start:
Kevin Jones vs Atlanta
Willie Parker vs Denver
Cadilliac Williams vs New Orleans

Which Wide Receiver should I start between
Joey Galloway vs New Orleans
Hines Ward vs Denver.

I realize Willie Parker has a tough match up but has been doing good lately.

Your Fantasy Advice Will be appreciated!!

Andy Kneissel (St.Paul, MN)

Well Andy, lets go with the RBs first. Im guessing you can start two. Initially I would think KJ and Parker due to Caddy struggling. The Tampa Bay rushing offense is 29th overall yards per game, barely averaging 85. Interesting stat I found yesterday was that both Ronnie Brown and Caddy only have one 100yard rushing day. He's definitely struggled against stronger run defenses, but New Orleans isnt that tough.

The Denver Def on the other hand is tough, and a Parker start would be risky. They have the 7th best run defense allowing 90 yards per game with ZERO TD's.

I would start Caddy over Parker here hoping he can take advantage of the New Orleans rush defense. Denver can definitely shut down Parker and he could get you very little or no points. If I wanted to be bold Id guess Caddy goes 80-90 and a TD and Parker gets about 50 0 TDs.

Now the WR situation is a bit trickier. As of late Galloway has been a huge fantasy bust. Tampa's passing offense is slightly better than the run but not by much. New Orleans pass defense is ranked 9th, I think Gradkowski will definitely have a tough day throwing. So I would expect Caddy to get the carries, and Galloway not to be a strong play at all.

I would have to go Hines Ward here and hope that Ben can bounce back and get it together. The Steelers will definitely have to use every option they can like the Colts did last week. Wayne = 3 TDS.

I'm not saying these players are strong starts, because well Caddy isn't or Ward for that matter, but due to what you have to work with I think those choices are as good as any and its just my personal picks.

If anyone has any other insight they'd like to add feel free whether you agree or not.

Any other questions feel free to email me


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Anonymous said...

I am wondering who start this week at WR. I start 3 WR’s and am definitely playing Andre Johnson and Anquan Boldin, but by third choice is between Issac Bruce (vs. Panthers), Doug Gabriel (vs. Packers), Bernard Berrian (vs. Jets), or Greg Jennings (vs. Patriots). If Berrian and Jennings are healthy should I start one of them or should I go with Gabriel’s easy matchup or Bruce’s realiability?



Davis, CA