Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fantasy Football News

Around the NFL

Bernard Berrian suffered a rib injury on the first play vs the Dolphins last Sunday and will likely miss 2-4 weeks. Berrian leads the Bears in receiving yards with 495, including 4 TDs. By the time I got on the Berrian bandwagon he was becoming inconsistent. Hopefully this will give Mushin Muhammad more fantasy value, since I have him!

Is Tiki Barber Hall of Fame worthy? Well entering what is supposed to be his final season, hes FINALly scored a TD. Barber has been a decent fantasy start but the lack of TDs has hurt his stock. Those who have and played Barber should be very pleased.

In other New York Giants news, Michael Strahan will be sidelined 2-4 weeks ith a sprained foot. The defense has become a stronger being having a 11th ranked overall D averaging about 300 yards allowed per game.
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Garrard (not Gerrard lol) made my roster this week with their opponents being the Houston Texans. Gerrard had a huge week last week passing for 177 yards, but THREE touchdowns. If he can do the same, Wilford will also be a hot pickup. I've also added him to one of my teams for a weekly filler. I read in the San Diego Union Tribune he may be a fluke, but I don't see why you don't throw him in next week if you need him.

Willis McGahee suffered a broken rib in the Packer game, but online reports say he has not been ruled out for week 10. I dont really see him playing, I know I wouldnt be back the next week with a broken rib, and Anthony Thomas didn't play that bad. He is a definite week 10 pickup when McGahee is ruled out. Indianapolis has the worst ranked rush defense.

Ryan Hoover over at http://www.dawg-pound.net/ posted a nice article about Tyler Brayton and a YouTube video along with it. Definitely check it out. Dont give this guy too hard of a time for being a Browns fan. He has it hard enough! lol

Anything else you'd like to see, Ive answered every topic that has been asked. Sorry for the guy I gave fantasy advice to, Galloway is so inconsistent though, I wouldnt of thought!

Good job Pratt on your calls, I had a few decent ones as well. Losman worked well for me but the fool I played scored some crazy almost 200 points. Lucky. J Lewis was okay, Kennison was a bust, but I threw in Edwards and he came through :)

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Anonymous said...

I caught it the first time before this article, but I thought I should let you know now. I think it's David Garrad, not Gerrard.

Keep up the articles they have been very helpful.


Matthew said...

lol thanks Corey i fixed that little problem

glad you like the articles!