Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fantasy Football Report

Well coming in to Sunday I'm 3 for 3 on my Week 12 Predictions. Not really any upsets on Thanksgiving.

Let me run down a few injury reports:

McGahee is now a gametime decision so be cautious about wanting to start A Thomas vs Jacksonville. They have a decent defense, and even if McGahee is in, I don't know about starting him. Three broken ribs would slow me down. Try waiting to see how he plays, if he even starts.

Hasselbeck is "expected to start" in the monday night game vs Green Bay. I've mentioned I'm really tired of this news. He's an okay start if he plays, if Seneca Wallace starts he's a GREAT start. With the rushing game not being what it can be with a Morris/Alexander combination, Seattle has the possibility to pass all over Green Bay. I'd start all D Jackson, Branch and Stevens.

Brett Favre practiced friday and apparently looked good doing it. The only worry about giving him your fantasy start would be the problem of the longball. Favre and Driver seem to connect for big plays, and with a busted elbow that can take away that deep ball threat. Seattle doesn't have a particularly good passing defense, so Favre should be a safe start regardless.

Ronnie Brown had surgery on his broken left hand. There is no timetable how long he will be out, but before the surgery he had said he hopes he can play through it.

San Diego Chargers defense has been struggling, and not just because Merriman is suspended. Luis Castillo has been out with an injury and is expected to miss yet another game this week. He has the most sacks as a lineman this season, with him out they lose a considerable amount of run stop and pass rush.

I've read a few questions about people wanting to start S Alexander. One question was C. Taylor or Alexander? In a heartbeat I would have to go Taylor. First, Taylor is playing Arizona. Second, Alexander really hasn't proven himself all year. Especially coming back from injury against the 49ers he was held to 2.2 yards per carry. I would be concerned starting Alexander.

Heres a few things I've picked up this week...

The Tennessee Titans will be 41 million dollars under the projected salary cap next season. Definitely watch them to be a lot better team next year. With the possibility of high draft picks and free agent money, they could be a decent team.

We all know LT is good and has been crazy with TD's. That definitely overshadows how many yards he's been getting. The thing is he is doing it with so little carries, this stat is crazy. In the past four games, Tomlinson has 9 more yards than Larry Johnson, and 30 fewer carries.

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