Thursday, November 09, 2006

GameDayDraft Announcement

I want to announce somewhat of a partnership with! They really do have a great site over there, check it out. I will be writing a weekly column for them about my picks and rankings, we'll see. Hopefully we will get some traffic back from them as the site link will be posted on everything I write :) is expanding and soon will have FIVE other fantasy sports. Theres real money games as well as games just for fun. Along with contests that offer real cash prizes with no entry fee.

Are your fantasy football league playoff hopes already out of reach? You start new every week at

This week they are starting up fantasy basketball. I know a few people I've talked to mention wanting to get a basketball league together, this is even better.

In other news Im working on some guest posters :) Hopefully we will see one in the next few days. Im working on getting some more football stuff up. Lots of injuries. Keep reading!