Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Injury Curse

Either the players on my rankings did well, or got injured!

Terrible fantasy day for me with McNabb going down. I have him in my leagues and he's a huge part of my team. McNabb was carted off the field with a right knee injury in the second quarter. Theres no information as of now, but start looking for a replacement if he can't go next week, or is listed as questionable.

Favre also was injured and left early in the game with a right elbow injury. He returned in the third quarter and was seen throwing with Rodgers, but did not return in the game.

Campbell had a solid fantasy football game, going 200 yards with 2 TDs. He could be a possibly waiver wire pick-up if your quarterbacks are the ones hurt.

I also caught a clip of Colston getting injured early in the game. He left the game with a left ankle sprain. I don't see it in the reports but I don't think he returned to the game. I'm taking a huge hit this week with losing both McNabb and Colston.

I'll write about my rankings later after the games are in, so far not too bad. Minus the injuries they have been pretty accurate.

Carr tied the consecutive completion record, and Lee Evans gained 200+ yards in the first quarter. Crazy football week.

Alexander in, Hasselbeck out, interested to see how he does.

Brees threw for 510 yards! Wow!

I got a ton of youtube views on the movie I made "play of the week 9" so I'll probably do the same this week and post it on the blog.

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