Saturday, November 18, 2006

Injury Report and Start Em Sit Em

Tons of injuries to report, I'll do that first then a few start and sits. I have a few close calls, let's see if it pays off.

Greg Jennings practiced Friday and is expected to play Week 11. He was limited last week which meant a big game for Driver. If he continues to work back in slowly, Driver could go off again. Don't start Jennings just yet until he shows he's 100% back.

Terry Glenn practiced Friday and will play in week 11. Don't play Crayton again just yet. The Colts pass D is a lot better than the run D. Expect huge games from the Dallas Running Backs, and maybe T.O or Romo. Glenn and Crayton will probably not as involved. Witten is a good start.

Horn was upgraded to probable yesterday for the Cincinnatti game. Horn could possibly be a huge start alongside Colston. San Diego Charger WR's had big games against Cin and most people hadn't heard of them. Horn practiced this week so its a safe bet that he will play.

Byron Leftwich will have surgery on his left ankle which may end his season. The Jaguars are optimistic about the surgery, however, and said he may still return this season. With this news it's certain that he won't be back soon, so therefore I will be dropping Wilford, with Garrard as QB. I picked up both Wilford and Garrard last week playing the matchup, and I lost. I suggest you do the same if you have them.

It has become an even more difficult game for Campbell and it hasn't started yet. Santana Moss was downgraded to doubtful. There is only "some slight hope" he will play this week. Corey I hope your reading this, don't start him! Lol.

Rueben Droughns will be a game-time decision, but this shouldnt matter much in fantasy football, I wouldn't expect anyone to start him vs Pitt.

Ray Lewis has been officially ruled out for Week 11. Vick can breathe a small sigh of relief. The Ravens D is defiinitely tough without him, but he will be missed.

Last but not least, Hasselbeck and Alexander. I'm tired of all the reports about them. I could really care less if they are or are not playing since I have neither on any of my teams. I wouldn't personally start either one this week. Thats hard to say considering its the 49ers, but I stand by that decision. They may or may not play, they are both gametime decisions.

Enough of that lets get to PoEts Starts and Sits
I'm going to do it a little different this week. Here goes:

At Quarterback I'm sitting Chad Pennington vs the Bears and I'm playing McNair. I grabbed McNair for Garrard earlier this week.

At Running Back I'm starting S. Jackson over C.Taylor (small league). I'm also sitting Tatum Bell and Warrick Dunn in another league. I may start Edwards in a flex over Dunn, trying to play the matchup hoping to get lucky. Bell is a risky play with his toes and all those Running Backs in Denver. Dunn has become less involved in the running game, and the Falcons have a tough game against the Ravens this week.

At Wide Receiver I'm starting Burress, Fitzgerald, Stallworth and Edwards
My sits are Cotchery, Coles, Chambers
These aren't all on one team, just a combo of a few. Cotchery and Coles may be limited if Pennington continues to not play as well as he has. I'm hoping Fitz can have a huge game against the Detroit Defense, same thing goes with Stallworth. Burress is a must play, since besides Shockey he is now the main target. Come on Eli Manning don't fail me now.

I'm also sitting Muhsin Muhammad in one of my leagues in favor of Burress I believe. With Berrian possibly coming back, Muhammad is a tough fantasy player to start. Muhammad has his best game with Berrian out, with him in he gets a lot of looks taken away.

Thanks for reading this really long post.
Good Luck tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

I wasnt planning on starting Moss anyway, unless he was upgraded to probably. I'll have Keyshawn start over him this week, I'm sitting Coles also, starting Braylon.

- Corey