Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ladell Betts: Hot Pickup Clinton Portis: Drop

If you picked up Ladell Betts for your fantasy football team you will definitely be glad that you did that. He is turning into a bigger fantasy pickup than I thought. If you haven't its definitely time to pick him up before some else gets him. I'd call Ladell Betts the sleeper of the week, but he's gotten a lot of hype he may not even be able to be called a sleeper.

If you havent gotten the news yet, Clinton Portis was placed on the Injured Reserve (IR) today ending his season. Portis' most recent injury, a broken right hand, is his fourth injury of the year.

Expect Betts to get a lot of carries this week. Washington will need to get a run game going earlier if Campbell will have any success. Like I've said, this game shouldn't be high scoring at all, and the defenses might actually be good to start. Tampa Bay (2-7) and Washington (3-6) won't put up spectacular numbers, I just hope I don't have to watch this game Sunday!

ESPN just reported that it will be Trent Green starting over Huard. Huard has been a tough start, being an inconsistent fantasy football quarterback. I think it's safe to drop him. Should you pick up Trent Green? If your desperate. He may have a good game, but he also may pick up where he left off which wasn't too great.

I'd like to touch on the Vinny Testaverde signing. 43-year-old Testaverde was signed by the New England Patriots. I read about this on Everything But Hockey, and I thought it was some sort of joke. I had to check to make sure it was real. Does he hold any fantasy football value? No, none at all. Doesn't matter though, just seems odd. Who wouldn't come back? If I was Testaverde I would. Sit on the sidelines and just make money, lol.

Speaking of irrelevant to fantasy football, how about Emmitt Smith?! Man he was getting down last night. I usually don't watch it, but my girlfriend was so I had to turn around to see what Smith was doing. The best face off would be Jerry Rice vs Smith. They even had them both on ESPN talking about it, lol.

Enough about all that. I've been around on a few forums, I've added them to the links on the right column. Don't be shy check them out. I may post some future articles on these sites, we'll see what they want to do.

Not much else to report, anything you'd like to see please feel free to contact me.

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Anonymous said...

I just happened to write a blog about "How Fantasy Football Has Changed The NFL". Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the Redskins also acquired RB T.J. Duckett of the Falcons earlier this year. He is more of a power runner but will probably get more carries, I'd expect him to get more of the load like he did in Atlanta with Warrick Dunn. Betts may get more carries, but look for Duckett to be used in goalline situations.

Matthew said...

nice article ian, i glanced and ill be looking again :)

Matthew said...

nice point vikes we'll see how he affects Betts carries and TDs

Pratt said...

Betts will at least be sweet trade bait, I have a bunch of trade offers out already for an upgrade at WR.