Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Many Questions Surrounding Wali Lundy

Sound familiar? Last time I did this bit it was about Matt Leinart. There seems to be a new player every week or so that fantasy football owners are all hyped up about adding to their team and starting. For the past two weeks it has been Wali Lundy and Leon Washington. Well since Leon (how sweet is it to talk about a guy named Leon?) is on a bye week, we'll focus on Wali Lundy.

Two weeks ago, Lundy shocked us all by running for 93 yards on 19 carries and a TD against a very respectable Jacksonville Jaguars defense. So what happened next? Everyone started adding him to their roster because it looked like Houston finally had figured out their running back situation and we were finally over this running back by committee thing. Last week Lundy met expectations again against a weak Tennessee Titans defense. He rushed for 116 yards on 18 carries.

So now their are two questions surrounding the forums: 1) Should I pick him up? Umm...YES! Assuming he is still there. Almost every starting RB in this league is a good addition to your team. You want to make sure you have depth, especially in this position where injuries are likely (even more so now that we are entering the second half of the season). 2) Should I start him? I think Lundy is almost at that point where you can start him every week as your number 2 back (obviously he doesn't have number 1 back stats), but it will really depend on how Gary Kubiak plans to use Lundy. There is still a chance that if Lundy struggles even a little bit that he will go back to the RBBC plan again.

This week Lundy will be facing an imporved Giants defense. This will be a real test for him. The Giants are 12th against the run, and will likely be up most of the game forcing the Texans to pass. This could be a very common problem for Lundy. The Texans are almost always playing from behind so he gets under 20 carries. But there is hope! If Lundy can hold onto the starting job against the Giants and the Jags next week, fantasy owners will be drooling over his next 4 game stretch. In that stretch, the Texans will be playing the Buffalo Bills, N.Y. Jets, Oakland Raiders, and Tennessee Titans. 4 games that Lundy should see a lot of carries and have great production in.

So you might thing twice about Lundy this week, only start him if you have to. But definitely, definitely, pick him up and hold onto him.