Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NFL Week 10: Fantasy Football Breakdown

If you were hoping Brunell could possibly go big on this sad Tampa Bay team, stick him on your bench. Jason Campbell will get the start. I'd say almost every player is a fantasy football sit in this game. Gradkowski cant throw, Carnell Williams cant run, Galloway can't get the interceptions.

The only person I'd play is Ladell Betts for the Washington Redskins. He could possibly be a huge fill-in player if you need a spot player.

Ladell Betts is my fantasy pickup of the week. He's done well filling in for Portis when he was injured earlier this season.

Speaking of Clinton Portis he just had surgery on his broken right hand and is expected to miss at least 3-4 weeks.

Hasselbeck and Alexander are rumored to play this Sunday. This has happened before if you remember just a few weeks back. Alexander was supposed to come back from early week reports, then closer to game time it was decided it wasn't possible. I'd look for more of the same. They are both risky fantasy football starts this week, I'd wait until you can see if they will perform if you have a better option.

Trent Green or Huard, whoever the QB may be, won't have their favorite target to throw to next week vs Oakland. Tony Gonzalez is already ruled out with a sprained left shoulder vs Oakland. I don't know of any fantasy TE sleepers for the week, but if you let me know your options, Ill give you my opinion.

Ready for a switch back to Aaron Brooks? It's possible next week he will replace Walters, but who really cares? You should only be playing Randy Moss, sometimes I guess. His "lost focus" is rather disturbing. I can understand frustration, but his latest comments are inexcusable.

Now for the good news, lol. Frank Gore is expected to play next week after suffering a 4th quarter concussion last Sunday. Joe Horn is also reporting he will play vs Cincinnatti next week. It hurts Colston owners a little bit, but its good news for Horn owners. I expect a shoot out between these two New Orleans and Cincinatti, so big games for everyone.

I finished my player rankings done for gamedaydraft.com so when they are up Ill let you know and post a link!

Check out Football 24/7 its a nice football forum. Its lacking fantasy football stuff, but I'm working on it. I've been posting there getting that thread active.

Pratt is out on business so its just me this week! Enjoy

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Re: your comment on my blog.

I got about US$54 for the link for a one year period. This, though, seems to vary on how they value your blog.


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Nice blog man, keep up the good work, I look forward to your input on fantasy football; I definitely could use the help for my team!

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thanks vikes, i gotta figure some ways to get more lively over there at football 24.7