Thursday, November 09, 2006

NFL Week 10 Fantasy Football Updates and Advice

A few weeks ago I couldn't trade this guy for a top kicker or even a decent TE. Now with this second emergence of the running game, I'm recommending starting him in quite a few situations this week. Jamal Lewis should be a solid start this week against Tennessee. Plugging him in your #2 RB slot or Flex should be a good choice. I've been on yahoo answers a bit today seeing a lot of J. Lewis questions.

Here's what I said to one answer.

J lewis has become more involved in the offense, example the last two weeks 109 yards, and 72 yards 1 td. I don't see why that wouldn't stay the same, I'd expect Baltimore to pound it against the Tenn, they shouldn't have a reason to really air it out. I'd predict about 25-30 carries 100 yards and 1 td.

I personally don't think I will be starting him over S. Jackson and Dunn but he's a definite possibility for other teams.

Well I dropped Amani Toomer yesterday in my FleaFlicker league. I've got a ton of "decent" WR's but no STUDs. Just another bust, now I just added Edwards, not really an improvement lol but something. Amani Toomer has a partial tear in his left knee, so hes definitely done for. With Burress's back problems, and Toomer out NY Giants are really hurting with their wide receivers. This should make Shockey a HUGE start if hes their only target vs the Bears next week.

I'll write up two more running backs then finish the rest on my list tomorrow.

McGahee is definitely out for this Sunday's game, and I'd assume longer. I saw on ESPN he has THREE broken ribs. There currently isn't a timetable at the moment as far as I've read. It all depends on how long it takes for him to heal. Thankfully I didn't end up trading for him. A. Thomas is definitely a good fill in for the time being if you have an open slot.

What kind of post would this be without mention of the Denver RB's? It was a huge fantasy question in the beginning until Tatum Bell broke out. Now with his injury Mike Bell is getting some carries again. He was completely shut out last week against Pittsburgh. On 17 attempts he only rushed for 28 yards and catching 5 balls for 40 yards. I suppose not much was expected VS Pitt but that was only 1.6 yards a carry. Tatum Bell was held out of Week 9 but he did practice today and is expected to practice tomorrow. There hasn't been word yet if he is playing this weekend, but if hes practicing it's definitely promising. Denver is playing Oakland this weekend, so if there is a definite starter you will probably want to throw them in there.

As a Tatum Bell owner he will probably see the bench for me again this week, mostly because I'm stacked at RB and cant chance him having a good game or not.

On a parting note, I saw this thing on myspace while I was trying to promote this site. Someone is making a movie about Fantasy Football, and the Fantasy Football craze. Heres there link if you want to check them out . I already dropped them an email if they are interested in checking out the site. Can't hurt, enjoy!

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