Friday, November 17, 2006

NFL Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings

I was going to post this on but due to problems with their server and everything it will be here. It took me a little while to write it, I don't want it to go to waste :P

Tomorrow you will probably see a guest post about the Dallas Cowboys, and some injury reports.

NFL Week 11 Fantasy Rankings:

Heres my list of top players by position for NFL Week 11. I hope this guide is useful for you this week.


#1 McNabb vs Tenn: Even Baltimore could pass all over Tennessee. Expect the same for McNabb and the Eagles.

#2 Brady vs GB: Shootout? Green Bay isn't ranked last in pass defense for nothing. Brady will spread the ball out to all his receivers in this game.

#3 Bulger vs Carolina: Bulger always finds a way to get in the end zone. This game shouldn't be any different.

#4 Big Ben vs Clev: Is Ben back? At least for this game against Cleveland. Combined with Parker, Ben will have an easier game and toss a few TDs.

#5 Grossman vs NYJ: Grossman handled an injured Giants team, which is about equal to the healthier Jets. No pass rush means a big game for Grossman.

#6 Brees and Palmer: This makes to be the best QB matchup of the week. They could easily move up in the ranks depending on the tempo of the game. This should be a great shootout to bet on.

Running Backs

#1 L. Johnson vs Oakland: He's LJ and its Oakland, enough said.

#2 Parker vs Cle: Insane week for Parker last week (213 yards and 2 TDs). I'd ride the wave, the Parker wave.

#3 Gore vs Sea: I saw Gore plow through 4 Detroit defenders on a TD run, Seattle won't be able to stop him either.

#4 Westbrook vs Tenn: It should be a huge Eagles offensive game, Westbrook is a huge part of that.

#5 A Thomas vs Hou: A pretty good McGahee fill-in who's averaging at least a 100 yards for his past two games.

I have to mention L.T, but I'm going out on a limb and predicting he won't continue his massive TD weekly totals.

Wide Receivers

#1 S. Smith vs STL: Carolina can't seem to run. Delhomme to Smith all day in this game.

#2 Colston vs Cinci: Colston just keeps getting better. Almost definitely locked in for rookie of the year, it's always hard not to play him.

#3 Ward vs Cle: Ward is good for about 100 yards and a TD.

#4 R. Williams vs Ari: Coming off a bad game for Detroit, Roy Williams will light up Arizona.

#5 Chad Johnson vs N.O: Chad's proving why he's the #1 receiver in Cinci. If they can continue to run this offense and get him as involved, he will be a top 5 fantasy receiver every week.

Not doing much on TE's. Most of them are hard to rank because they are involved some weeks and others not. You always want to play your studs.

#1 Winslow vs Pitt: The main target for Cleveland shouldnt have too much trouble against the Steelers beaten up secondary. They seem to have a hard time covering TE's.

#2 Gates vs Denver: With Rivers opening up as an actual passer as of late, he's gonna find Gates at some point.

#3 O. Daniels vs Buff: Seems to be a pretty streaky play. One week he scores a few TDs, the next he's not even catching any passes. Against Buffalo, Daniels should be able to get involved.

Bust of the week nomination goes to Rivers. Huge game against Cinci last week, he won't come close to a similar game anytime soon.

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