Monday, November 20, 2006


It was pretty difficult to find all of the injuries in the same place, so here are the NFL WEEK 11 Injuries.

The injury affecting fantasy football the most has to be Donovan McNabb. I wrote it as soon as I heard it yesterday, torn acl out for the season. Time to "scramble" for another QB. In a deeper league I picked Campbell over Harrington.

Another huge impact injury is Brett Favre. I assume he will play regardless lol, even if his arm was broken, he'd figure something out. What I didn't know before listening to ESPN was that Aaron Rodgers broke his foot and is now on the IR. That's pretty tough for the Packers, though it doesn't have much fantasy significance, at least for this year.

Lamont Jordan tore the MCL in his left knee so hes more than likely done for the season. If you haven't had enough reason to drop him already, now you do. Stay away from his replacement, whoever it turns out to be!

I still can't find anything on Colston, but when I do I'll definitely be posting about that. He is a huge player on my team, I'm hoping its not a serious sprain, although the reports say he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

Right when the Panthers have DeAngelo Williams coming back, Foster gets injured. I recently traded for Foster hoping he would be a good play with Williams injured, but that didn't happen. Foster suffered a hyper extended left elbow, and said he could have returned in the second half, but he was simply not needed. Not really a good sign for Foster owners, start shopping around for another RB, I can only see him losing carries from here.

I didn't even know Kevin Jones was injured due to all of the McNabb coverage. Not much news on it still, he left the game in the first quarter with an ankle injury.

Tomorrow I'll write about my picks with dolphinfan and my week 11 fantasy football rankings.

One thing to look into though, is T.J Duckett. I was told on a forum that Betts will be splitting most of his carries with Duckett, but I didn't think much of that considering Duckett had been non-existent this year. Now isn't a bad time to take a waiver on him if you have the room. He may just take the job completely from Betts.

Another possible fantasy pick-up is Jeff Garcia. I personally won't be getting him but if your in a deep league you can seriously consider him.

Remember to set your lineups early with three Thanksgiving Day games coming up!