Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NFL WEEK 12 Predictions

I haven't been feeling too well lately, so I haven't been posting. I actually went out on Monday night so I didn't catch the whole game, but what a disappointment.

So here is a few things to keep in mind this week. Apparently the Dolphins defense is for real, and Detroits defense has been non-existent. Be careful starting your Lions, although I have to roll with Kitna this week in place of McNabb.

Caddy Williams hasn't been a good start until last week. He won't do the same against Dallas who is ranked 4th against the run.

San Diego's defense hasn't been the same for a while. All I hear is because of Merriman but he's not that huge of a force. Along with Merriman, Shaun Philips, Jamal Williams, Marlon McCree, and Luis Castillo are all injured. Although Castillo may return he missed 2 games. The Chargers defense besides that isn't particularly good at defending the pass. Is this the week to actually start Randy Moss? I'm saying he has a decent day.

Along with it being a short fantasy week I've already made my predictions on the winners and losers of the week. Take a look:

Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions – Dolphins
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys – Cowboys
Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs – Chiefs
Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings –Cardinals
Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins – Panthers
Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns – Bengals
Houston Texans at New York Jets – Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills – Jaguars
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons – Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens – Ravens
San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams – Rams
Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers – Chargers
Chicago Bears at New England Patriots – Bears
NY Giants at Tennessee Titans – Giants
Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts – Colts
Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks

Last week I didn't have a great week going 9-6

Take a look at Pratt's starts and sits, I won't be doing that yet.

Ill try to get a summary of the Thanksgiving games after they happen. I should get to see them all.

I also want to get a youtube video up about last week, but I don't have a play of the week. Feel free to submit one and I'll check it out! Thanks

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Scott said...

Good pick with the Cowboys to win!

Unknown said...

YouTube play of the week submission. Its not NFL, but it was the best Football play I saw last week -

Great Sack by Rutgers LB as he leaps over the center to bring down the QB on a goal line stand.

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Matthew said...

thanks bass, actually im getting one posted as i type this

Matthew said...

thanks sports :)

they have become a big favorite as of late