Sunday, November 26, 2006

NFL Week 12 Results

NFL Week 12 Winners

Here are the results to NFL Week 12 Sunday Games:

Arizona 26
Minnesota 31

Carolina 13
Washington 17

Cincinnati 30
Cleveland 0

Houston 11
NY Jets 26

Jacksonville 24
Buffalo 27

New Orleans 31
Atlanta 13

Pittsburgh 0
Baltimore 27

San Francisco 17
St. Louis 20

Oakland 14
San Diego 21

Chicago 13
New England 17

NY Giants 21
Tennessee 24

Philadelphia 21
Indianapolis 45

My picks are in bold, so far for the week I am 10-5 in my picks. Check out the rest of my Week 12 Predictions.

I will post the other finals as they go, and another NFL Week 12 Results tomorrow, and hopefully a preview for Mondays game.

Heartbreaking San Francisco loss. It was a chance for them to really turn around a bad start to the season. Frank Gore was a monster/beast in this game. He was constantly breaking tackles and rushing for first downs. Both running backs in this game were excellent fantasy starts.

How is your fantasy team doing this week?

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Nice blog. I was just wondering what your readers are using for their fantasy teams. I'm using AFFL for my fantasy football and have been happy with them but am open to others. What do you use and what do you like/dislike about it?


Matthew said...

i know a lot of my readers use ive sort of recruited there for a few weeks now.

Others ive heard using yahoo, espn and sportsline

Matthew said...

oh and thanks matt :)

another matt lol