Monday, November 27, 2006

NFL WEEK 12 WrapUp

How good is the Vikings run defense? Good enough to not even want to try. Arizona had a combined 6 rushing attempts this sunday. You had to know Edge would struggle here, but he didn't even get to try. 6 Rushes along with 51 pass attempts! Matt Leinart had a decent game, not a great fantasy game though, unless you get a bonus for 300-400+ yards. He finished the game with 405 yards 2 picks, a fumble and a TD.
I played Fitzgerald in hopes he would go off with a lot more looks and I was pleasantly surprised. 172 yards on 11 catches was more than I would hope for. Boldin owners also a pleasant surprise there. He hasn't had a game like this, until before Fitz was injured. Boldin added 9 catches, 140 yards and a touchdown to his totals.

I woke up early enough to see Colston was out and I should get a pick up for my TE. Owen Daniels was the best option, but it didnt really matter, he only got me 3 points. Turns out I wouldnt need it but the real benefit of Colston being out was that I was a lucky owner of Devery Henderson. It also may be a good idea to get Copper if Colston misses more time. New Orleans has been airing it out like crazy.

The Jets came back alive offensively but could be expected against the Texans. Pennington, Coles and Cotchery all had good game, though the running situation has gotten worse.

I'm kind of losing direction in my posts lol, hard to cover everything so please comment on anything you want reviewed. I'll post a question I received in the next few days :)

To conclude my NFL Week 12 Sunday Wrap Up here are my Best and Worst Fantasy Starts of the Week.

Tony Romo: Insane week for him 5 TDS!
Devery Henderson: 158 yards and a TD
LaDainan Tomlinson: of course but he rushed for 2 TDs and threw for one

Eli Manning: I had Pennington on the bench, and he did slightly better
B Edwards:
Stallworth: I played Edwards and Stallworth over Cotchery

Otherwise I had a huge week in all of my leagues. Lucky lucky, going into playoff time.

Good luck for everyone getting a spot.

Injury updates tomorrow!

Colston, Perry, Clark, Gore... the list goes on!


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