Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NFL Week 13 Predictions

Thursday Night Game Review

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

This is a tough game fantasy wise. You will want to start all of your Bengals even if it is Baltimore. Earlier this season Baltimore won 26-20. Not a lot of 'stats', but both of the running backs had respectable fantasy days. Rudi Johnson is a moderate start in this game, and with Jamal Lewis doing well you should put him in too. McNair has had success passing, and you always want to start Todd Heap. I'd assume all 3 of the Bengals WR are a start here. On any week they can have a huge game, and seemingly now every week Chad Johnson DOES have a good game. Palmer should have at least 2 TDs in this game.

Not much advice here but to start who you have in this game.

Also, not much news to report, but Priest Holmes definitely will not return to KC this year. I wrote an article before this was decided here . Now the news is official.

Now for my NFL WEEK 13 Predictions:

Baltimore at Cincinnati - Cin

Arizona at St. Louis - STL
Atlanta at Washington - Washington
Detroit at New England - NE
Indianapolis at Tennessee - INDY
Kansas City at Cleveland - KC
Minnesota at Chicago - Chicago
N.Y. Jets at Green Bay - NYJ
San Diego at Buffalo - SD
San Francisco at New Orleans - N.O
Houston at Oakland - Oakland
Jacksonville at Miami - Jacksonville
Dallas at N.Y. Giants - Dallas
Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh - Pitt
Seattle at Denver - Seattle

Carolina at Philadelphia - Carolina

Last week I was 11-5. Let's see what I get this week.

Watch out for Campbell and Cooley for Washington, they've had some connections. Look for Indy to have another big game of course, and probably the Chargers. I expect the 49er/Saint game to be high scoring, I want to see Smith air it out. The Seattle game will be the most interesting though, wth Cutler playing. The game will depend on how Hasselbeck performs and if Alexander can run on a good run D.

Pratt will be posting his NFL Week 13 Predictions with a spread soon, so you can get two views on that.

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