Sunday, November 12, 2006

Patrick Crayton and David Garrard

I'm very pleased with my sleeper pick. How about that Patrick Crayton! That was a huge play, I hope someone did read that and grabbed him. Crayton finished with 104 yards 1 TD, as the #1 receiver for the Cowboys.

If Glenn's knee is still an issue you should see a lot of people picking this guy up. If your in need of a WR he could be your answer. Next week the Cowboys play the Colts. He won't be a huge start there, assuming Dallas runs, but he could be decent like this week. Maybe not as many yards.

Garrard killed my team. Garrard threw for 214 yards 0 TDs and 4 INT. In one of my yahoo fantasy football leagues, I actually started him since I'm weak at QB. I figured I had the matchup Vs Houston and he'd be somewhat decent. Garrard consider yourself DROPPED. If you picked him up like I did, you should be dropping him too. He's way to inconsistent to be a fantasy QB starter.

I'll be looking for a replacement QB for next week, I'll tell you who I pick later in the week.

Tomorrow I'll be working on my NFL Week 11 rankings for GameDayDraft.Com

When I get those posted you'll have to check that out over there.

Happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Fantasy, but whoever had Palmer was sure laughing their way to the bank on Sunday, eh?

Matthew said...

even rivers more so

and chad johnson, jeez