Friday, November 03, 2006

Poets Start Em Sit Em

Im doing a little bit of a condensed version this week as I've been working on Priest Holmes and Culpepper articles

I jotted down some notes as to who I am going to start and sit this week. ITS ALREADY FRIDAY, jeez lol.

QB Losman GB has the worst ranked defense, and Im really hoping Losman can take advantage of that for me. In one of my leagues I am pretty hurting at QB with a good amount of quality RBs and WRs. I will probably be dropping Losman after this week, so he is a filler for me, but he should be a decent start against this terrible pass defense.

RB Jamal Lewis Because of injuries and byes, this week Jamal Lewis should be a decent start for me. He is coming off a good game, and historically he has owned the Bengals. Source from the San Diego Union Tribune, Lewis has run for at least 100 yards in 8 of his 9 career meeting against the Bengals. I'm very anxious of this outcome. Cincinnatti is allowing 129.3 yards per game, 25th most in the league. Lewis shouldnt have a problem posting 100 yards and a TD.

WR Kennison I've decided to start Kennison this week over other possible spot starters such as Jenkins, Gabriel and Edwards. Kennison coming off a huge week last week should do well against this St Louis defense. KC vs STL should be a huge shootout, and you should take advantage of it by playing Huard, LJ, Gonzalez Kennison and on the other side of the ball... Bulger, Jackson, Bruce, and Holt.

TE Winslow The only reason I'd suggest this is because Winslow... has a big mouth! LOL not really that but he has a lot to prove. San Diego defense is banged up, but should ultimately beat Cleveland easily. Cleveland hasnt been using their offensive weapons except for Winslow. Among the other TE's such as Crumpler, Heap and Gates, Winslow should be a good start this week.

My SIT is Carr. I picked him up after a solid first half but since then he's been shaky at best. He should have trouble against this Giants defense and I dont expect much out of him.

I'm also going to sit Maroney for J Lew I think. It will probably be a gametime decision for me and after more research. But I do believe Maroney is Questionable so he may get the sit.

Other sits to think about is Rudi Johnson. He has a tough tough matchup this week against Baltimore. If your in a smaller league and have better options, you may want to go with those. Chester Taylor for one should be a great start!

Thanks for reading.

I appreciate the comments I've been getting and I will ALWAYS answer your questions as soon as possible. Keep them coming