Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pratt's Starts and Sit of the Week!

Sorry I have been so light on my posts lately. I was sick/busy last weekend and this whole week I've been in Las Vegas!!! Of course it was for business, but it is damn near impossible to not have fun here. Being a geek at heart, I can't resist putting up at least one post while I'm away. Here are my starts and my big sit of the week!

Quarterback: Joey Harrington (MIA). The Vikings are 26th against the pass, and this Miami team is finally starting to come together. I expect this to be one of Harrington's top performances of the season. My guess is 250 yards and 2 TDs. So if you are having match ups issues (like Eli Manning vs. Jacksonville), Harrington should be a good start for you.

Wide Receiver: Braylon Edwards (CLE). Talking trash is never good karma before a big divisional game, but bad karma can't even prevent the Pittsburgh secondary from giving up big and many passing plays. Look for Cleveland to be airing it out against a suspect Pittsburgh passing defense, and Edwards to be good for 100 yards and a TD or two.

Running Back: Anthony Thomas (BUF). In his last two games, Thomas has rushed for over 200 yards and a touchdown. His opponent this week, the Houston Texans, is ranked 27th in run defense and has given up 10 rushing touchdowns. I think Houston wins the game, but I expect Thomas to put on a great show.

Tight End: Chris Cooley (WAS). With Mark Brunell finally out of the picture in Washington, I think this is the week for Cooley to shine. Look for Jason Campbell to be dumping off to Cooley often, and finally...finally...utilizing the weapon they have in Chris Cooley.

Defense: Seattle Seahawks. Last time I did my starts and sits, I told you to start the Seahawks and they put on a great show. The Seahawks D isn't the best in the league, but when the match up is right they really bring their A game. The 49ers are ranked 26th in total offense and their main man, Frank Gore, is banged up. Look for them to put up some great numbers again.

My SIT this week belongs to Plaxico Burress. Plaxico is Eli Manning's main weapon with Toomer out, and so he is drawing the best defenders. This week is no different. Burress will be covered by one of the best corners in the league, Rashean Mathis. Last week against Chicago Burress only put up 4 catches for 48 yards...I expect similar numbers this week as well.