Sunday, November 05, 2006

Priest Holmes

I was asked recently about Priest Holmes.

Is he coming back this year? How likely do you think it is he will be traded? Does he then have fantasy value?

Priest Holmes is currently on the PUP list (Physically Unable to Perform). To be active for this season he must start practicing by NOV 7. Once a player returns to practice the team has THREE weeks to evaluate him. After those three weeks the player much be activated or remain on the PUP list.

Priest Holmes is a tough player. He overcame a career-threatening hip injury in 2004. A problem with a return could be further injury to his body. His head and neck trauma could be made even worse if he returned to action too soon. The most telling detail of his return is that he IS STILL NOT CLEARED TO PLAY. With the deadline approaching fast we will soon know if he will be back this year. I personally think it's very unlikely that Holmes will take the field this year in a game.

Now, if for some reason he DOES play, should you pick him up? My first rule in fantasy football is that any unproven and/or injured player must show you what they can do before you chance them. When I say unproven I mean after an injury or trade. D. Branch for example took several weeks to become a factor in the Seahawks offense even though hes been an extraordinary player in the past. For Holmes, its hard to foresee what he would bring to the Chiefs as a #2 back behind the very hot Larry Johnson. I think Holmes would have as much value as Curtis Martin would of had right away if he came back, which is little to none. Its hard to put a player in halfway through a season and expect fantasy worthy numbers out of them, while getting few carries.

How much value would Holmes hold if he was to come back and be traded? That is a very what-if question and impossible to predict. Theres many factors in trying to figure that out. What team does he go to? Are they a run first team? Are there other backs? More importantly how well does he know the system?

Overall, I wouldn't count on Holmes to return or be productive this season.

Injury free this RB is golden
Injury plagued, time will tell.

By PoEt

Source: Len Pasquarelli


tuzlansky said...

nice blog

texas math said...

I take players coming off injury on a case by case basis...

In Holmes' case...his options aren't that great..even for next season...he's either a.) going to be stuck behind LJ in Kansas City...or b.) learning a new offense somewhere else..

and with both options he'll be trying to shake off rust and regain his running skills after a year lay off from injury.

Matthew said...

thanks Tuzlansky!

Yeah most coming off injury is a huge precaution though. If its serious enough to sideline for a game its serious enough to be hesistant about

thanks for your guys comments!