Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Should Huard be benched?

The old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I have to believe that when it comes to the Quarterback, the same theory applies. Trent Green went down in Week 1. In that game against Cincinnati (which KC lost) Green was 11 for 15 and threw for 90 yards and 1 INT (a QB rating of 60.4). These numbers aren't necessarily bad considering that he didn't finish the game, but how do they compare to Huard? In 8 games, Huard has thrown for 1,623 yards, 11 TDs and only 1 INT. His QB rating is 105.2!!

With Kansas City back on track and actually challenging for a wild card spot, why would you put your playoff hopes in the hands of a quarterback (who wasn't that stellar to begin with) that took 9 weeks to recover from a concussion?

Luckily for KC Chiefs fans and Huard fantasy owners, Green is going to be out at least another week. But as far as I'm concerned, by putting in a rusty Green you are only shooting yourself in your foot. As a fan, I don't care if you lost your job to injury as long as we're winning. If Huard starts to slip they have every right to pull him, but not a minute sooner.


Matthew said...

they've said Green will be the starter, but hes still not healthy enough. It would be hard for me to put Green back in if I was the coach.

Nice article... by the way, Huard is a definite start this week lol!


Anonymous said...

I agree Huard would be the better start here, Huard is younger than Green, and I could almost put money on that Trent Green has never went 8 weeks while only throwing 1 INT..........impressive numbers for any QB, even with the presence of LJ.