Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Football Games Review

Happy late thanksgiving! I took yesterday off, so here is a fantasy football review of the games.

Miami 27 Detroit 10

Another decent game for Harrington. Given it was against the Lions defense, but he looked very comfortable and poised. Harrington finished the game with 3 TDs 1 INT and 213 yards, a much better start than Kitna. I started Kitna in a league and that was disappointing. When it would look like the Lions were driving down the field someone would fumble or INT or anything.
Roy Williams only had 1 catch in the final 3 quarters, but he still had another 100+ receiving game. Furrey was more of a main target with 7 catches, and a lot of passes thrown to him.

It's Booker not Chambers as the featured receiver for Harrington. Booker had 2 TDs and 115 yards.

Kevin Jones was OUT for this game, and it showed in the Lions rushing game. They only rushed 10 times for 21 yards.

Speaking of injuries Ronnie Brown was injured in the 3rd quarter and he didn't return. It turns out to be a broken left hand and he hopes to play through the injury.

Dallas 38 Tampa Bay 10

Wow, how about Tony Romo? He was expected to be a strong start this week, but who would of thought 5 TDs. Good thing I had him starting on one of my teams I lost McNabb. In a FleaFlicker league he scored me 43 points! Unless my other players get me 0 points, I'm pretty much guaranteed a win.

The thing about Romo is he seems to get everyone involved. We saw Terry Glenn return as a featured receiver scoring twice. Owens remained Romo's favorite target hitting him 8 times for 107 yards and a TD. Crayton wasn't as involved, but he's still in there, 4 catches for 68 yards.

Quietly Marion Barber is slowly becoming the featured RB in Dallas. Barber is getting used more and more. On the goal line he scored twice. The most telling stat here though, is Barber's carry amount. Barber had 16 carries while Jones had 11. Thats got to be frustrating for Jones owners, with Barber constantly getting the goal line looks and TD opportunities. I'd go with a watch and wait stance here before starting him unless you don't have anything better.

Not much to report on the Tampa Bay side, Gradkowski 120 yards and 2 INT, Caddy Williams couldn't break 100 and no TDs, and Galloway only had 3 catches for 71 yards. The Bucs finally decided to use Alstott and he scored the only TD.

Kansas City 19 Denver 10

The movement has begun, fantasy players are starting to pick up Jay Cutler. Is it time for a QB change in Denver? Looks that way.

Not much of a game, thats what the NFL NETWORK gets. I couldn't even watch the game at my girlfriends mom's house. It was ThanksGiving and no football!

Larry Johnson got it done and did it well against Denver's 5th ranked run defense. He ran for 157 yards and a TD.

The other top fantasy player was Tynes! He was successful on 4 of 4 field goal attempts. He got me what 13-14 points? Not bad.

I read in the paper this morning that in KC, it was the largest crowd they had since 1972, the total attendance amount they said was 80,866 people.

I saw a great catch by Roy Williams, I will try to get a video for it as the Turkey Play of the Day.

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving, I got loaded!

Contact for any questions or comments. I always like hearing from readers!

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letti said...

woot! hubby's family are diehard dallas fans, who can blame them, so it was an intense, but v. fun filled thanksgiving.

Matthew said...

its a good time to be a cowboys fan