Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week 10 Start Em Sit Em Question

I received a question from one of our loyal readers! Had to answer this just like I do every email. Corey sent us this question and heres my answer:

What do you think about starting Wali Lundy this week? On my bench I have Rudi Johnson, Julius Jones, and THomas Jones. i am also starting Chester tAYlor along sid Wali right now. Wali didnt do that great against the Giants run D, but that was expected considering they also shut down julius jones and marion barber (the week i started him.....) and the Jags have a less than stellar D this year altogether. The inconsistency of my bench has led me to this question.
i have a whole bunch of wrs who havebeen pretty inconsistent too, and injury prone. I currently have Keyshawn, Braylon, Holt, Coles, Santana Moss, Brandon Jones, and James Thrash. I am able to start 4.



Jacksonville's rushing defense actually isn't that bad. They are allowing just under 100 rushing yards (98.1) per game. They've also only allowed 4 Rushing TDs and 3 rushes fo 20+ yards. I don't know about starting Lundy. Lundy has about two good weeks under his belt opposed to a whole year of really not getting the ball. With this inconsistent team your worried about you shouldn't play him now.
I wouldn't expect Lundy to play better than either of the Jones's or R. Johnson. Johnson didn't do so bad against Baltimore, and SD is banged up. They couldn't contain the Browns! J.Jones is against Arizona, I'd expect close to 100 yards, just gotta worry about Barber taking the TDs. I don't particularly care for the Bears RBBC so I'd go with Rudi here definitely. He's starting on my team, and I'm hoping he will be a solid start.

Ouch, those 4WRs are a tough start.

After Holt you can have 3.

Id rank them in order of about... god... uhh Keyshawn, Coles, Moss/Edwards and the rest.

These are the most inconsistent WRs you can have lol. It all depends on Delhomme involving Keyshawn. Against Tampa I think they will do fine.

Coles is the man in NYJ so I guess you got to start him. If Pennington can get him the ball he can be good. If not theres not much else a WR can do to get involved. With Penningtons poor showing as of late, it's a hit or miss here.

Moss should play but he's so hard to start. Edwards I think will continue to get more and more involved especially with his teammates injured. I wrote about the Browns in a blog you can see there. But mostly I think they are gonna give Frye more control, which should involve Edwards more. As an Edwards owner I hope this is the case.

This is just what I would do with your team, but its hard to say with your WRs. Maybe you could get a more consistent WR for Jones or Jones. Maybe someone will bite if you want like D Jackson, Fitz/Boldin and they need a decent RB starter. I Hope I could help.


Thanks for your question Corey and I hope I steered you in the right direction!

I've noticed some google hits and I saw one was

Amani Toomer is injured so who should I get? If you want a NY Giant I'd grab Tim Carter. If you want a possible fill in for the week, Patrick Crayton for Dallas might be good. Horn has been downgraded to Doutbful, so there is an open spot in N.O that should be going to Devery Henderson. I'm just throwing some possible WRs out there for you but I think these would be some decent starts.