Monday, December 18, 2006

Best and Worst Week 15

Sundays Best:

Tomlinson as usual had a great game. He carried the ball 25 times for 199 yards and two TDs. One of his TD runs was for 85 yards!

If you watch the highlights you can tell how fast Willie Parker actually is. He had 23 carries for 132 yards and a TD. His TD run was 41 yards, he had to outrun everyone.

Bulger doesn't need to throw the ball with Stephen Jackson around. Jackson scored both of the Rams TDs, adding to that with 31 carries and 127 yards.

Great days for running backs, but we can't forget Coles. He had 12 catches for 144 yards and a TD. Huge game for him, leading his team to playoff hopes.

Definite top tight end of the week, and top 5 in the receiver category, lookout for Desmond Clark! The Bear tight end had a game high 7 catches for 125 yards, and TWO TDs. Definitely watch him for Week 16 and 17 when the Bears play the Lions and then the Packers.

Sundays Worst:

I'm fillin' this section with quarterbacks. Starting with my not so great start Kitna. He possibly blew my playoff game. I was hoping Kitna could bounce back against the terrible Packers defense, but that just didn't happen. Kitna finished the day 16 of 26 with only 135 yards and 2 INT.

Joey Harrington didn't even get to finish the game in Miami's shutout loss to Buffalo. What he did manage to accomplish was 5 of 17 for 20 yards and 2 INTs. Sorry if you started him on your team!

I watched bits of this game, and Leinart didn't look too bad, a few drops that hurt him. The stats speak for themselves. 20 of 35 with 2 INTS.

Last, because they are terrible, the Oakland QBs. If they don't draft a QB next year, they are in some serious trouble for years to come. Walters and Brooks combined 25 of 39, 203 yards and 3 INTs