Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Experimenting with more product placement and advertising in movies, Progressive Direct offers a feature on the newest Fast in the Furious Movie, Tokyo Drift. If you own this movie and didn't know, there is an option you can turn on to have the Progressive damage calculator. During the movie you can see how much each thing costs as they damage or ruin it. For more information on that you can see it at www.progressivefastandfurious.com. This seems to be the first of many new products that can be better placed in movies. It opens the door not only for the big companies to further promote, but some of the smaller ones that don't have as particularly easy products to sell or promote.

Car insurance is a necessity and can be a hassle. I know soon I will be needing to get my own so this particular web site has intrigued me. CarInsurance.com is partnered and affiliated with many different companies, and can offer a lot of features because of that. You can shop for insurance, get free quotes, and get real questions answered. If you are curious about what other companies can offer you for car insurance, why not get your car insurance estimate and see where it takes you! I know I will be.