Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Won the Championship

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays readers. I took a little break in blogging, and this fantasy football season is pretty much over.

Next year we will have our own domain with this blog continued on it, as well as forums. I got my webhosting so during the 'offseason' we will be building it and growing as big as we can. I'm new to everything so it will take me a while to get it set-up, but I will offer other threads that aren't just football, I may even link up with a baseball something :)

Getting back to the topic, luckily Rattay didn't cost me the game, and I won the championship I was hoping to win. Last year I lost by 1 point! This year I came back again to win the championship. I was the top team all year with a 13-2 record, now 14-2.
I should of went with either Cutler or Campbell, but everyone was big on Rattay with how he played the previous week. Of course I dropped Kitna and he finally shows up.

Jamal Lewis was decent, not a 100 yard game (didn't expect it), but 77yards and a touchdown is respectable against the Steelers.,
Stephen Jackson was a huge start and basically won my game. Player of the week nominations go to him!

Well I was wrong about Andre Johnson, but David Carr came through for his team. Not bad for the Texans. Maybe Carr can keep his job at quarterback for next season.

How many people got to the championship game?

I have another game next week, Ill post about it. Its the two best teams playing off.