Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Keeper League Quarterbacks

We have gotten a few hits regarding keeper leagues, so I figure I would make some posts about that. Now I haven't been in a keeper league, but I am very aware of the concept.

In most keeper leagues you get to keep anywhere between 2-5 players if I understand correctly. Some players you can keep some you can't. I believe some leagues don't let you keep your first few picks or something along those lines.

First recommendation though, if you can keep your studs definitely do it of course. Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, LT, LJ, all are keepers.

I will do a few posts about Keeper Leagues, the first one are about Quarterbacks. These are QB's that haven't particularly been great, but consider them with a keeper pick. Like I said if you have better options than these definitely go with that.

Keeper Quarterbacks

Vince Young: He's running, passing and scoring. He should be off waivers in all leagues by now. He seems to be making his team better by just being on the field, and he can single handidly win the game. The OT win reminded me of the USC game last year. Hes a winner and being on the Titans isn't going to keep him down. I posted a nice stat a few weeks ago on a fantasy football report, the Tennessee Titans will be an estimated 41 million dollars under the salary cap. They can bring in some serious talent with that!

Jason Campbell: With Portis back and a half of a season under his belt he may be a decent keeper for next year. He has Cooley and tons of WR talent to throw to. He's found ways to win in close games, and also has blown it. He could be a huge bust or progress into a solid quarterback.

Alex Smith: After a possible early playoff contention, the offense has been somewhat steady. With Gore leading the way and V Davis and other targets available, Smith has gotten better. Just hope the 49ers don't waste their pick on a TE again and address their real needs.

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