Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Many Questions Surrounding Vince Young

5 TDs, 412 yards passing, and 147 yards rushing in his last 2 games has Vince Young getting much consideration from fantasy owners on multiple levels. Many are still in need of a good QB to help them in the playoffs. Some owners are looking for insurance, while others are thinking ahead and debating whether or not he is someone to keep in their keeper leagues.

So no matter how you are thinking of him, the point remains the are thinking about him. So what kind of value does Vince Young hold? Has he finally clicked with his Tennessee Titans team? Is he ready for you to own on your fantasy team?

The answer, my faithful readers, is yes. Yes I think Vince Young is ready to be owned on your fantasy team, but I think he is a match-up kind of QB or a solid number 2 guy. Many fantasy owners have to start two QBs and Young is a great start. He seems to have built chemistry with his wide receivers and tight ends, and more importantly he is gaining that precious confidence.

Young is a definite keeper and looks like he is going to be a stud in the years to come. He has scored in every game he has started (either rushing or passing) and is evolving. Add him while you can, and hold on to him if you have the opportunitiy. What are you waiting for? Head over to those waiver wires and claim him already!