Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Night Preview Week 15

Monday Night Preview

It always looks to be a high scoring game when it's the Colts, but that may not hold true in this game. The Colts offense has only scored more than 17 points once in their last 6 games. Add that with the fact that the Bengals have allowed only 33 points in their past 4 games (about 8 points per game), that may spell trouble for the Colts.

If Cincinnatti is smart, they will follow the Jaguars game plan that allowed them to rush for 375 yards last week. I'd expect great things out of Rudi Johnson tonight. If Rudi can get going, it should open up Carson Palmer nicely. I'm predicting 2 TDs out of Rudi, and 2 from Palmer. Just remember that the Colts passing defense is a lot better than their running defense. Palmer could possibly struggle here

If your hoping Addai or Rhodes will have a huge game, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that doesn't look to be the case here. The Bengals are allowing 109 yards per game, and with Rhodes and Addai splitting time, I don't see a valuable game for either. I have a good feeling about Manning though. I know he seemingly breaks down at the end of the season, but looking at how bad the Bengals passing defense is on paper, there is hope. The Bengals are allowing an average of 238 passing yards per game, which is down at the bottom of the league. Calling all Peyton's, Reggie's and Marvin's, it's redemption time.

Prediction: Bengals 31, Colts 24