Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monday Night Review

Week 15: Monday Night
Cincinnati 16, Indianapolis 34

Some of stats I threw out yesterday didn't seem to hold true in the Monday Night game. Although I did correctly predict Palmer might struggle (although I figured at least ONE TD ouch), and the Colts RBs would be held. Rereading my preview I wasn't too far off, just with Rudi and the Bengals winning lol.

Rudi Johnson wasn't as big of hit as he needed to be. He carried the ball 22 tmies for only 79 yards and a TD. Not bad, but Cincinnati needed more out of him. Carson Palmer, apparently didn't get in much of a rhyhm either, on 50% completion, and 176 yards. I definitely didn't expect that from Palmer, but it got me into the finals in one of my yahoo fantasy football leagues (by 5 points).

Peyton Manning revived his Colts throwing 4 TD passes, 3 to Harrison and 1 to Wayne. The running backs weren't much of a factor like I expected, Addai wouldn't of been anything at all, except for the 41 yard run he had. He finished with only 50 yards and Rhodes has 52.


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