Sunday, December 17, 2006

NFL Saturday Review

NFL Saturday Review
Dallas 38, Atlanta 28

I hate the same old saying with Vick. Everytime he has a good passing game they claim he has "proven" himself as a 'real quarterback'. The next week when he struggles then it is back to "he can't pass" yada yada. Lame. The "real quarterback" in Michael Vick showed last night when he threw 4 Touchdown passes. Surprisingly Crumpler went his 2nd straight game without a TD. Vick is finding his other receivers, yes they do exist.
Norwood was held out of this game, but the running game for Atlanta had very little impact. Dunn was held to just 56 yards. At one point in the season this team was the best running team in the league on pace to break all kinds of records. Now they seem to be barely able to move the ball on the ground.
Congrats to Vick for setting the single season rushing record for quarterbacks.

Dallas doesn't seem as strong to me after this game. They let Atlanta right back in this one. Tough game, but Dallas proved why they should be in the playoffs, with the win in this game. I was pretty accurate with my picks in this one, except for the Atlanta side with Vick.
Romo was right on target with his passes, 22 of 29 and 278 yards. Owens and Glenn each had 5 catches, but Owens ended up with 2 TDs.
Barber was the featured back here gainnig 69 yards and 2 TDs. If I were the Cowboys I wouldn't mess with that success, and have Barber as my #1. He continues to impress.

Before I expected Dallas to roll over Atlanta this game, they were a strong favorite of mine to win the weak NFC. Now, I'm not so sure.