Friday, December 22, 2006

PoEts NFL Week 16 Start Em Sit Em

This week is the toughest for me. The players who have gotten me to my top seeds aren't the guys who are playing well right now. There are some tough calls here, I need to make the right ones.

QB Rattay. A lot of people seem to be high on him, and I hope that pays off. Against the Browns he is an okay choice. I am starting Rattay over Cutler and Campbell so this could decide the outcome of my game. I assume it will be close.

RB Jamal Lewis. Only two teams have not allowed a 100 yard rusher this season and one of those teams are the Steelers (Minnesota is the other). With that being said I don't need Lewis to break a 100 for my flex spot, but it would be nice. Starting with Stephen Jackson, my other choices are Tatum Bell and Warrick Dunn. Not too much to pick from, Jamal Lewis is the best choice out of the three.

WR Andre Johnson. Carr has thrown only 1 TD in the past 8 games, I'm looking for that streak to break up a bit. Carr has a lot to play for, like his starting job. If he can at least play decently Andre Johnson could be a nice play. It's a longshot, but in this deep WR league I can't sit him.

Defense Ravens. This is the only defense I've used this year, I got them in most all of my leagues. Staying with that, nice and easy choice.

McNair- Not sure how much the injury will affect him
Branch- Has been non-existent in the offense
Muhammad- Muhammad who?
T Bell- You never know which Bell is gonna get the ball
Dunn- No success lately, held to low rushing yard amounts

There you have it, my week 16 start em sit em. Good luck to those in the championship this week, I'm excited about my championship game. Last year in this league I lost by one point. Back to back championship appearances, I hope it's not the same!

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