Friday, December 01, 2006

PoEt's Start Em Sit Em Week 13

Was anyone else surprised at how great the Bengals defense played? Apparently they had allowed 7 scoreless quarters and had significantly improved. That would have been a good thing to know before starting Jamal Lewis against them! Steve McNair was decent for a QB fill in.

Of course my opponent Im worried the most about had Palmer. He outscored my Ravens D, J Lew, and Rudi Johnson by himself. Looks like a loss for me unless I get another 45 point game from Romo and LT tanks.

All in all, I ended up turning off this game. McNair looked terrible and they weren't giving Lewis the rock when he was getting 5-8 yards a carry.

Start 'Em Sit 'Em

QB- Jason Campbell- Atlanta is ranked 29th in pass defense this year. They are allowing 241.2 yards per game. We've seen Campbell post some decent fantasy numbers because of those 2 TDs he's been throwing per game. Not much yardage wise. You have to understand my QB position for this start. Campbell will be decent, but with a struggling Kitna, Campbell has the start.

RB- Maroney/Dillon- It's hard to pick which one here and Im not going to try to. So im just gonna take the easy way out and say combined these two could have 130 and 2 TDs. I've stayed away from starting either of these in my leagues for the most part. If you need to chance it, it may pay off.

WR Fitzgerald/Boldin- Huge games for these two last week, why not? A bit obvious but i was weary of starting Fitzgerald before, but hes shown hes back. Devery Henderson is another huge start especially if Colston misses another week. Colston said he could of practiced this week, but is taking it easy in hopes to play Sunday.

TE- Cooley- Another obvious, but Campbell has been giving him touchdowns. Favorable matchup for Watson who put up some decent points for me last week

DEF- Carolina- Philidelphia is struggling, I would say Carolina could have the matchup of the week.

I disagree with all the people saying to sit Chester Taylor. As far as I've read I'm the only one to say start him. Think about it, the Vikings won't be able to pass against the Bears who are ranked second against the pass. If the Vikings are gonna score its gonna be Taylor. I say Taylor will get 90-100 yards and a TD. You'll love me when I'm right. Now is not the time to try to get in the playoffs on players like Betts, Lundy, Washington or anyone else in a RBBC

The last two games Chicago had at home they have allowed 100 yard rushers (Gore and R.Brown). Thanks to TFFG for that stat, they also agree Taylor is a start. DONT LISTEN TO ESPN! lol.

I realized I didn't pick my sit. My sit will be Tatum Bell, or any Denver Bronco. I've heard people wanting to start T Bell... Why? He's been injured and not even really played. You can't count on him this week, he is my sit!

Thats it, good luck!

I have purchased a domain... and now I'm working on somewhere to host it. I will have not only this blog, but some forums as well. The cost will be 43$ to start not including the domain I have purchased, so yeah donations will speed up the process, otherwise we are looking at a few more days before I can even start building the site.

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Anonymous said...

Nice prediction of Chester Taylor, he had 99 yards, no touchdowns but he got injured during the 3rd QTR.


Matthew said...

thanks man, yeah not bad, if he would of stayed in he would of gotten that touchdown i was hoping he would. Everyone was saying how bad of a fantasy play Taylor would be but no :)