Friday, December 22, 2006

Pratt's Starts and Sit of Week 16

Here they are, the much anticipated...Starts and Sit of the week! Without further adieu...

Quarterback: Tim Rattay (TB). I know, I know, he has only played 1/2 a game so far, but he looked great against a tough Chicago Defense. This week he should have a much easier game going against the 17th ranked passing defense, Cleveland Browns. They've allowed 20 passing TDs this season!

Running Back: Travis Henry (TEN). I'm going to give him this last shot to prove himself. Last time I picked him as a starter he only racked up 80 total yards (give or take a few). Buffalo is allowing 137.7 yards/game and has allowed 13 rushing TDs. He and Vince Young should have a good day on the ground.

Wide Receivers: Braylon Edwards (CLE). He has to be one of a dozen players who you debate every week whether or not you should include him in your lineup. Well this week is definitely the week to do it. He has a TD in 5 of his last 7 games, and Tampa Bay has allowed 25 passing TDs this season!!

Tight End: Tony Scheffler (DEN). Scheffler was a HUGE part of the Denver offense last week, and with Walker a little banged up he should have a great game. Cincy is last in passing defense so look for Cutler to be throwing the ball around all day.

Defense: Kansas City. OK this one is a little big of a no-brainer considering their opponent (Oakland), but they are still on many of the waiver wires. The Raiders have been shut out 3 times this year and have only scored 24 points in their last 3 games.

My sit for Week 16 is Terrell Owens!! I might get some heat for this one, but I really believe he will be frustrated and play against the Eagles like he did earlier in the season (only 45 yards receiving). They are going to be all over him like a fat kid on a cake!


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you can really look at the last time the Cowboys played the Eagles to really gauge how T.O. will do this time against them. The last time they met, Bledsoe was the quarterback, I mean statue, lined up behind center. It is tough to get Owens the ball when you are implanted into the dirt.

My guess is that Romo will be able to dodge the blitzes a little better than Bledsoe, and when he does, guess who he will throw to?

The rest of your predictions look solid. I also make fantasy football suggestions on who to start and bench at

Feel free to check it out. Keep up the good work!

Happy Holidays,